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Trend Finder For Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame

Индикатор был создан бывшим сотрудником хедж-фонда, и он разработан для нахождения самых сильных трендов на рынке Форекс. Этот индикатор анализирует скользящие средние по всем 28 парам на 8 таймфреймах. И потом он расставляет каждую пару по силе тренда.

Помните: институциональные трейдеры используют скользящие средние больше, чем любой другой индикатор.


  • Отображает всю информацию на одном экране.
  • Одновременно отслеживает все 28 пар.
  • Отслеживает 8 последовательных таймфреймов, от M5 до MN.
  • Автоматически сортирует все пары от "наиболее трендовых" до "наименее трендовых".
  • Предоставляет оповещения о сильнейших трендах в режиме реального времени.
  • У вас есть полный контроль над цветами, настройками и тем, какие пары отслеживать.

Параметры индикатора

  • Использовать оповещения (Use Alerts): True = Да, False = Нет
  • Min Alerts Min: Интервал между оповещениями (как часто получать оповещения по одной и той же паре)
  • S1 - S28: По умолчанию перечислены все 28 пар. Вы можете удалить те пары, которые вам не нужны.
  • ColorUp: Цвет для отображения, при пересечении ценой скользящей средней сверху.
  • ColorDn: Цвет для отображения, при пересечении ценой скользящей средней снизу.
  • Grid Color: Выберите цвет сетки.
  • TxtColor: Выберите цвет текста в заголовке.
  • HdrColor: Выберите цвет заголовка.
  • SymColor: Выберите цвет для символов. (К какому бы графику вы не прикрепили индикатор, символ этого графика будет отображаться синим.)
  • Font Size: Выберите предпочитаемый размер шрифта.
  • Пекиод MA (MA period): Параметр для скользящей средней.
  • Смещение MA (MA shift): Параметр для скользящей средней.
  • Метод MA (MA method): Параметр для скользящей средней.
  • Применяемая цена (Applied price): Параметр для скользящей средней.

Для получения более детальной информации рекомендую ознакомиться со скриншотами ниже. Если у вас есть вопросы, свяжитесь с нами.

Обязательно посмотрите другие наши индикаторы и наши короткие видео. В этих видео содержится намного больше информации (включая наши указания по торговле).
forextiff 2019.02.05 13:05 

5 STARS!!! Let me say this... from the beginning Mike was 100% with customer service. I honestly never seen anything like it. I have to apologize in advance... this review was a long time coming as with the service I received, I wanted to do a review immediately but better late than never right? I am really happy I ran into Mike and his indicators on mql5. I am not a review writer... not one bit. But Mike's level of service could not be ignored. The time he took to fully answer all of my questions and also with the way he went above and beyond with more than just the indicator, there was no way I was not going to write a review to let everyone know they are and will be in good hands! Thank you Mike. I will be in touch shortly!

Danilo Dorjo
Danilo Dorjo 2019.01.16 12:56 

The indicator is perfect, but the customer support is absolutely amazing! Great job Mike and team Scorpion! Keep going!

edmtty 2019.01.05 16:50 

Well, these people know what they are doing. They are there to help people, customer service is superb, excellent indicators.Thanks mike and the Team for your services.

Aben Reyes
Aben Reyes 2018.06.05 04:09 

Just one word: OUTSTANDING

On a side note, I'd like to add that it's a pity that the S&P 500 Index is not included lol

Ok, just a minor update on the S&P 500, Mike got that fix for me --brilliant!

likens 2018.04.30 17:48 

ok so i was totally caught off guard by the level of customer service i received from these guys. not only do they care about putting out a quality product but they want to ensure you are using it properly. giving suggestions, answering all my questions, and keeping it real. They are awesome!!!

Mario Sotiriou
Mario Sotiriou 2018.03.17 11:02 

I've got to say... The customer service is amazing, they definitely put their customers first. If you have any questions, they will respond right away!

adrian 2018.03.01 16:27 

The internal algo this indy uses is solid. One idea is to find trending pairs and point trending/breakout EAs in that direction =)

Hardley 2018.02.24 17:29 

It is very good indicator to clarify any doubt about the tendency and avoid wrong investments. Excellent customer service!

yangk23 2018.01.24 05:12 

This indicator will change the way you trade and it's a must have indicator!!! The trend is your friend. You will never regret getting this indicator. If you catch only 5 - 8 pips per trade, you will win and make profit. I give this indicator 10 stars instead of 5 stars because it's just that good. It does not matter what level of a trader you are; novice or experience, you need to get this. The customer service is amazing because they put their customer first. If you have any questions, they will respond right away.

majahn 2018.01.15 20:43 

Great tools. Great customer service. Very knowledgeable and willing to help.

rapallo 2018.01.12 18:29 


Lasse Holm
Lasse Holm 2017.12.27 14:57 

Great Indicator and fantastic customer service. 100 stars!! Thank you Mike!

Roberto Alencar
Roberto Alencar 2017.12.12 20:24 

Very good product and the support of Myke is very good too!

Tks myke

dainengxin 2017.12.05 10:54 

Perfect indicator! Perfect service!

maciel7000 2017.11.25 15:11 

Great. Note 1000 stars.

cam028 2017.11.22 07:25 

great customer support ive learned a lot awesome indicators

slims999 2017.10.20 20:16 

Not only is the product amazing, the customer support is out of this world. Thanks Mike and everyone who created this!

