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Order Block Draw

Just $10 for six months!!!. This will draw Order Blocks just by clicking on a candle. It will use the body or the wicks. It can also draw the mean threshold of the candle open/close or high/low.

As a drawing tool, it is not active all the time after adding it to the chart.

Activate by pressing 'b' twice on the keyboard within a second.
If activated but then decided not to draw, deactivate by pressing 'b' once. 

Box color depends if candle is above or below current price.


  • Number of candles the box will extend to the right from the current / last candle.
  • Color for bearish order blocks.
  • Color for bullish order blocks.
  • Instead of a filled box, draw it as an outlined box.
  • Width of the line when drawing OB as an outlined box.
  • Use the candle body to draw the box (instead of using the wicks).
  • Color for bearish order blocks, when drawing as an outlined box.
  • Color for bullish order blocks, when drawing as an outlined box.
  • Enable drawing a mid line at 50% of the candle Open/Close.
  • (Requires previous input enabled). Draw the mid line at 50% of High/Low
  • Style for the mid line.
  • Width for the mid line.
  • Color of the mid line.

If you prefer different colors on each timeframes, there is also Order Block Draw MTF.

IMPORTANT: Please remember the DEMO version will only work in the Strategy Tester.

This utility is helpful for using with ICT® or BTMM®

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Versão 3.5 2020.08.12
Bug fixes and corrections
Versão 3.4 2020.08.12
Bug fixes and corrections
Versão 3.2 2020.01.09
Minor bugs
Versão 3.1 2020.01.09
Simplified property labels.
Added color for pointer label.
Enable option for drawing boxes already selected.