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This is an indicator that helps you to see what symbols have the best SCORE of SWAP and SPREAD.

The SCORE is calculated as follows: SWAP/SPREAD.

So, the higher SCORE/SPREAD symbols have, the better (because everyone wants their orders to have positive swap, while keeping spread small).

This indicator will help traders have an advantage in swap when choosing symbols and type (buy or sell) to make an order.

You can see (in the picture) that this indicator shows a list of symbols with their score being sorted in descending order (you can choose the number of lines to be displayed, too).

The first column is symbol name to make an order, second column is order type to get the swap, the third column is spread value (in points), and the last column is SCORE (=swap/spread).

NOTE: The list will vary with different brokers (of course) and you should display all symbols in the Market Watch before adding the indicator.

The screenshot below is an example of the list with a broker. Here, you can see that the best symbols for placing an order are:

  • #APH4 with SELL order (score=0.325)
  • AUDUSD with BUY order (score=0.2735)
  • EURAUD with SELL order
  • etc.

This indicator will run always and show every ticks, so, you may be able to see the list changing every now and then (when swap or spread of symbols is changed by the broker).

I hope it will be helpful in your trading.

If you have any request to add more features, you can contact me:

  • Skype: cuongph149
  • Mail: hungcuongkhmt51@gmail.com

Good luck to everyone!

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