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Trend Finder For Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee and it has been designed to find the strongest trends in the forex market. This indicator analyzes the moving averages for all 28 pairs and across 8 time-frames. And then it ranks each pair according to trend-strength.

Remember: institutional traders use moving averages more than any other indicator.


  • Displays all the information on one-screen.
  • Monitors all 28 pairs at the same time.
  • Monitors 8 consecutive time-frames, from 5-Min to Monthly.
  • Automatically sorts all pairs, from 'most trending' to 'least trending'.
  • Provides real-time alerts for the strongest trends.
  • You have full control of colors, settings and which pairs to monitor.

Indicator Parameters

  • Use Alerts: True = Yes, False = No
  • Min Alerts Min: Alerts interval (how often to receive an alert on the same pair)
  • S1 - S28: All 28 pairs are listed by default. And you can delete any pair that you don't need.
  • ColorUp: Color to display when price closes over the moving average.
  • ColorDn: Color to display when price closes under the moving average.
  • Grid Color: Select the color for the grid.
  • TxtColor: Select the color for the text in the header.
  • HdrColor: Select the color for the header.
  • SymColor: Select the color for the symbols. (Whichever chart you attach the indicator to, this symbol will automatically be displayed in blue.)
  • Font Size: Select your preferred font size.
  • MA period: Setting for moving average.
  • MA shift: Setting for moving average.
  • MA method: Setting for moving average.
  • Applied price: Setting for moving average.

See the screenshots below for further details. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Mark Taylor
2017.02.27 21:20 

I needed a dashboard that gives me a quick indication of market bias on one page, I chose this trend finder and I am very pleased with it.

2017.02.01 14:37 

I bought this indicator recently and I must say it is very useful. It saves me a lot time to determine the trends of all the currency pairs monitored. To see it in a diagram , I can see clearly and quickly how the pairs are doing. Top quality product , highly recommended !!

2017.01.06 16:04 

Love this indicator. One look and you quickly know what pairs to monitor for high probability trades. Also, although I don't trade binary options very often, I tried a few trades as my broker also offers both types of trading with 7 winners from 8 trades. I strongly recommend this indicator and cannot give it anything but a 5 star rating. I have purchased a few indicators from this company and have not been disappointed.

Staff offer very helpful hints and promptly reply to any queries.

2016.12.05 18:17   

Absolutely amazing indicator in its concept and execution. The support team guided me far beyond the product itself promptly and professionally, it's no wonder they come up with exceptional products that are cutting-edge and setting new benchmarks in the process. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their trading to the next level.

2016.12.04 10:11   

perfect product for multi-frame trading , If you're a serious trader you need to buy this product. reliable customer service . you can form a strategy with this product ... highly recommend ,. I even bought two others from the same seller , they work hand in hand. ++++++ rating