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Easy Strategy Builder

The Easy Strategy Builder (ESB) is a "Do It Yourself" solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. Also, ESB help to back test and optimize your trading strategies in fastest mode and remove strategies that do not pass your tests and replace them with new ones to save your time and money and maintain the most successful collection of trading strategies.

Whether you are a scalper or a long-term trader, ESB offers you a reliable and easy way to automate your strategy! You can implement many experts of MQL market in less than 10 minutes without have any programming knowledge and just by some clicks.You can sell or share your successful plans just by sharing ESB settings.

You can implement multi-pair and multi-timeframe strategies. The ESB supports the most kind of strategies includes scalping, price action, martingale, arbitrage, grid, hedge, trend line, trade on news (using internal adaptive news engine), level trading and so on. It supports all Logical, calculating and mathematical and arithmetic operations. All Meta Trader standard indicators and any custom indicator are supported. Price action functions help you to check everything about prices and candles or a group of candles. If ready-made functions aren’t enough, can define your custom functions. ESB has advanced risk management and money management modules and supports any kind of break even and trailing stops. Also, it has very strong and intelligent news engine that in care mode monitors news and decide to manage trades. ESB has a convenient panel that helps you to monitor everything. It has a strong log and notification modules that can send any report directly on your phone or log it anywhere.

ESB is a multi-purposed utility that can act as expert advisor or indicator, data logger or signal notifier.


  • The ESB implement everything in Meta trader and remove many problems of implementation as separate software.
  • ESB uses Meta Trader indicators and functions directly and its accuracy is high.
  • ESB uses internal Meta Trader ticks data and remove data downloading problems.
  • No need to complicated blocks and wiring. Everything is ready-made in sections.
  • You can test and run your plans at the moment instead of new exporting to Meta Trader for every small change.
  • Use Meta Trader reports instead of individually reports.
  • Better performance because of ready-made modules instead of join blocks of codes that maybe not combined in good performance.
  • No need to update any thing if indicators updated in Meta Trader.


There are many input parameters in ESB. Design view of ESB is very simple and don’t worry about number of options. You can learn all you need in less than one hour.

User Guide: A quick tutorial on how to use the ESB without any knowledge of MQL code is necessary. The link to the product website which hosts a detailed product description and comprehensive user guide, is displayed on the YouTube video (refer to the 'Screenshots' tab) and in the 'Comments' tab.


Steps to apply your trading strategy

If you design any plan, you need to set seven steps. For automating your money making plans by ESB, do these seven steps in settings:

Step 1. Set desired indicators or functions.

Step 2. Write entry conditions.

Step 3. Set take profit and stop loss.

Step 4. Set money management options.

Step 5. Set risk management criteria.

Step 6. Set half break even and break even.

Step 7. Set trailing stop options.

Note: In every step you can define your desired conditions instead of using ready-made options.

If your trade mode is martingale or grid, the options must be set in its sections. A wide range of options are made for martingale and grid and you can implement any kind of network using them. If you need advanced options you can use advanced section in settings that let you control in details.

Limitations: Not all strategies can be created with ESB. Some strategies cannot be created automatically.

Feel free for any question. Contact details on the product website.

Comentários 4
Alexandru 2020.10.25 04:33 

After testing for 2 weeks, it works and profitable! ESB is the #1 BEST Universal Indicator Automater product of the year 2020! Very powerful can support unlimited indicators, can define up to 33 indicator filter using powerful and flexible expression OR, AND, unlimited strategies we can build using ESB! (Easy Strategy Builder) Author is the BEST he is always responsive and continuously update whenever we feedback idea to him, he spent 2 years to develop and wrote coded 110,000 line of code, definitely worth every dollar to invest in his ESB automator for his hard work and Amazing product that he has developed! ESB is the only 1 most complete indicator automater product out there in the market, he is really passionate and care of his customers and he keeps improving his ESB with new update, is really an Awesome product! Really easy to use and powerful feature, can do fix SL,TP,trailing, Breakeven, or Martingale,Anti-Martingale,Grid, anything and everything! only 7 steps! with full documention -> http://easystrategybuilder.com/documents/online/getting-started/basic-settings/ Step1- Set your indicators Step2: Set Entry Conditions Step3: Set TP and SL Step 4: Money Management Step 5: Close Expressions Step 6: Break-Even and Half Break Even Step 7: Trailing Stoploss Last but not least -> ESB is a multi-purposed utility that can act as: A. Expert advisor or B. Indicator, C. Data logger or D. Signal notifier! Excellent 5 stars product! Thanks bro Gheis Mohammadi for the wonderful product and your support for pre-sale and after-sale is No.1! you're the Best Author and Product 2020!

