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Quants Forex Zones


Please once you purchase contact with me through mql5. So we can make sure dashboard working correctly on your platform.

Nested Forex Zones are designed to fetch all key levels in one chart to find bounce and breakout areas.

Everything you can imagine are fetched from multi-timeframe in to one dashboard to spot nested confluence and supply demand areas.

If dashboard shows high score its clear identifcation of support and resistance and price likely to get reaction from that area. Please check more examples for clear understanding or send me message

Live predictions and trade examples about supdem can be found in this trading thread :
    What does it calculate :
    • Support and resistance
    • Round Numbers
    • Bolingers
    • Deviation zones
    • Overbought and Oversold areas
    • Momentum indicators
    • Directional indicators
    • Moving averages
    • RSI
    • STOCH
    • Daily Averages
    • Weekly Averages
    • Monthly Averages
    • Double Tops
    • Double Bottoms
    • Daily High Low
    • Weekly High Low
    • Monthly High Low
    • Murray Math Levels
    • Pivot Levels and Resistances
    Benefits :
    • 60 Different bounce and breakout levels in one screen
    • Speed and Momentum indicators
    • Long term directional strength

    What does it solve :

    • It will help you to spot walls and predict the bounce - break areas accurately in unique way
    • This dashboard designed by professionals to filter any strategy and protect to not trade against strong  support resistance zones..
    • This kind of information designed to help users make profitable calls.
    • It was very hard to follow many respected levels from multi TF and mult Pair , This dashboard gives you fast and accurate way to do it

    Inputs :

    • Prefix : If symbol have addon such as mpa.EURUSD add that in to settings as mpa.
    • Suffix : If symbol have addon such as EURUSD.mpa add that in to settings as .mpa
    • UP_color : Changes the UP direction color for levels
    • DN_color : Changes the DN direction color for levels
    • normalization_divisor : Keep it at 3 as its a scanner normalizator. (DO NOT CHANGE)
    • column_spacing : It changes the spacing of columns
    • row _spacing : It changes the spacing of rows
    • loading_interval_seconds : It loads each instance for 20 second. Keep it at 20 to not crash and load dash in optimized way
    • show_loading_comments : true / false . If true it shows how many instance is loaded of the dashboard
    It works only for forex pairs. Check our community thread for analysis and trade examples
        To learn about our ideology do not hesitate contact with us. You can do it with our direct message.
        You will always get continious support by the developer.

        Join to our community to trade and grow together and ask questions about our ideology !

        Unique tool , Unique trading .

          Best Regards,

          Comentários 9
          Aravind 2020.10.06 10:27 

          Great tool to find entries. The author is friendly, hard working and above all best coder I have ever seen.

          Rafael Cadosch
          Rafael Cadosch 2020.01.24 22:23 

          Great support. Convenient Trading group with Ideology of the system. This software its a masterpiece well worth its money, Im sure thousand of hours and still going and improving, Im happy im welcomed in the club!

          It Will show you at anytime variuos types of forces behind the Forex pairs. You can use and make plenty of decisions with it and or use it as your guide for other trading strategies. Its a software that I havent seen anywhere.

          Thank you!

          jox51 2020.01.06 13:46 

          This is a great indicator. Makes it easy to see which currencies are strong and weak. Highly reliable and support is top notch. Strongly recommend everyone purchases this indicator.

