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Nest balance

The robot works by calculating the offset of the balance between buyers and sellers, depending on the market situation, the preservation of previously opened orders continues, upon reaching the profit specified in the settings, profit is fixed and the adviser again becomes in the operating mode. The adviser uses the hedging mode of transactions with a preponderance of more orders in the direction of the trend. The EA works on the MT4 platform.

ATTENTION. Before starting work, it is necessary to optimize the tool you are interested in; for the tester to work correctly, you need to download the quotes archive to your terminal and proceed with optimization. 
sunnychow 2019.09.02 17:27 

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philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.08.20 10:15 

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888dor 2019.08.09 03:19 

A good advisor plus an interesting indicator.

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