AlveenX 2020.09.16 21:16 

Great program! Lots of possibilities available. The seller is always available to offer outstanding support.

Angel Marinov
Angel Marinov 2019.09.11 03:17 

The best program you can buy on the market! Endless possibilities. I don’t know how to code, I know excel very well and you can create expressions to execute orders. Bravo to the creator!!! Excellent customer service and a very handy book describing what and how to do.

Produtos recomendados
Intraday Scalper
Andrey Kozak
Intraday Scalper is a mechanical trading system that displays trade opening and closing points as arrows and squares on the chart. The system has been developed for those traders who do not have their own trading system. Intraday Scalper uses an averaged market analysis algorithm to determine the most effective moments for opening and closing positions and graphically shows the appropriate information. In addition, information about profit/loss is shown in the upper right corner. This indicator
147 USD
Grid eaa
Farshad Kojori Razeke
** Warning : This is demo version and will expire at 2019.09.01.** main version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38115 This ea designed based on Grid sterategy . Use this ea only for major currency pair and run it on H1 timeframe.                                                                  Backtest result from 2018.01.02 - 2019.04.18: Balance=1000$, lot size= 0.01, broker= IFCMarkets_Real , Currency=EURUSD,  tp=5$ , Step=50pip,  account risk=100% . Profit=227$. >>>>>> Parameter: lot=
FTB Finder Indicator
Ashkan Afaridi
FTB Trading Indicator will helps you to find and Detect SOLID setups as well without being on chart. FTB Trading Indicator has some solid and objective PERSONAL rules. FTB trading Indicator will show your, your perfect Entry, TP and etc. Just drag one indicator per chart from the Navigator window and choose which TF you wanna it search for you. Press «FTB finder» button to automatically detect zones. Parameters BeforerMiddle=0 – how many bars before creating zone should be bullish/bearish to c
499.99 USD
Powerfull Scalper
Ellan Dirgantara Tholkhah
This product is optimally used for scalping. It is a trend following system, it understands that the trend is your friend. It takes advantage of the buying/selling after the pullback in continuation of the current trend wave.  It works by analyzing dynamic support and resistance, and is based on the Ichimoku Indicator variables which is know to be the most consistent & holistic indicator out there.  Settings can also be adjusted to suite the market conditions. -> can be adjusted for longer term
300 USD
Santa Scalping
Morten Kruse
Santa Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. Night scalping strategy. The SMA indicator filter are used for entries. This EA can be run from very small accounts. As small as 50 EUR. General Recommendations The minimum deposit is 50 USD,  default settings reccomend for eurusd m5 gmt +2 . Please use max spread 10 if you will not have orders change it to -1. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably
49 USD
Flicker Professional
How Si Xiang
Telegram:   https://bit.ly/350iiJd Discord:   https://bit.ly/3kPaBvG Flicker Handbook:   https://bit.ly/3lpp9SI FREE TRIAL:   https://bit.ly/2SRgooh Setfile - EURUSD, M1, :   https://bit.ly/3nC42i8 INTRODUCTION Flicker is a trend-based Expert Advisor, strictly using only Moving Averages which user can fine-tune according to one’s liking. Flicker was created with the hope of solving the following issues: 1.   Flicker can set Trend on a different Time Frame than the one traded on. 2.      Flick
499 USD
Cuong Pham
This EA will help you to automatically put stop loss and take profit for all your orders. Stop loss point and take profit points can be selected in the tab of the input parameters. You can specify three symbols with SL and TP values (you can see symbol1 , symbol2 ... in the input tab below). The EA performs checks. If a new order with symbol1 appears, it puts SL and TP with stoploss1 and takeprofit1 values (in points). If a new order with symbol2 appears, it puts SL and TP with stoploss2 and tak
30 USD
Forex Juggernaut
Joel Protusada
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ F O R E X  J U G G E R N A U T  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A highly powerful Expert Advisor even if used only with one currency pair, GBPJPY. The system structure is focused on the precision of the order entries and safety.   The EA is suitable and recommended for newbies.     ⚡ ⚡   V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T   ⚡ ⚡ This Expert Advisor can not run with any EAs in the same account. As part of the money management plan, it calculates and monitors the  Margin Level %  and assumes that all open trades a
