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Quantum Swing

Quantum Swing

1. What is Quantum Swing

The indicator calculates and displays future price levels based on quantum mathematics with high accuracy of probability and direction. Levels are displayed in the form of zones for making trading decisions; they clearly define a narrow price range for placing orders with a minimum stop-loss and maximum take-profit. The indicator displays future trading zones on different timeframes H1, H4, D, W. Quantum oscillations are also displayed without reference to time. Applies to all exchange instruments. Forex market, stock market, futures market, commodity market will change to all instruments used on the MT4 trading platform. 

2. Advantages and differences of Quantum Swing:

High-quality construction of trading platforms in automatic mode online.
Accuracy of construction and display of trading solutions areas.
Displays trade zones in the future tense, allows you to be one step ahead.
Ease of use and application.
Online support on the channel in chat telegrams  https://t.me/nest8
Daily reviews and live streaming on YouTube channel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzapOX0cGfc&feature=youtu.be
2.Taktika trade.

The indicator description, trading tactics, tuning and drawing up trading plans are shown in detail on the YouTube channel and are discussed in the chat telegram.

Hamadfx 2019.09.03 21:27 

love this indicator it's amazing. i use it to help determine the overall direction and important levels, no more delayed indicators. wish yriy comes up with more indicators as he's focused more toward EA's cant say they are bad but im a semi-auto trader and dont use fully automated EA's so i can comment on this saying its a masterpiece and would request if yriy could release indicator versions of his EA's. Thanks, Yriy for Quantum swing :)

sunnychow 2019.09.02 17:35 

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