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  This indicator uses standard Bollinger’s bands and two moving average,

 it is providing trustable signal based on difference between Top and Bottom limit of Bollinger bands, 

 moving average trend degree within the Bollinger band zone. Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional,

  you can set a voice alarm or email notification. You can also use this signal with expert advisor with below code


double v1=0;
    if(v1==0 )  return(0); // No Signals 
       //Send BUY Order...
       //Send SELL Order...

         Although this indicator can work for all time frame, 

       most suitable timeframe is M5 and USD Exchange such as GBPUSD,EURUSD,NZDUSD etc. 

       Below you can find indicator inputs.

BBandGiris=114;// Bollinger Band  Period

BBandSapma=1;// Bollingers Band Deviation

EnfazlaYakinlik=200;// Minimum difference between Bollinger Band Lower -  Bollinger Band Upper values

EnFazlaUzaklik=333; // Maximum  difference between Bollinger Band Lower -  Bollinger Band Upper values

MA1 = 671; // Moving Average Period

extern int MA1Shift=33; //Moving Average Shift

extern int MA2 =   2840;  // Second Moving Average

extern int MA2Shift=-19; // Second Moving Average Shift







          5=Diagonal Thin

          6=Diagonal Thick

          7=Diagonal Hollow

          8=Thumb, 9=Finger


SendAnEmail=false; // Send E-Mail

CepUyariGonder=false; // Send Cell Phone Notificatiom

SesliAlarm=true; // Sound Alert

AktifGrafikGoster=true; // Change Chart. Actively loads the graphic at the time of signal generation

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