590 USD
Smart Scalper PRO
Lachezar Krastev
PROMOTION! -20% OFF! FOR LIMITED TIME! Smart Scalper PRO is the professional version of the popular free scalper BF Smart Scalper EA  with a lot of new features/systems and improvements. Continue reading to learn more about Smart Scalper PRO. Smart Scalper PRO is very simple, but it is based on the most proven trading principle since the markets exist – enter the market in the direction of a strong market impulse, after a reasonable correction is detected. In the core of this trading principle
117 USD
Goal Time
Mourad Ezzaki
GOAL TIME is an expert advisor based on the notion of time, it studies the change of price according to time, and it finally detects the best time to execute a good order. The EA is based on an indicator that draws a price curve in relation to time, this curve is deduced by an algorithm that analyzes old data. Then, the EA exploits the generated curve and executes the correct order. In case of incorrect choice, the EA has the mission to limit the losses. After a thorough study of this strategy o
200 USD
Segun Oladipo
Entropy is an expert advisor with artificial intelligence that has the ability to self-learn and adapt to the constant chaos and disorderliness in the market. Entropy algorithm was developed in a way to ensure minimal human input or intervention to determine the in-coming market sentiment and price action that is extremely hard to pick by human eyes or manual trading. The strategy and method in which Entropy is based on comply strictly to the core rules of trading and has an edge in its simplic
600 USD
Rainbow EA MT4
Jamal El Alama
Rainbow EA MT4 is a simple Expert advisor based on  Rainbow MT4 indicator witch is based on Moving average with period 34. The indicator is not required for the EA to operate, it is incorporated in the EA  and can be downloaded from my product page . Settings: Magic number : 1479598 Suitable for Timeframes up to H1 The parameters below can be set according to your trading rules. StopLoss ( Stop Loss in pips) TakeProfit ( Take Profit in pips ) MaxTradeDurationBars ( in Bars ) MinTradeDurationBar
30 USD
H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper
Valeriy Potapov
H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper is a trend signal scalper The EA trades according to the trend strategy using original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. The external inputs for limiting trading on Fridays and Mondays are available. The purpose of the strategy is to use the current trend with the most benefit. According to the results of testing and working on demo and real accounts, the best results achieved by using the Н4 timeframe on the GBP/USD pair Works on MetaTrader 4 Build 971+
149 USD
Lock balancer
Vadim Zotov
Used in manual trading to block losses on any price movement against a trader. Allows profits to grow as the price moves in the right direction. Can lock one position or grid. Helps other robots to reduce drawdown by locking. Principle of operation Instead of the traditional stop loss, the trader manually sets the initial locking line of this robot. The robot monitors the behavior of the price relative to this line. If the price goes against the trader, the robot locks the position (or sev
250 USD
Gird EA
yi wen
1 000 USD
Magic FX
Alexey Bolshakov
Magic FX is an automated trading system that uses a channel indicator and candlestick patterns to open and close trades. Trades every day at a specific time. Follows the news, a news filter is installed in the advisor, if important news comes out, the EA does not trade. Doesn't use grid, martingale or other dangerous money management methods. Timeframe М5, currency pairs EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, GBPUSD Minimum deposit 50 usd. 100 usd for each 0.01 lot Live signal  https://www.mql5.com/en/signa
345 USD
Speed Of Price EA
Evgeniy Kornilov
Speed of Price EA is a professional Expert Advisor based on a custom indicator of the same name. The robot is powered by additional filters based on indicators. This combination allows obtaining stable results for a long time period. The EA reliability does not depend on a spread and broker account type. Besides, it is not bound to a timeframe rigidly. This is a multi-currency and multi-timeframe EA. The number of open orders, for which you can adjust the drawdown relative to your funds, is limi
1 000 USD
Jeffrey Thomas Archacki