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          CSS Currency Strenght
          Badis Brahimi
          CSS " currency strength slope "  is a a multi currency strength indicator that use Forex major currencies, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, JPY, CHF, GBP. it use 28 major pairs to calculate the power of every currency using a based moving averages algorithm : you will see volatility clearly between currencies. input: MA Fast & Slow. - MA Mode : simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted - Applied Price : close, open, high, low, median price, typical price, weighted price.
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          MA Sclope Scalper
          Luigi Maria Luna
          ATTENTION - 50% OFF FOR 3 DAYS! Welcome traders, MA SLOPE SCALPER is a really powerfoul tool to boost up your scalping! Have you been struggling with your scalping Strategies?  Have you tried price action? Well, it does not work.  Have you tried Rsi - Reversal Strategies? Well it'is not a clever idea. MA SLPOPE SCALPER IS A TREND FOLLOWER SYSTEM MA SLOPE SCALPER is based upon 3 different Exponential Moving averages that have bees studied and selected in order to maximize the precision of the s
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          Forex Graphical Interface v01
          Lorenzo Coletta
          Hello Guys! I want to share with you a very useful tools. Anyone of us who has used MT4 for some time knows how impractical this platform can be for discretionary trading. That's why I created this graphical interface!  Interface is very simple, all the info that you need are in the video and in the screenshot. NB: Before to run the EA Interface, remember to copy the file in the comment in your MT4 folder "Controls". PATH: .../MQL4/INCLUDE/CONTROLS NB: unfortunately the interface can't be t
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          MehteranEA USDJPY
          Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
          It is an Expert Advisor which works with tick datas. It is a reversal scalper and uses basic price action rules in volatile market conditions. This version of expert was optimized for USDJPY pair and for low spreads (better maximum 0,9 spreads). You can optimize it for your broker or ask me for this before to buy. Parameters ( You can change these ) AlyonkaFactor = default is 28.90 for transaction frequency, DistanceFactor = default is 20 ( parameters must be compatible with your broker settings
          999 USD
          Ultimate Price Action
          Indra Lukmana
          Ultimate solution on price action trade system Built Inside One Tool! Our smart algorithm tool will detect the price action pattern and alert upon potential with entry signals and exit levels including stoploss and takeprofit levels based on the time setting on each market session. This tool will also filters out market currency strength to ensure our entry are in a good currency conditions based on it's trend. Benefit You Get Easy, visual and effective price action detection. Gives you th
          99 USD
          Kaydoz Scalper EA
          KAYDOZ Scalper EA This Expert Advisor is a pure scalping system , it doesn't use martingales or hedging . The Expert places and manages pending orders. In case of market high volatility , Trades will be activated .  Runs perfect on pairs with tight spread and low commission broker ( commission plus spread equal or less than 5 pips ) . Kaydoz EA achieves about 100% net profits monthly . Choose a broker with zero stop level and fast execution to use the Expert . ( Tickmill ) is the best broker for
          390 USD
          Andriy Sydoruk
          ComplexPulse - pulse indicator or signal. Sensitive and responsive to price movements. The indicator shows the interdependence of various currency pairs, namely: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY. Currencies are measured in relative units, so in each unit of time the sum of all currencies will be equal to zero. Hence, one of the main elements of cluster indicators is the zero line, or the balance line (zero line). If a currency is below the balance line, then it is said that the currency is oversold rel
          39 USD
          Weekly MarginCalls Levels Full
          Zbynek Liska
          Revolutionary approach to forex Prices are in predictable waves and cycles. They are hidden from retails. Nothing Price action, Market Profile, Ellliot Wave or Gann or etc. Weekly levels.  There are a margin calls on these levels. The indicator is used to avoid poor inputs and poorly selected stop losses. It also allows you to set a real profit targets. FOR ALL PAIRS
          149 USD
          Trend Line
          Vladimir Gribachev
          The Expert Advisor opens orders when the price crosses the trend lines. The product can trade both roll backs (Bounce off level) and breakthroughs (Breaks the level). 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat Bounce off level - when the price crosses the support line, a SELL order is opened; when the price crosses the resistance line, a BUY order is opened. Breaks the level - when the price crosses the support line, a BUY order is opened; when the price crosses th
          30 USD
          Mr Pip Scalping Indicator
          Puiu Alex
          Mr Pip Scalping Indicator is a momentum indicator that measures the magnitude of recent price changes to evaluate overbought or oversold conditions in the price of a stock or other asset with few major tweaks. This is NOT RSI. Features V2: Added Supply/Demand Filter You can select which zone to see on the chart ( Important Resistance/Support; Verified Resistance/Support; etc ).  You get alerts when prices is entering on a specific supply/demand zone. How to use? When the signal comes, you wi
