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RSI Action

The RSI Action Expert Advisor is designed to automate the RSI (Relative Strength Index) strategy. It opens orders when Overbought and Oversold Levels are touched. The stop loss level is hidden and automatically adjusted when trade moves to profit side. Every trader can use this EA to filter their own signals by RSI Indicator.


  • Proper risk management system.
  • Trades fully automatically.
  • Hidden stop loss automatically moves to protect profit.
  • User friendly settings.
  • No boundaries.
  • Does not use harmful algorithms.
  • Fast activity.
  • Other trades that were opened manually, by signals and EA's are secure due to our own Magic Number.


  • Trade Parameters
    • Lots - Lot size.
    • Maximum Risk - Maximum risk from total margin in %.
    • Decrease Factor - Number of continuously lost trades for decrease the lot size.
    • Trailing Stop - The number of pips in profit to activate the trailing stop. (Pips)
    • Stop Loss - Stop loss. (Pips)
    • Take Profit - Take profit. (Pips)
    • Magic Number - Number for each symbol window that you run the EA simultaneously.
  • RSI Signal Filter
    • Overbought Level - RSI level for open sell order.
    • Oversold Level - RSI level for open buy order.
    • Averaging Period - Averaging period for calculation.
    • Applied Price - Applied price.
    • Shift - Index of the value taken from the indicator buffer.

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