Paranormal is a fully automated easy to use currency trading system that keeps the risk at the lowest possible level. Paranormal uses scalping mode and is based on Envelope - Moving Averages and Price movement applied to 1 minute chart which defines Up Deviation and Low Deviation. At this area, the price usually moves from a trend (reversal). This EA will work with low spread, zero stop levels and fast execution. The best result is with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and AUDUSD at the same time.
2 000 USD
AFM Trade
Vladimir Pavlov
Principle of operation The EA's algorithms are based on the method of amplitude-phase modulation of signals of different timeframes. The EA has a block structure and the ability to add an unlimited number of algorithms for open and close. Main advantages Attention! Before starting, be sure to download the preset files - given at the end of the description.   Advisor Launch checks and notifies about the availability of automated trading reports on the reasons for restarting the adviser contr
1 200 USD
Sia smart averaging with zone recovery
Mohamad Siahi
Hello, this is my best expert. This expert contains two general part, first part is take position and second part is manage the position.One of the good things about this EA is that it allows you to open a order both manually and automatically and EA manage that position.(Autoposition in Expert Options) -The automatic operation for open order is based on signal of the indicators (EMA & BB) -Position management : The most important part of this EA is related to the management of positions and
200 USD
HotEA 3in1 Mt4
Dedy Prasetiyo
Deafult set not use Icustom, best configuration you must contact me. This HotEA 3in1 use Custom indicator from hotea. Work smothly on All major pair use  Timeframe H1 and H4. In the following, we will explain the settings and workings of the HotEA3in1 . Before that we will explain a little about the risk reward ratio. One of the skills that you must have as a trader is before starting or opening a transaction, you already know with certainty at what price you will get out if it turns
345 USD
Forex Dance EAX3
Samir Arman
Hello to all The expert works on a maximum 1 pip spread Works to suspend BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP within 5 points of the current price When you activate a deal from them and the appearance of stop loss Here the pending transaction is deleted Possible to close the trades and delete the expert on the form Control it from Continuous_trading = false Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use m
250 USD
Antonio Bruno Mota Pereira
EA Sale One EUR-USD has as main objective to detect the best entry point for the opening of a sell trade on the EURUSDmicro (EURUSD in lots of $ 1,000.00) aiming for a 10 pips profit for each open order. The algorithm of this expert seeks to estimate the point where prices start their reversal of trend after a strong rising period. Requirements Minimum Leverage: 1: 500 Minimum deposit: $ 400.00 Account Type: Micro Account Currency: USD Inputs Lots - Number of lots to be traded by the expert.
300 USD
Ally Gold
Sergey Chipyshev
This Expert Advisor is meant to work both with small and large deposits. This depends on your starting lot. The trading robot enters the market using standard Stochastic built in МetaТrader 4. Orders are closed by trailing or TP - you can build a grid and enable common trailing for it. The product works on AUDNZD (H4 - there are less trades, but the entries are more precise). Files with settings for currency pairs and gold are to be added in Comments tab - you will be able to perform tests befor
350 USD
GerFX Momentum Capture EA
Exler Consulting GmbH
Before you buy this EA, please be aware that: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore do not give a realistic prediction of future profitability. The EA tries to detect the start of a new trend after bank events and speeches. It has multi-currency and multi-timeframe capabilities. After detecting strong price action and momentum, it wi
600 USD
Tiger GBP power
Yang Wu
Attention : The TigerGBP Power EA can not be tested in the MT4 strategy tester !!! Trend is the KEY ! TigerGBPPower EA  robot is a fully automated robot for  Forex trade.  TigerGBPPower EA  is a combination numerous special trend strategy ,that It provides the possibility the best entries of the trade . TigerGBPPower EA robot is designed  for medium and long term trading ,the robot will help you deal with and manage emotions ,and you don't need worry about news release any more !!  The trend i
1 400 USD
Edge Pro
Uladzislau Murauyou
