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The XStrain expert system works on all types of accounts. It works both in 4 and 5-digit quotes. Spread and requotes are not critical, any broker is suitable.

To optimize the expert system, one year is recommended for the period H1 or H4. Optimization can be carried out at opening prices, the results differ little from testing on real ticks, since the bot works at opening prices. It is enough to optimize once a month! To get better results, it is recommended to work on several different pairs. The forecast for one pair is very promising, but using 3-5-8 pairs it is possible to get a more profitable trade. You can test the bot as you like - either at open prices or at all ticks or at all ticks with loaded tick history from specialized servers, the results will be almost the same!

The expert system uses stop loss and take profit, it is also possible to set the lot depending on the deposit, for which the Risk field is used.

OPTIMIZE MANDATORY! File for optimization in discussion!


  • Magic - Magic number.
  • tSleep - Pending application execution.
  • tRepeat - The number of retries to submit a request.
  • WorkTF - The minimum period for opening orders.
  • PeriodRSI - RSI period.
  • LevelMax1- The upper level of the RSI.
  • LevelMin1 - The lower level of the RSI.
  • Lot - working volume.
  • Risk - Calculate the lot from the deposit.
  • Spread - The maximum allowable spread to open an order.
  • TakeProfit - Take profit for each transaction.
  • StopLoss - Stop loss for each trade.
  • LimitOrders - Maximum orders in one direction.
  • myStopsLevel - An additional layer to limit the installation of stops.
  • DrawDown - A critical drawdown after which all deals are closed.
  • MinClose - Profit - an additional value for closing all orders in the plus.
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