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BeST Visual MAs Signal Generator

BeST_Visual MAs Signal Generator MT4 Indicator is a very  useful Visual Tool that can display in the Chart all ENTRY signals (BUY and SELL) and also any corresponding EXIT signal, based on a total of 12, common but also different trading strategies, in which the Entry and Exit Signals are derived exclusively by using Moving Averages (MAs).

The two main groups of MAs Strategies included in this tool are:

A) Crossover Signals

This group includes 4 different strategies (A1-A4), where Entry and Exit signals are based only on Crossings that occur between MAs or MAs and Price (Close).

B) Directional Slope Signals

This group includes 3 additional different strategies (B1-B3), in which the Entry and Exit signals are based on the slope changes of the MAs included in each strategy.


1) For 5 out of 12 total strategies, which by default are not Reverse, there is a choice of Reverse Entries Mode, so that the Exit signal from a position can be at the same time an Entry signal in the next opposite position. This, for example, is often very useful and possibly necessary, when the Entry conditions in the opposite trade appear before the default conditions for Exit, from the current open trade.

2) There is also the option to display or not in the Chart, the MAs used to produce the displayed signals.

3) In the Strategies included in the tool, the MAs used are named according to their use or properties, as Fast and Slow or Entry and Exit MAs.


The most important Input parameters of the indicator are the following:

• Select Trading Strategy Method: You can select the Strategy you prefer to use among 7 total different strategies.

• Select or not Reverse Entries Mode: You can additionally select the Reverse Entries or not for the already selected Strategy.

Select to show or not the Moving Averages: You can also select if you want to see or not on the Chart the MAs that are used by the selected Strategy.

All other Input parameters are simply selections of the Period, the Method and the Price applied to, for the MAs that are used by the selected Strategy.

For EA Developers

Buy Arrow:                 Buffer = 4

Sell Arrow:                 Buffer = 5

Exit Buy Signal:          Buffer = 6

• Exit Sell Signal:          Buffer = 7

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Versão 2.10 2018.11.12
In version_2.10 the following features are added:

1. A horizontal line representing the level of the theoretical Entry Price in each trade,
i.e. the Open Price of the next bar after the Signal (Signal = Arrow).
2. An information – Comments – table in the upper left corner of the Chart, including
the following:
· The name of the Strategy followed
· The current position type: Long / Short / Neutral
· The number of bars for which we are in the current open trade
· The Entry Price in current position
· The Open Profit (Profit / Loss) in pips for the current trade
3. The ability to adjust also the size of Arrows.
4. Five additional Strategies using only Moving Averages (Crossings or Slope
Changes), so this Indicator can display 12 in total Strategies resulting from the
use only of Moving Averages.

All of the above are updated in Real Time and, moreover, there is the option of displaying or not of:
Arrows, Horizontal Line of Trade Opening Price and Information Table (Comments).
Obviously in this way, if one wants it, he can have in Chart either just the
desirable Moving Averages either alone or additionaly the whole corresponding Strategy, which offers the possibility for discretionary-manual trading.
Versão 2.0 2018.09.30
Fixed problem with the signals' arrows that did not run.