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Money Nest

Greetings to all friends! I propose to get acquainted with the high-tech and multilateral advisor Money Nest. The Expert Advisor is developed on the basis of the "Nest" indicator and contains three robots at once. Advisor management allows you to work with each robot separately and together, which allows you to configure the work as safely as possible using hedged positions with the maximum profit as much as the adviser allows. For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to optimize the instrument you are interested in in order to take into account the quotes of your broker. I wish you all successful and fruitful work. P.S. Nest. 
Igor Pestov
Igor Pestov 2019.11.09 14:42 

Не работает трейлинг и стопы,а в настройках есть. Соответственно нужно контролировать все входы робота, а и смысл тогда в нем?

philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.10.11 10:09 

Safe ea.

I use it without martingale.

Small gain.

888dor 2019.09.14 18:36 

Very good adviser. I liked the non-standard approach of using three expert advisors at once. I also really liked the test results. Let's see how it shows itself in real trading. Well, in general, my assessment is an excellent adviser.