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StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool

What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool?

The StarseedFX.com  - Smart Trading Tool was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets. It provides traders functionalities, such as:

  • A Drawing Tool
  • One-Click Trading Panel
  • Automated Lot Sizes Calculation based on your risk appetite
  • Automatic Pivot Level (from Daily, Weekly, Monthly) + Round Numbers
  • Shows Trading Information on chart
  • Shows Market News & Market Hour
  • Practice Your Trading Skill On Strategy Tester (Watch the video here)

All in one place! A very exciting addition to make a trader’s job a whole lot easier. Just a single click and everything you need is right there at your fingertips. What could be more simple?!

So, what can this Smart Trading Tool do for you?

The Drawing Tool Feature Will Make Your Analysis Easy!

As a Trader, you often need to draw on your chart as part of analysis, such as trendlines, mark highs & lows of the market, draw patterns,etc.  With our Smart Trading Tool, you won’t have to type all those ever again. Click! Easy Analysis!

The Trading Panel Makes Your Trading Easy!

Entering a trade has never been easier than with our Smart Trading Tool. With a click of a button on your chart, you can place a Market Order or Pending Order.  Just adjust your take profit level & stop loss before entering the market. To activate your order click SEND ORDER button. Click! Simple! 

Automated Lot Sizes Calculation

You already know how very important it is to have the right lot sizes for every single trade based on your risk appetite.  Now you can have the right lot sizes for every single trade without having to calculate manually and the hard way. Simply adjust your risk in the settings and Smart Trading Tool will calculate your lot size automatically every time you enter a trade using the trading panel!

Automatic Pivot Points & Round Numbers

For those who trade based on Pivot Points you can now have automatic Pivot Points on your charts. You can also set round numbers. Round numbers are especially useful to read important 'levels' & turning point of the market. Many traders use round numbers for spotting the obvious Support and Resistance.

Trading Information On Your Chart

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the information you need right there on your screen? From balance, swaps, spread, drawdown, etc. You decide what kind of information you want to see on your chart by adjusting the settings. Forget about clicking your terminal window. Now, all the information you need will be on your screen!

Market News & Market Hours

The market can be very volatile during high impact news. To make sure you always aware when these news cycles happen, you can display market news on your chart.

Practice Your Trading Skill with Smart Trading Tool!

Did you know that you can use Smart Trading Tool to practice your trading skills? Yes! You can run Smart Trading Tool on Strategy Tester on MT4 & you can pretend to manually enter a trade, just as you would in real market and see your trading performance! One of our team members has create several videos on how to use Smart Trading tool. Check out here

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