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          Reliable EA Multi Time Frame Breakout AI
          Sven Obertopp
          Attention: Please don't forget to test our BREXIT EA too. New Version 1.4 released - some minor changes on AI logic for better signal analysis. Multiple Timeframe Breakout by Reliable EA "Multiple Timeframe Breakout" expert advisor by Reliable EA is an innovative, AI-based EA, combining trading in a lower time frame and using additional signals within a higher timeframe. It uses some features of artificial intelligence (fuzzy-algos for selecting entries, readjustments of open trades by deep
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          VScale Live Expert
          Igor Gerasimov
          O indicador agora inclui volumes verticais. !!!! O indicador agora inclui um módulo de previsão !!!! Se você quiser parar mensagens irritantes use este especialista em conjunto com o adquirido indicador pago "V-Scale Live Trainer". Negociação manual apenas. Um especialista simples torna os comerciantes mais fáceis. Nota: Para usá-lo, basta habilitar o comércio de um clique. E não se esqueça de desativar o AUTO_TRADE. A cada novo início do terminal, o metatrader 4, imediatamente, ce
          SpotLight EA
          Thomas Gruening
          This is a multi-strategy EA. In the night scalping mode, the filters filter a trend-free range market environment and trades are placed in the opposite direction at the edges of the range. With an additional main trend filter in the trend-following mode, you can also trade pull-backs during trends on the day. Inputs‌ UseDrawDown if true then drawdown mode is active MaxAllowedDrawDown close all trades if drawdown more then x % Trading Hour Start EA operation start hour Trading Minute Start EA o
          59 USD
          Yip Sin Hang
          My only channel :  https://t.me/InrexEA signals monitor : Here Snow ball is a fully automated EA for EURUSD and XAUUSD .  Before you buy all of my product please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Please do not over believe in backtesting result . No one can 100% predict the future . 2) I do not use any .set file , Because I believe that the best strategy should be not disclosed to public but can still serve us . 3) Sometimes a confliction of market can cause the account a short perio
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          Trend Scraper
          Robot Systems LLC
          Trend Scraper features: The Stop Loss is invisible to the broker; Hidden algorithm for entering the market; Easy setup; Small drawdown; Any symbols at one time; Ultra-fast optimization; Entry at trend reversals; Breakeven function. Easy setup and use are the keys to the success of a trading system. Only two parameters for setup and optimization! The task of the robot is to "hack" the trend at the very beginning when currency pairs or futures only start moving, and maintain an open position in th
          177.71 USD
          Broom Mt4
          Marta Gonzalez
          When the market breaks the glass ceiling someone has to use the   broom   and pick up the glass from the floor. Broom   is the system that detects this break and collects the crystals. Being a very aggressive scalping system, it should only be used in pairs with a low spread and low commissions. This system is suitable for small accounts and can be used with only  $ 100. You can download the demo and test it yourself.   Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging technique
          30 USD
          Currency Strength Tracker
          Matthew Staley
          This indicator is a high quality trading tool that tracks and displays the relative strengths of the 8 major currencies (EUR,GBP,USD,AUD,NZD,CHF,CAD,& JPY). The relative strength values are obtained using the slope of a moving average. All 28 major currency pairs are analyzed and the slopes of the moving averages are recorded. The base currency of each currency pair is credited with the slope of the MA, whether positive or negative, and the quoted currency is credited with the MA slope * -1. Thi
          30 USD
          Maximum Trend
          Aleksandr Shabalin
          Maximum Trend displays a buy/sell signal. The product is good for scalping and intraday trading. Features Timeframe - any. Trading - any symbols. Buy signals - blue arrows. Sell signals - red arrows. The formed signal is non-repainting.  The settings are very simple. You should only configure RISK parameter (the default value is 3). The higher the value, the more aggressive the trading.
          50 USD
          Bollinger Band Scanner Pro
          Taofeek Bello
          What a tool for Breakout traders! Trend traders and scalpers can also use it to know exact time and price level to enter and exit the market. It is an indicator that look for Bollinger Band squeeze on multiple  pairs in market and give the result on a single chart. It is very easy to use. With this indicator, many pairs can be traded with its analysis show on a single chart. With default setting, it should be used on 1 hour timeframe and can be placed on any chart. It can also be customized by
          30 USD
          Unsustainable Movements
          Mihai-Andrei Mitrache
          Unsustainable Movements is an indicator that automatically identifies explosive price patterns that have a high probability to be interrupted or even reversed (speculative bubbles). Parameters History Bars : represent the number of past prices in which you can check the performance of the indicator. Color settings : you can change the display color of the indicator by changing the Ascending and Descending Movements Parameters. Reference Levels Settings : is a feature that is highlighting the i
