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How to import your Customized Contracts Data into MT4?

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First of all, by Customized Contracts, I mean Stocks and Futures in my Country(China) and not currency pairs. So the contracts details is totally different from currency pairs contracts provided by forex brokers...I know you can import the data into an existed non-using pairs, but that not what I want...So pls do not discuss this way, thanks!

Second, I realized that it's an old topic which already appears in other forums like MQL4 and FF... But none of them provided a complete solution as I know, so I post the topic here, hoping experts can slove this question! Also, if there is already a solution I don't know, pls give the links. Thanks!

Below is what I have completed:

1. I can perform the 99% quality backtesting in already existed pairs in History files(according to Birt's EA review blog, which provide a amazing solution);

2. I can create my own data(which is a futures contract) from .csv to .hst and .fxt;

3. When I try to import my customized contracts data into MT4, I realized that I should also modify the ticks.raw, symbols.raw, symbols.sel, and symgroups.raw files in the \history. When open them using UltraEdit, we can see that they are aparrently contracts details information. But they are stored in Binary file, which the data structure is unknown. So we cannot translate them correctly.

So can anybody give the data structure of these Binary files? If not, can you show me a way to analyze?

Also, I know traders from Russia are really experts in MT4...So the forums there really got something interesting, but in Russian....But we got Google Translate! So can you recommend me some good MT4 trading forums?Also reply with Russian is ok for me




Ты можешь прикрепить сюда файл с твоими данными, или дать ссылку на файл?

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