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   MQL5 account Somehow The account is temporarily disabled, such as any questions in the use of ITM can add QQ: 178717550

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Are you ready?

Do you ever see an EA who cannot stop gaining?

Are you boring to find a good EA?

Now I offer an full automatic EA,just install it in seconds,money will keep coming...


ITM EA introduction

1. ITM  EA is based on the price action, by judging the trend of daily and H4 ,while entry on H1.It is a trend EA and use martingale to optimize its entry position. Full automatic without manual operation.

2.IMT EA use pending order to find the best position,which lower the average price.

3.ITM  EA has many exit method 1) fixed stoploss 2)strategy stoploss 3)clearance on weekend

4. ITM  EA has breakeven and trailing stop to maxim the profit.

5  ITM It contains news filter function which can properly avoid the sudden of market movements.

6.ITM  EA works good on any symbols,which pass 10 or 20 years backtest always.



1. EA  work on H1

2. EA use H4 and D1 to judge the trend, so GMT offset affect the result.If backtest, please use GMT+2 (DST) or GMT+3(Standard time) such as ICMarkets, Tickmill, FBS etc.

2.Use on EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY EURJPY GBPJPY GBPCHF CADJPY NZDCHF  EURCAD  AUDCAD GBPAUD and other 29 symbols, each one pass the 10-20 years backtest.

3.Standard Lots:

3000USD   1-2 symbols

5000USD   3-5 symbols

10000USD   8-12 symbols

20000USD   18-20 symbols

30000USD   29 symbols



ENUM_Trading_Mode                                 MarketOrder/StopOrder

Use_Auto_RiskMM                                     Turn on compounding

Initial Funds                                             Starting amount

RiskMM(0.1-2)                                         MoneyManagement(0.1-2)

Stop_Loss                                               Stoploss

Target_Profit                                         TakeProfit

Stop_Profit                                            Maxim Profit pips

Max_Loss                                               Maxim stoploss money

Trading_Time                                        Limit the trade time

Start_Time(Server Time)                       Start time

End_Time(Server Time)                         End time

Closeing_Friday                                     Close on Friday

Closeing_Time(Server Time)                 Close time on Friday

UseGMT                                                Automatic GMT offset

GMT                                                      GMT offset 

Open_Setting                                        Use default settings

Open_Level(1-50)                                 Max Levels(1-50) 

Allowed_Max_Spread                            Max Spread 

Satisfy(10-150)                                    Filter 1 (10-150)

Satisfy(10-100)                                   Filter 2 (10-100)

Satisfy(10-100)                                   Filter 3 (10-100)

Satisfy(10-100)                                  Filter 4(10-100)

Present_Price(10-150)                      Flexible grid(10-150)

Partial Trailing Fuction                        Start the unpacking function

Partial Trailing Reap Valueint               Starting amount


Jarvisi 2018.11.06 09:09   

Good profitability, I give 5 stars :)

Abrahamn 2018.11.01 03:46 

Great EA!!!!

xiaoyong cai
xiaoyong cai 2018.10.31 11:41 

It took 3 days to make a profit of 200 US dollars, and the effect is very good.

Minghua Peng
Minghua Peng 2018.10.29 02:44 

This trend martingale is awesome! exact entry, many pairs can be used. Now it is on steady winning. Thank the author again for such excellent EA!

ivenwen 2018.10.27 02:07 

The current profitability is good!

Versão 4.3 2018.11.09
新添功能有:挂单 & 及时单 切换 ----- 复利功能 -----解套功能
Versão 4.2 2018.10.26
Upgrading software function and improving operation efficiency
Versão 4.1 2018.10.25
增加步长距离 ,增强适应性
Versão 4.0 2018.10.24
Version upgrade, improve running speed
Versão 3.0 2018.10.24