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Free version of https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44606 

Simple indicator to calculate profit on fibonacci retracement levels with fixed lot size, or calculate lot size on fibonacci levels with fixed profit. Add to chart and move trend line to set the fibonacci retracement levels. Works similar as default fibonacci retracement line study in Metatrader.


  • Fixed - select what value will be fix, lot or profit  (available in full version, lot is set on free version)
  • Fixed value - value that will be fix on all levels   (fixed lot value)

  • Levels - levels for which to calculate values, default are fibonacci levels (available in full version)
  • Use spread - if true, spread will be included in calculations (available in full version)
  • Show price - if true, price will be shown on levels (available in full version)
  • Show fibonacci level - if true, value of levels will be shown (available in full version)
  • Fibonacci lines as rays - if true, levels will be rays (available in full version)
  • Fibonacci lines color - color of levels (available in full version)
  • Trend line color - color of trend line which defines fibonacci retracement (available in full version)
  • Font size (available in full version)
  • Instance - unique number of indicator, if you want to add more ProfitOnFibonacci indicators on same chart, they have to have different instance number (available in full version)

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