Edge Pro - this is night scalper with flexible settings which trades only during closing North American trading session. It uses 6 different indicators and a lot of conditions for catching the best moment to opening and closing positions. Edgo Pro doesn't use martingale or grid system and has a stop losses and take profits for all positions. Before you buy Edge Pro EA please read carefully information below: Backtests results of any trading system do not necessarily guarantee a similar results
600 USD
RenkoGrail Scalping EA
Francesco Grassi
RenkoGrail EA is an highly accurate and professional scalping expert advisor working on renko charts with brick size of 5 pips, for MetaTrader 4. This is the result of years of experimenting and trying to obtain the best results in trading as i'm obsessed with the achieving of high percentage of success with my trades. FUNCTIONALITIES: It will only work on a Renko chart with brick size of 5 pips. I decided to release this first version only for this size of renko candles as i verified that is
499 USD
Ea Monster Multiple Strategies
Scott Fredeman
EA MONSTER 12.5 NOW ONLY $297 Access the EA Monster Blog for Setting Files https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/721114 Brand New 44 Page Use Guide explaining every feature and setting in this EA. DOWNLOAD PDF MANUAL HERE   PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE UPDATING TO NEW VERSIONS WITH LIVE TRADES OPEN YOUR TRADES CAN CLOSE IN LOSS IF NOT DONE PROPERLY EA Monster is a compilation of hundreds of trading ideas in one. 95% of every trading idea I have ever had can be set up using the various settings
297 USD
Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
Eugenio Bravetti
The new version of  MirrorSoftware 2019  has been completely rewriten and optimized.  This version requires to be loaded only on a single chart because  it can detect all actions on every symbol and not only the actions of symbol where it is loaded. Even the  graphics and the configuration mode  have been completely redesigned. The MirrorSoftware is composed of two components (all components are required to work):  MirrorController  (free indicator): This component must be loaded into the MAST
399 USD
Copy My Strategy
Hussein Alebrahimi
Remote database connection to mt4 and then import orders from Mysql to mt4 consider the fallowing Don't execute order more than 1 time import orders from order table not History use appendix as an option for other station like EURUSDx , aEURUSD option to choose lot size either like original or fix lot like 0.2 for all opening orders  option for white and black list you can choose what pairs you like or dislike  option to select account number to copy from it option for TP / SL if false will use
355 USD
MyTradingPet Top AI Signals
Weigong Zhang
This EA connects to MyTradingPet.com for top performing live trade signals backed by latest AI technologies. The past performance data is available from MyTradingPet.com. All future enhancements to these AI signals will be automatically loaded into this EA. One time setup and no tweaking is required along the way. You can choose top 1-3 performing signals over 1 week or 1 month or 3 months. The EA program will automatically refresh top performers based on daily performance statistics. No furthe
1 999 USD
StratBuilder Lite
Jacobus Van Schoor
StratBuilder   Lite   is a grid-trading order management utility which runs on the MT4 platform.   This product is also available for the MT5 platform:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33178 It is strongly suggested that a virtual private server (VPS) be rented from MQL5 and that the setup on the trader’s computer be migrated to the VPS, to allow StratBuilder   Lite   to run 24/7. The unique StratBuilder   Lite   concept:   A basket of trades is opened at predetermined price levels (ring
340 USD
AIGridPRo EA is a smart autotrade Grid EA optimized for M5, which uses technical indicators to create a fishing net-like grid of orders for trading back and forth in the fluctuating market.The EA has been has been optimized to only take trades which have high probabilities in trend grid trading and only executed on strong signals. EA optimized to trade only m5 chart no configuration required by user full AUTOMATIC 24/7. This system has the lowest DD 5-10% and is conservative. This EA algorithm
399 USD
Naomi Scalper
Yaroslav Varankin
Recommended broker Roboforex or similar with fast order usage and low environment The utility's work is aimed at opening new market orders, tracking them, bringing unprofitable orders to profit using the internal algorithm for processing losses, filtering the trend and different types of trailing stop and take profit. Suitable for any instrument and timeframe. The algorithm works separately for purchases and sales, which allows working in two directions at the same time. If the additional orde