          85 USD
          Full Forex Market View Dashboard
          Opengates Success International
          FULL FOREX MARKET VIEW Dashboard Indicator This is a custom indicator created to give Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make successful trading. INSTALLATION : Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the
          135 USD
          Hafis Mohamed Yacine
          Grid Profit  Grid Profit EA Working with all pairs. TimeFrame - 5-15-30-1H Minimum Deposit Recommended : $1000 USD lot 0.01  Grid Profit EA  V 1.00  would probably come about in the event the volatility to your commodity begins to diminish. In the case some sort of examine benefits are generally in the beginning to travel sideways, that ATR profit would probably figure out how to drop off of. This can trigger that trailing terminate to travel in excess since examine benefits began to be w
          200 USD
          BotForex Rsi Cci Scalper
          Thierry Iltis
          This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can trade any market, any timeframe and any currency pair. The EA uses simple indicators like SMA, RSI and CCI, and a smart martingale system, that does not open systematical new positions, but waits for a new signal for each new order, wich is limiting drawdown compared to other martingale systems. It uses a combination of seven strategies you can select in the parameters to fit your needs. The strategy tester in MetaTrader 4 can give you the setup y
          150 USD
          Sure Fire Hedging Strategy
          Syarif Nur Arief
          This is an old and well-known strategy from the book "Sure Fire Hedging Strategy". This strategy is using a hedge order with a higher lot size for the last (opposite) order and will receive profit if your free margin is huge enough to handle. A good money management is needed for using this system. You can use a pending or a direct order as a hedge order on the EA input properties. TP and SL are based on the book "Sure Fire Hedging Strategy". TP/SL is 30/60. Parameters First_Balance – your fir
          275.14 USD
          Mitesh Hareshkumar Bhavsar
          very good product for making profit into this market . you just need you account and vps with this product. buy, install, and earn money while you sleep. we have made very good product for each and every one who want to trade into forex market. you will get the free support with this product and free session of learning when you purchase the product to earn good money.
          999 USD
          Trade On The Test
          Ayman Magdy
          Trade On The Test the indicator gives Buy/Sell Signals in the form of up or down arrows based on the best trend available that is identified by the algorithm. Features The Indicator attempts to find out the best trend by analyzing the price movement as well data collected from the Ichimoku indicator. After the trend has been identified and confirmed, the indicator will identify the optimum entry level upon a retest to this trend, and then will give a buy or sell signal accordingly. Signal Ty
          50 USD
          Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
          Dmitry Zhakov
          The indicator allows you to trade binary options. The recommended timeframe is М5 and the expiration time is 5-15 minutes. The indicator works on any currency pairs. Trading time is not limited. A possible signal is specified as a thick dot above/under a candle. You should wait until the candle closes! If the dot remains on the previous candle and the arrow appears on the new one, you can enter the trade immediately. Arrows are not re-painted and appear only when a new candle appears! The tradin
          270 USD
          SFO Trend Racer
          Tevin Marshall
          SFO Trend Racer system is a trend indicator created by the CEO and Founder of " Simple Forex Options ", Tevin Marshall . It serves 6 different functions all in one. It shows the trader the entry signals as well as exit signals, whether it is a take profit or a stop loss. It also uses trend filters and signal confirmations so that the trader is able to make the most logically fit decision. Trend Racer uses various filters and specific settings from a plethora of indicators. The beauty in this ind
          379 USD
          Nihilist and ForexAlien Indicator
          The Nihilist 5.0 Indicator includes Forexalien and Nihilist Easy Trend trading strategies and systems. It is composed of an MTF Dashboard where you can analyze the different input possibilities of each strategy at a glance. It has an alert system with different types of configurable filters. You can also configure which TF you want to be notified on your Metatrader 4 platform and Mobile application The indicator has the option to view how could be a TP and SL by using ATR or fixed points, even
          560 USD
          POWR Trend Trader
          Trade Indicators LLC
          Our most popular indicator in our fleet of indicators. The POWR Trend Trader is the highest grossing manual strategy for trading on the market today. This indicator is upgraded with more Profit Points and also introduces Re-Entry alerts. The POWR Trend Trader (PTT) is our premier indicator! What this indicator can do for your profits is staggering! HOW TO USE The POWR Trend Trader has a Master Trend Meter at the bottom of the chart. We actually re-coded the main indicator that turns your candle
          387 USD
