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Win Sniper Follow

Win Sniper Follow is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. Night scalping strategy. The RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter are used for entries.

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/winwifi/

General Recommendations

The minimum deposit is 100 USD, the recommended timeframe is M15, H1, H4. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3.

Input parameters

The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes. Specify values in points like for 5 decimal places in the input parameters, and it will automatically recalculate everything for 4 decimal places.

This EA does NOT use any grid, martingale or any other risky trading style.

The EA is made to be plug-and-play with a very easy setup. The EA will auto-adapt to each individual account size, and will automatically choose which pairs to run and will determine lot size based on historical drawdown periods of the selected pair. So you can start the EA on a 100$ account or 100.000$, it will automatically choose the best setup.

The EA also has the ability to randomize the trades, SL, TP and other variables, so that each user of the EA will have slightly different trades. This will ensure that even when many people use the EA on the same broker, it will not affect execution and broker manipulation will be very difficult. It also shows the robustness of the EA which doesn't need a specific set of parameters to work.


I reccomend using 1 pair trading for long run with this EA and open function (true) with main strategies of this EA, see more the clip vdo.

BUY_Strategy, SELL_Strategy are main function you can turn on it (true).

BUY_Strategy2, SELL_Strategy2 are option function you can turn off it(false).


  • Candlestick Technical recommend M15, M30, H1, H4
  • Follow Trend and Scalping Technical
  • Easy to setup on MT4 Chart
  • Smart EA for newbie trader to advance trader
  • No martingale
  • 100$ Minimum deposit

Parameter list

  • TP_Pips : 17 is recommend 17pips for EURUSD
  • SL_Pips : 0 is recommend no stop loss
  • Fast_Period1 : 20 is Simple Moving average period 20 for CutOff system
  • Slow_Period1 : 200 is Simple Moving average period 200 CutOff system
  • BUY_Strategy : (False) is turn off the main BUY strategy, (True) is Turn on the main Buy Strategy
  • Sell_Strategy : (False) is turn off the main Sell strategy, (True) is Turn on the main Sell Strategy
  • Close_Long_Position : (True) is turn on CutOff system BUY side, (False) is Turn off CutOff system BUY side
  • Close_Short_Position : (True) is turn on CutOff system Sell side, (False) is Turn off CutOff system Sell side
  • BUY_Strategy2 : (True) is turn on the second BUY strategy (H1) , (False) is Turn off the second Buy Strategy (H1)
  • SELL_Strategy2 : (True) is turn on the second SELL strategy (H1) , (False) is Turn off the second SELL Strategy (H1)
  • MagicNumber : Number of EA strategy
  • next open trade after time : 30 minutes
  • maximum trade duration : 24 Hours 
  • minimum trade duration : 60 minutes
  • TradeSize : 0.1 is lot size volume
  • MaxSpread : 3.0 is EA work under spread 3.0
  • adjusted is Onlnit : 4  is Slippage
  • MaxOpen Trades : 80 orders for your account working
  • MaxLongTrades : 40 orders for your account working on BUY Side
  • MaxShortTrades : 40 orders for you account working on SELL Side
  • Hedging : (True) is turn on Heding system, (False) is turn off Heding system

Broker Reccommended as below:

GMI Edge Broker   : STD acc, STD ECN acc, Cent acc
LiteForex Broker :  STD ECN acc, STD Classic acc , Cent acc
Exness Broker   :  STD acc, STD Classic acc, Cent acc
FBS Broker   :  STD acc, STD ECN acc, Cent acc
PepperStone   :  STD acc, STD Razor acc
ICMarkets   : STD acc, STD ECN acc
Forex4you   : STD acc, STD Classic acc, CentNDD acc
BDSwiss   : STD Classic, VIP, RAW acc
GoMarkets   : STD acc, STD GoPlus+ acc
AdmiralMarkets   :  STD acc, STD Zero acc
FXTM   : STD acc, STD ECN acc, Cent acc
XM Broker   : STD acc, STD Zero acc, Micro acc
TioMarkets   : STD acc, Signature acc, VIP acc
Fullerton Markets   

More Detail : WOW Dash Blog

Good Luck
WinWiFi Thailand

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