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Theobaldo Mini indice

The Robot Theobaldo was built to work with the indicator Bill Williams -> Fractals

Theobald: The Innocent Farmer

Indicated for use in Brazilian Mini Index and Mini Dollar, however it can be used in any market.

It was developed to operate in the market for daytrade, with the closing of positions at the desired time. However, if the user wants to use for swing trade, it's necessary to leave the TimeFilter parameter as 0;

Negotiations are performed when the indicator gives the signal and the signal time and mySpred parameters are met.

The operation is terminated when the profit is reached or when the price reaches the stop loss that was programmed. Other ways to close the operation is to achieve the desired profit on the day, the end of the stipulated time for the operation of the robot or if the reversal signal is chosen.


The images were obtained through the use of backtest with the execution parameter "every tick", all graphical times generate inputs, however one must be aware that the smaller the time the more inputs will be generated.

You must choose the lot correctly according to the currency code you will use. In the cases where most of the tests were performed, the Brazilian indexes were WIN $ and WDO $ (continuous series).

EA Parameters

  • ReverseSignals: Tell the Expert Advisor if you get an opposite sign to close the position and start in the opposite direction;
  • TradeDelay: How many candles wait to perform the operation after the signal;
  • SignalValidTime: How many candles the signal is valid;
  • LotSize: Number of lots (must be proportional to the currency operated)
  • TakeProfit: How many points to get the profit (in pips)
  • StopLoss: How many points for loss in the trade (in pips)
  • UseFractalSL: Use fractals to activate stoploss
  • UseCandleSL: Use Candle to activate stoploss
  • TrailingStop: How many points to start trailling (in pips)
  • TimeFilter: Use time frame? (Recommended for daytrade)
  • TimerStart: Time you want to start operations (HH: MM format)
  • TimerEnd: Time to close operations (HH: MM format) (If there are open positions, these will be closed)
  • MagicNumber: Self-explanatory
  • Slippage: Self-explanatory
  • ProfitDay: Amount to close deals on the day
  • UseFractal: Use Fractal along with the rules of Theobaldo
  • DistanceCandle: Fractal Parameter A
  • buyOut: Fractal Parameter B
  • mySpread: Risk at the entrance with the fractal (Distance in pips the signal until the deal)


Systems developer since 1996, participant in the MQL community since 2014.

Doubts, send me a message.

superpapaiguilo 2019.03.31 03:49 

Já tentei tudo que é configuração.. mas...ainda não fiquei milionário! :-)

Версия 1.2 2018.08.14
Version V 1.02

Included the option to use the crossing of averages to confirm the change of direction.