          Strong SR Zones
          Joel Protusada
          Strong Support & Resistance Zones Indicator Features For Forex trading only. Can be used on any currency pairs. Not tested on Gold, Silver, and binary options . Best timeframe is H1 This is an efficient tool for both novice and experienced traders. Signal The indicators gives the following 2 specific zones... High Zone - the green rectangle in the chart. If the candlestick closes inside the green rectangle, the price may bounce back and forth inside it until it breaks the rectangle eit
          259 USD
          CyberZingFx Trend Reversal
          Afsal Meerankutty
          Indicator captures the trend reversals with no-repaint Buy and Sell Arrow signals. Good at catching  Swing Highs  and  Swing Lows . SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW SCREENSHOTS AND WATCH VIDEO ________________________________________________________________ Trading using CyberZingFx Trend Reversal is Simple You Buy when a Buy Arrow Appear and Sell when there is Sell Arrow. Put Stop Loss above Higher High for SELL Order and below Lower Low for BUY. Close order partially when an exit signal (dot) appear. The
          999 USD
          VTrende mt4
          Andrey Dyachenko
          VTrende - МТФ индикатор для трендовой торговли с панелью индикации для МТ5 !!! - Подробное описание на русском языке под видео (на Youtube) - !!! Хотя сигналы индикатора VTrende можно использовать, как сигналы полноценной торговой системы, рекомендуется применять их в связке с ТС Билла Вильямса. Основная задача индикатора - определить точки изменения направления тренда. Сигнал индикатора появляется в двух вариантах: На опережение - когда тренд заканчивается На продолжение - когда тр
          497 USD
          Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR
          Yohana Parmi
          A. What is A2SR ? -- Full guidance : -- at   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 -- and  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support ( demand ) and Resistance ( supply ) . Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept in determining actual SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will
          250 USD
          Cycle Sniper
          Elmira Memish
          Cycle Sniper  After twenty years of experience in the markets and three years of hard work – coding, backtesting -, Cycle Sniper is ready! Cycle indicators are oscillating indicators that can be used to analyze market cycles. According to cycle theory, markets have a tendency to move in cyclical patterns from periods of bullishness to periods of bearishness and back to periods of bullishness. These cycles are repeated with a regularity that allows them to be used to anticipate price changes
          450 USD
          Hidden Cross Binary Options
          Ellan Dirgantara Tholkhah
          The latest Binary Options arrow indicator in the Garuda Signals product line. Binary options signal based on multiple time frame cross over analysis. Gets confirmation from the most consistent signals known to man; Ichimoku, SMA, Bollinger Bands; and also uses the 1 Hour time frame as trend confirmation , so you don't have to open up multiple chart and waste time. - Can be used for all time frames up to 1 hour, but is most POWERFUL for 1 and 5 min options. - Place your Call/PUT based on the Arro
          300 USD
          Oleg Borisov
          The easy-to-use trading system SmartScalper generates the following signals: BUY SELL close BUY close SEEL SmartScalper works on the М15 timeframe and is optimized to work on GBPUSD, XAUUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, EURUSD. 12 different sets of trading algorithms are designed for trading (6 buy and 6 sell trades), which can be quickly selected by the trader using buttons in the indicator window, or are set in the input dialog. The efficiency of the trading algorithms chosen by the trader is measured in r
          260 USD
          The indicator of a professional trader
          Ramiz Mavludov
          Features: All tools are suitable; Lots of strategies; Important levels, recommendations; Flexibility in settings for different instruments and intervals. Signals B, S - predict the direction of the candlestick movement at the beginning or at the close of the candlestick. Recommended TF is from H4 and up. Yellow dots - Recommended SL. Green squares are the recommended TP. Options SL   - By default 6, I recommend choosing from 6 to 12. The higher this value, the lower the probability of SL trig
          2 500 USD
          Bintang Binary R2
          Anthonius Soruh
          Bintang Binary Indicator work all pairs Time Frame : All Time Frame Expaired : 1 Candle No Repaint, No Delay and Alerts Use manual and auto trading  Easy to use Trial Version, Rent Version and Full Version avaliable Trial Version >>> download here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54602 Trial Version not have Alerts Rent version 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 years Auto trading is better use MT2 Trading Platform (Contact me for discount 10 % MT2 trading licence) Work good for f
          280 USD
          Lines Channel Pro
          Vitalyi Belyh
          The Lines Channel Pro indicator determines the price reversals from the High / Low channel. Contains a built-in trend identifier and channel signal lines. Explanation of parameters. Use Channel trend filter - Enables the channel filter, inside which the input signals are calculated. Lines Period - Specifies the period for building the channel lines. Averaging Period - Averaging period of the lines, adjusts the balance between the signal line and the non-signal zone. Price Method Calculat
