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Swing Trading Forex

Swing Trading Forex is a new indicator that shows the trader impulsive price movements, as well as using the arrow predicts future movement for the short term. Using this indicator, you can trade using the scalping system, where traders try to make a profit for short periods of time. To get good trading results, you need to put the Swing Trading Forex indicator on the chart of any currency pair and add any free channel indicator. We will trade in the direction of the channel according to the signal indicator. To trade, choose the timeframe H1 or H4. We look where the channel indicator is showing and wait from Swing Trading Forex when it shows its signal in this direction. As soon as the indicator gives a signal in the direction of the channel, open an order and set the minimum TakeProfit. TakeProfit recommend setting 20-35 points. StopLoss set 50-90 points depending on market volatility. This ready-made trading system allows you to open daily from 2 to 5 transactions.

The principle of operation of the Swing Trading Forex indicator:

This indicator works according to the system of gross accumulation of impulse price movement for a certain period of time. All impulses are recorded in the database and they are assigned a score from 1 to 10. The more points are accumulated over a certain period of time, the stronger the price movement from the point of view of the calculation algorithm. Accordingly, in which direction the indicator collects more pulses, in that direction it shows a signal. Using the arrow, the indicator tries to predict the future price movement based on previously received data from the impulse base.

Indicator Settings:

  • period_short - indicator period for a short period of time.
  • period_long - indicator period over a long period of time.
  • bars - the number of bars on which the indicator is displayed.
  • Color - indicator color.
  • thickness_of_thick_line - thickness of the first line of the indicator.
  • thin_line_thickness - thickness of the second line of the indicator.

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