500 USD
Youth Traders Tool MT4
Issam Kadhi
Youth Trader's Tool   is a helpful tool that helps trader to send trades in record time, manage them, open charts, play between charts and manage them. Inputs: * ATR period:   the period of ATR that will be used in the stoploss. * magic number:   to differs trades opened using tyhis tool from other trades. * slippage:   maximum slippage accepted to open trades. NOTE please: there is no coding in the world without issues, this is the first version and i hope from the buyers to contact me rega
560 USD
MT4 Strategy Builder
Jacobus Van Schoor
O MT4 Strategy Builder ('StratBuilder') é um utilitário de gerenciamento de ordens de negociação em grade, oferecendo aos operadores a funcionalidade de desenvolver suas próprias estratégias exclusivas, sem ter que programar o código MQL! NOVO no STRATBUILDER? - automatize sua negociação em minutos, aplicando nossa estratégia de amostra semi-automatizada para negociar 9 símbolos simultaneamente. Os valores dos parâmetros (desenvolvidos para um corretor de 5 dígitos) para aplicar a estratégia de
340 USD
Telegram Signals Copier
Rui Ferreira
Telegram Signals Copier is a fully automated software that reads messages from Telegram and inserts them as orders on your MT4 terminal. It comes with an advanced risk management tool, that can risk based on a % of your balance, fixed loss, and many other options. You can fully customize how you take the signals, change the TP and SL level. With an advanced analytics tool, you can see where your favorite signal providers are doing the most profit, and improve the profits even more. Cont
400 USD
Multi Currency Algo trading
Ho Wing Chow
Algo 28 Currency EA is a half-fully automated multi pairs expert advisor that uses advanced algorithms for the price analysis of the latest ranging currency. EA is a non-optimized expert advisor you have to find ranging currency by yourself.Or use my Method. FB channel: ://bit.ly/2vG0Awq Chinese language Free Trial lessons: http://bit.ly/38Cugch English  language Free Trial lessons: Coming Soon Features: The EA is not sensitive to spread or broker, you may chose any broker you trust to Good res
699 USD
Entry Assistant Dashboard
Mhd Amran Bin Lop
Entry Assistant Dashboard v2.3 is the latest forex system for MT4 specially created to display the highest quality entry signals according to the best time brought especially for live traders (Live). In addition, it is equipped with an important function which is Push Notification which is used to receive message signal entry directly to your smart phone. This Push Notification is intended to prevent you from missing out or missing the golden opportunity of entry. Entry Assistant Dashboard v2
12 000 USD
Crypto Market Pro
Daniil Kurmyshev
New opportunities for analyzing cryptocurrency in the usual MetaTrader 4. For example : We select the symbol of the cryptocurrency and attach any indicators, Expert Advisors or scripts. Startup Mode View cryptocurrency; Data collection. Capabilities Work as with a standard currency chart; Automatic update of open charts; Selection of individual cryptocurrency for updating; Selection of individual timeframes for updating; Work on the desired timeframes; Open charts do not affect the work of C
500 USD
Grid Hero War Pad
Chock Hwee Ng
Grid Hero War Pad is a  GRAPHICAL MANUAL TRADER version of the original Grid Hero EA, designed and created for ADVANCED TRADERS who are experienced in plotting their own market entries. It is coded using ADVANCED GRAPHICAL INTERFACE programming, that combines the power of discretionary trading with Grid Hero algorithm in the form of a graphical console with button-click easy execution. It allows you to execute trades manually using Market Orders and Pending Orders, and then automatically uses t
388 USD
Fundamental Analyzer
Alireza Arab
Every trader needs reports of risk flows and the strongest and weakest currency during the day. This robot is a fundamental market analyst that informs you at any time about the state of risk aversion or risk appetite and changes in the dollar index. It also instantly displays the strongest and weakest currencies to trade on the board. This expert also shows the amount of market movement that is a criterion for starting the trend and entering. Suitable for people who trade in sessions on a daily
625 USD
Fibonacci Patterns SCOUT
The WaltSoft Fibonacci Patterns SCOUT searches for Fibonacci Patterns , also called Harmonic Patterns , and displays the results in a clear table. Clicking on a Pair-Time Frame combination will open the relevant chart and displays the pattern(s) which you then can trade manually. Unlike similar software, the WSFP SCOUT will detect Patterns in their very early stage . As soon as a patterns' C-point has formed it will detect and display this Emerging Pattern. Such an early warning is pricele