          299 USD
          Magic M2
          Tuan Anh Dao
          ⭐⭐⭐    WHO BOUGHT MAGIC M2 WILL BE GET BRIDGE CONNECTOR TO IQ OPTION FREE  ⭐⭐⭐ PLEASE CONTACT ME. The indicator allows you to trade binary options. T his indicator give high winning ratio with over 20 years of backtesting  The recommended time frame is М1 and the expiration time is 3, 5 minutes. The indicator suitable for Auto and Manual trading. A possible signal is specified as a arrows above/under a candle. You can entry current candle /intrabar or can wait until candle close Arrows are not r
          360 USD
          The Raven Binary Options Indicator
          Ellan Dirgantara Tholkhah
          UPDATE: Works EXTREMELY well for EURJPY! --> more than 66% win rate monthly Guarantee! I want to introduce you the next-gen unique adaptive Binary options Indicator. This will destroy EURUSD & EURJPY The Raven is so sharp and efficient that it will pick the tops and bottoms of ANY type of market. Can also be used as a Forex Scalper. The Raven signal is based on multiple confirmation analysis. Gets confirmation from the most consistent signals known to man; Ichimoku, SMA, Bollinger Bands; and als
          350 USD
          PZ Swing Trading
          Arturo Lopez Perez
          Swing Trading é o primeiro indicador projetado para detectar oscilações na direção da tendência e possíveis oscilações de reversão. Ele usa a abordagem de negociação de linha de base, amplamente descrita na literatura de negociação. O indicador estuda vários vetores de preço e tempo para rastrear a direção da tendência agregada e detecta situações nas quais o mercado está sobrevendido ou sobrecomprado em excesso e pronto para corrigir. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de prob
          249 USD
          Paul BuySell Indicator
          Prabir Paul
          Non-Repainting & Trend Following Indicator   A simple tool for all traders.  Paul Indicator detects trend, eliminates noise and show Buy and Sell level in the screen window. This Buy Sell Indicator is is very simple and useful. This Indicator will not produce Buy and Sell Signal alternatively ignoring trend but It follows trend and produce good Signal only. For Details Information, go through this article:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734212 Advantages Non-Repainting & Trend Followin
          300 USD
          Weis Wave with Alert
          Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
          **NEW Speed Index + Auto Volume Waves **** How to trade with it:  https://www.tradethevolumewaves.com/blog Visit:  http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com   Manuals:  https://www.tradethevolumewaves.com/manuals Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTAzhvsnzPppdqWJS-MWafQ This is a Weis Wave indicator which is based on Richard D. Wyckoff theory. It works in all time periods, range bar and tick bar charts and it can be applied to any market. This indicator is adding the volumes of the cor
          420 USD
          Mikhail Bilan
          Caros colegas comerciantes, instalar a versão demo para o testador não faz sentido. E foi planejado. Não verá você de teca história e прифита ou perda. Este indicador, o testador não tomará. Não vale a pena duvidar . Pontos mostram um forte sentido do movimento. Não funciona na máquina, você precisa manualmente abrir um negócio e fechar.O lucro, vê-se nos itens penso na imagem vão entender. Eu fecho a cada 150 a 200 pontos. A assinatura de um indicador pode ser pedido separadamente como previsõe
          30 000 USD
          The Serpent Rider Binary Options
          Ellan Dirgantara Tholkhah
          This is the final evolution of Binary Options Indicator. This Binary Options follows the trend to the end, no matter where the trend moves it follows, like a ninja riding a serpent. Accurate and deadly because it uses the Ichimoku indicator as its base of action, and is refined with other oscillators indicator for more accuracy. You don't have to understand the complexity of ichimoku with this indicator.  If you are here, then i guess you have been testing various other Binary Options indicator,
          300 USD
          Dmitriy Kashevich
          Continental - Reliable dial gauge, which is great for binary options. The arrows indicate the direction of the schedule where it will go. The red arrow shows what is worth selling. The blue arrow indicates what to buy. Indicator settings are simple: You can enable and disable Alert (disabled by default) Just change the color of the arrows to any. The indicator is multi-currency and multi-timeframe. Continental is the same indicator in which there is reliability and quality! The indicator work
          399 USD
          Binary Options Conqueror
          Majeed Odubela
          SYSTEM INTRODUCTION:   The Binary Options Conqueror System Is Specifically Designed For Binary Options Trading. Unlike Other Systems And Indicators That Were Adopted From Other Trading Environments For Binary Options. Little Wonder Why Many Of Such Systems Fail To Make Money . Many End Up Loosing Money For Their Users.  A Very Important Fact That Must Be Noted Is The Fact That Application Of Martingale Is not Required. Thus Making It Safer For Traders Usage And Profitability. A Trader Can Use F
          315 USD
          Entry Arrow Alerts
          Alfred Todd
          Entry Arrow Alerts: Finds market entry opportunities then notifies you via mobile or desktop alerts The key features include: Conservative mode . One entry signal per direction. Ideal for the patient trader looking to capture longer term moves. Aggressive mode . Multiple possible entry signals per direction. Ideal for the active trader looking to capture multiple moves within the same trend. Trigger Line . Price entry line helps cut down on false signals. Display Window . Allows you to instantly