Basker1983 2017.10.18 09:51 

Best indicator! Super customer service!

david.l 2017.10.09 06:03 

Best indicator 5 stars. Perfect to find trend. When all align, follow the direction = profit :)

pausch 2017.09.21 20:57 

Have been using this dashboard about two weeks now and it really helps taking look at the overall strength of a pair in all timeframes. Outstanding support and kindness. Worth the money.

Folasade Aluko
Folasade Aluko 2017.09.20 08:02 

A very powerful tool to confirm every trade. 'The trend is your friend', Mike and team are my friends👧

JincLorp 2017.08.31 01:34 

Really good indicator. it's good to let you know what trending most to least and also to find those pairs that are retracing on the lower timeframes for possible entries with the trend. I always check the dashboard before a trade.

jonathanreader 2017.08.30 07:25 

Cant say enough about the quality of their service. The tool provides an instant overview of all currency pairs with regards to their short / long term trend positions. As you should never take trades against the higher time frame, this tool provides you with this information in the clearest format possible. Extremely clear and helpful. A personal thanks to Mike for all your valuable help and advise.

Diego Arroyo
Diego Arroyo 2017.08.28 14:55 

De lo mejor que hay en indicadores, 5 estrellas por el producto y 10 estrellas por el servicio. 100% recomendado

D70E240E 2017.08.09 21:37 

Very usefull indicator and very helpfull custom servis.

Roy Griffin
Roy Griffin 2017.07.22 22:04 

Great indicator for seeing the strength and direction of trends in real time that has already won me many trades. The support team's service is also the best I've ever encountered (ever). 11/10

alejoarcilacano 2017.07.17 18:39 

Amazing product! Great support and advices! I think I will purchase all indicators from ScorpionFX.

Trade in B
Trade in B 2017.07.09 02:36 

I loved the indicator, fundamental to any negotiation and very powerful, keeps us always alert to any market reversal in providing us with a buy / sell and even the time to get out of a negotiation. I recommend this seller to everyone, very attentive and took away all my doubts, soon I will be acquiring new indicators

ceejay1 2017.07.06 21:12 

Another great piece of software from the ScorpionFX people...really enjoying the early "heads up" about possible trades! Also, thanks so much to customer support...Mike has been awesome and so patient in answering all my questions! I have several of the ScorpionFX indicators and without a doubt they have the absolute best combination of accurate indicators and helpful customer support...you cannot go wrong with this company! If this sounds like it must be something written by the company itself...I can understand why you would think so. Just read ALL the reviews and comments on ALL the indicators ScorpionFX offers---I read them all and failed to find even one really negative review--quite an accomplishment in terms of customer support considering that most people do not even write reviews unless they are DIS-satisfied with something! I think if you give ScorpionFX a try you will NOT be disappointed!

wjason777 2017.06.27 15:45 

Great product and very great customer service.

shor73 2017.05.31 21:05 

Awesome indicator has really helped my day to discover and trading knowing what pairs to look at in just a second... I have 3 Scorpions indicators every single one of them work great! And also I would like to give a excellent feedback to the technical service in the person of Mike, he is really kindly and skilled trader!

mattwtts 2017.05.30 00:21 

Great screen tool that puts everything in one central location saving loads of time. Kudos to Scorpion's customer support. Mike was great!

evanbrady 2017.05.12 17:44 

Excellent indicator! Mike with customer service went above and beyond! I look forward to purchasing other high quality indicators from the team! A+++ rating all across the board

Viktor Kashlev
Viktor Kashlev 2017.04.10 06:33 

Something to add from previous reviews simply nothing. All at the highest level. Thanks to the developers. 5 stars

fjdasaro 2017.03.28 06:27 

This thing is awesome. Great for pairing with other indicators to determine the best possible trades. Fantastic customer support as well

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 2017.02.27 21:20 

I needed a dashboard that gives me a quick indication of market bias on one page, I chose this trend finder and I am very pleased with it.

henry918 2017.02.01 14:37 

I bought this indicator recently and I must say it is very useful. It saves me a lot time to determine the trends of all the currency pairs monitored. To see it in a diagram , I can see clearly and quickly how the pairs are doing. Top quality product , highly recommended !!

ras.ayoubi 2017.01.06 16:04 

Love this indicator. One look and you quickly know what pairs to monitor for high probability trades. Also, although I don't trade binary options very often, I tried a few trades as my broker also offers both types of trading with 7 winners from 8 trades. I strongly recommend this indicator and cannot give it anything but a 5 star rating. I have purchased a few indicators from this company and have not been disappointed.

Staff offer very helpful hints and promptly reply to any queries.

Honestwise 2016.12.05 18:17   

Absolutely amazing indicator in its concept and execution. The support team guided me far beyond the product itself promptly and professionally, it's no wonder they come up with exceptional products that are cutting-edge and setting new benchmarks in the process. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their trading to the next level.

Gregade 2016.12.04 10:11   

perfect product for multi-frame trading , If you're a serious trader you need to buy this product. reliable customer service . you can form a strategy with this product ... highly recommend ,. I even bought two others from the same seller , they work hand in hand. ++++++ rating