          2 000 USD
          Dimitar Pavlov
          Very accurate indicator for binary options which can predict with high accuracy the current candle direction. This indicator gives alerts with arrows when to buy and sell, red arrow means to sell and blue arrow means to buy. Works on all timeframes and all symbols. The indicator don't repaint, don't recalculate and don't redraw its signals.Signals always come as soon as candle opens. Here you can see the result of the indicator for 24 hours: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/183943 Inputs Email
          1 000 USD
          X3 Chart Pattern Scanner MT4
          Young Ho Seo
          Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individua
          280 USD
          Volume by Price MT4
          Brian Collard
          The ' Volume by Price ' indicator displays the complex relations between volume , price and time in various easy to interpret forms. Segment, filter and use the visualization methods with Volume Profile and Market Profile along Volume Weighted Average Price, Supply & Demand Zones and Average Daily Range to identify key levels and ranges . It also provides labels to indicate the scale and scope of data displayed, and custom styling by attributes such as color, size, area etc. in ways that suit
          299.95 USD
          FBO Binary
          Guang Ming Liang
          Suas vantagens Sinais de negociação simples, intuitivos e eficazes. Nunca redesenhar, nunca redesenhar, nunca recalcular. Este indicador permite negociar opções binárias. O intervalo de tempo recomendado é М5 e o tempo válido é de 5 a 15 minutos. Este indicador se aplica a qualquer par de moedas. Horário de negociação ilimitado. Essa estratégia não usa osciladores convencionais, mas usa algoritmos de rede neural, análise de dados de volume de negociação, análise de suporte e resistência, etc.,
          298 USD
          CounterTrend Indicators Systems CIS
          Gennady Sergienko
          CIS is designed for trading a basket of correlating currencies, as well as single instruments: indicators VSA indicator which draws arrows (does not redraw). Its signals indicate the price reversal on a calm market or decrease of the rise or fall rate during strong movements. Works fine in the flats. As the indicator uses volumes in its calculations, be careful during evenings and night times, when there are very small volumes. It is recommended to be used only on multiple currencies or at l
          999 USD
          PZ Trend Trading
          Arturo Lopez Perez
          O Trend Trading é um indicador projetado para lucrar o máximo possível com as tendências que ocorrem no mercado, cronometrando retrocessos e rupturas. Ele encontra oportunidades de negociação analisando o que o preço está fazendo durante as tendências estabelecidas. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de problemas | FAQ | Todos os produtos ] Negocie mercados financeiros com confiança e eficiência Lucre com as tendências estabelecidas sem ser chicoteado Reconhecer retrocesso
          299 USD
          Mais do autor
          Quants Slope Moving Average Angles
          Ferhat Mutlu
          Please join in our discord we have a great trading community there and you can have continious support !! https://discord.gg/AGj5DFs 30 USD FOR LIMITED TIME !!! For next 50 clients , Whoever purchase any of the below indicator the other one will be free please send me a DM for that. HL Break :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58438 MA Angles : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50223 Quants MOVING AVERAGE SLOPE is very powerful indicator to give directional indication an
          30 USD
          Quants Renko Realistic Online Chart
          Ferhat Mutlu
          Quants Renko Bars Designed to give the most accurate price movement information on online charts for better live trading results using improved techniques against traditional RENKO charts. Quants Renko will print the BARS Only if user-defined +pip amount reached on the candle close. I suggest very much to use this indicator together with For next 50 clients , Whoever purchase any of the below indicator the other one will be free please send me a DM for that. HL Break :  https://www.mql5.
          Quants Directional Breakout
          Ferhat Mutlu
          Please join in our discord we have a great trading community there and you can have continious support !! https://discord.gg/AGj5DFs Quants Directional Breakout is very powerful indicator to give directional indication. The indicator NOT repainter. Suggested TimeFrame is using it on M1 and H1 . There are 3 options for the Daily breakouts , Weekly Breakouts and Monthly Breakouts. Once it cross %0.50 it does indicate it will keep going in to that direction or will reversed based on reac
          30 USD
          Quants HL Break
          Ferhat Mutlu
          Advanced calculation made by pure price action to stop lower high and higher low breakouts. It will give you a great reversal points in the market. Once breakout happens it indicate strong reversal. More details can be found at the following forex thread : https://www.forexfactory.com/thread/post/13166006#post13166006 Some more statistical details are here  https://www.forexfactory.com/thread/post/13163003#post13163003 Following are buffers to make it work on your EA : The indicato
          30 USD
          IonDevder 2019.11.19 11:04 

          Really working tool, it improved my accuracy in trading. Thanks for the great product !!! I was looking for support/resistant indicator for a long time, this is the best tool that i found on entire market !!! P.S Very good support, very responsive when i ask any question on discord trading comunity. I am very satisfied with price/quality, you will not regret.

          austintv 2019.11.19 17:28 

          Exceptional indicator! Very happy with it, gives great trading opportunities! Full support from the developer, active trading on discord, great value !

          Cannot recommend this enough!

          driches93 2019.12.02 10:56 

          a fantastic Dashboard it takes all the stress out of trading and gives quick and easy entry points, would highly recommend it, well worth the money

          mohdhm 2019.12.09 03:07 

          This indicator works really well on the one minute. Personally, I wait for it to signal a score of 90-100, then I wait for a confirmation entry via pure price action. If you are trading with the bigger time frame trend, you can get some really nice RR's going if you enter on the 1 minute. It really compliments higher timeframe supply and demand zones and increases the chances that they work out.

          shikamaru14 2019.12.12 06:39 

          I highly recommend this indicator! It helps me as a trader to spot pairs that are near/in the valid zones. It works like the screener in stocks, but in forex version. For me as a trader, this is a great way to start honing you skills in finding those zones where price has high probability of bouncing/turning. The best part of this indicator is the creator of this product, quant, who is always there to support those traders who are using his indicator. You cannot find any developer out there who has the same support as him!

          Jtee Net
          Jtee Net 2019.12.20 01:34 

          This tool is better designed than expected. Makes it able to enter and exit trade with high accuracy But still lacking a warning system when good signals occur before trade

          jox51 2020.01.06 13:46 

          This is a great indicator. Makes it easy to see which currencies are strong and weak. Highly reliable and support is top notch. Strongly recommend everyone purchases this indicator.

          Rafael Cadosch
          Rafael Cadosch 2020.01.24 22:23 

          Great support. Convenient Trading group with Ideology of the system. This software its a masterpiece well worth its money, Im sure thousand of hours and still going and improving, Im happy im welcomed in the club!

          It Will show you at anytime variuos types of forces behind the Forex pairs. You can use and make plenty of decisions with it and or use it as your guide for other trading strategies. Its a software that I havent seen anywhere.

          Thank you!

          Aravind 2020.10.06 10:27 

          Great tool to find entries. The author is friendly, hard working and above all best coder I have ever seen.

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          Versão 6.20 2020.12.02
          -Added editable FX Pairs option with comma seperator
          -Now you can remove unwanted pairs or add other exotic ones. Do not add any other pair other than gold for now.
          -Contact me if any spesific index or other pair needs to be added so i can make sure indicators will tweaked.
          -Last Pre Release before Major event for alerts.
          Versão 6.10 2020.10.22
          -Added Quants Slope
          -Improved Scoring

          -- Created background for alerts for the next update.
          Versão 6.0 2020.10.22
          - Fixed All Freezing issues for smooth performance
          - Removed some of indicators and improvized reliability.
          Versão 4.60 2020.10.01
          -Fix - Updated String length for mobile alerts
          -Fix - Updated Wrong spelling
          Versão 4.50 2020.10.01
          Pre Main Release , Partial Update.

          Alerts Added. Total Sum and Total Speed
          Visualizer Added. Template and Indicators will sent privately get in touch.
          Versão 4.40 2020.09.07
          PreRelease fix
          Versão 4.30 2020.09.07
          MyVS Fix Pre main release
          Versão 4.20 2019.12.24
          -Fixed inefficiency for MurrayMath - Support Resistance and RoundNumbers between TimeFrames
          -Optimized accuracy of levels
          Versão 4.0 2019.12.01
          - Last update version about optimization of load-
          - Added golden values with NON direction
          - Main release.
          Versão 3.20 2019.11.19
          v3.20 Optimization-
          Versão 2.90 2019.11.19
          v2.90 Optimized with Murray Math Levels
          Versão 2.80 2019.11.19
          v2.8 - QuantsAverageBreakout directions are fixed
          v2.8 - Pivot calculations are counted in sum
          Versão 2.70 2019.11.19
          V2.7 Optimization made for faster load
          Versão 2.6 2019.11.19
          --2.6 Fixed resource bugs
          Versão 2.5 2019.11.19
          v2.5 fixed with resources