499 USD
Corporate Report
Pavel Verveyko
The script displays info about the share's corporate reports. The data is downloaded from https://investing.com/earnings-calendar/: Report date Profit per share (EPS) Revenue Market capitalization The program works the following way: Searching for a ticker it is launched on (works the same way with "#ticker" "ticker"). If no data are found, it offers to find # in the Ticker List and enter # manually (one-time action) in the lower left window having the # mark. If you need to change the previousl
2 570 USD
FDK Telegram Notification
Ashananda Mustika Rahma
This EA only gives notifications in the telegram and does not open positions Please follow the instructions below 1. Screenshot your mql5 payment 2. Send to Telegram : @FDKTradingSystem or 3. WhatsApp to +6281330241242 4. After the payment confirmed, you'll received the zipped files contain indicators, library and template For account monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/763787 Regards FDK Teams
333 USD
Medal of a Successful Trader
Krzysztof Jan Debski
This is a recognition just for those who feel, that they have a really successful adventure as a Forex Trader. A medal can only be worn by a champion, who knows what he's worth. A real bull of the market. This artwork is a celebration of all that has happened so far. And will always be part of every future trade. Show it to anyone and they will know, that you are successful without doubt. This recognition is a proof that you are great at what you do and all will instantly notice - it will b
600 USD
Joel Protusada
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   P Y R A M I D   E X P E R T   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Forex utility is a complex exit strategy and order management tool that executes four trading methods; scalping, pyramid style, hedging, and scaling method to close trades with a profit.        ⚡ ⚡   V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T     ⚡ ⚡ This is not a stand alone expert advisor. Use it with your own volatility-based strategy. Once you found the currency pair to trade, you can just attach this tool to the chart of the chosen pair and it will do
490 USD
L Hedger Scalper
Joel Protusada
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ L   H E D G E R   S C A L P E R   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A fully automated Expert Advisor that uses counter-trend scalping, managed semi-martingale strategy and lock hedging to execute a complete trading scheme from entry analysis to risk-calculated money management to exit analysis plan execution.      ⚡ ⚡   V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T    ⚡ ⚡ You can use only ECN type of account. Otherwise, it's a disaster. You can use only the GBPJPY currency pair. Open and attach with 1 chart only. Use a minimum o
999 USD
Trade Control
Andrii Malakhov
Утилита-риск-менеджер для защиты вашего депозита от полной потери денег. Если вы инвестор и решили передать деньги в доверительное управление, вам нужен Trade Control. Так трейдер не нарушит свои же правила риск-менеджмента и не сольет все ваши деньги. Для этого Trade Control должен находится на вашем VPS. И у управляющего трейдера не должно быть доступа к настройкам данной улититы. В момент слабости, трейдер не сможет увеличить заложенные в торговлю риски. И не потеряет ваш депозит за один неуд
1 500 USD
Price Data Record into EXCEL per Tick Time
Hao Zhang
1. Record the price data for each Tick transaction. Data file contents: "Tick time", "ASK price", "BID price", "SPREAD SPREAD", "Tick quoted quantity". 2. Meanwhile, generate a quotation data file with a 1-minute period. Content of 1min data file: "ASK time", "ASK OPEN price", "ASK HIGH price", "ASK LOW price", "ASK CLOSE price", "BID time", "BID OPEN price", "BID HIGH price", "BID LOW price", "BID CLOSE price", "Tick quoted quantity". 3. Save all quotation data in one file every day, which is c
460.80 USD
This program is created by algorithm which economy based logic in the trading market. 1. The program able to work with all of currency and trading items  2. Take profit and loss are basically handled by EA program Recommendation: EUR_USD is the most preferred. Please use this program only for MT4. LOT should be managed depends on own deposit. Otherwise, high risk will be driven(e.g 0.1~0.2 lot is recommended when the deposit is 10,000 dollar)
2 000 USD
Enhanced Panel PRO
Dylan Eude
⭐⭐⭐  We are proud to present you the new version of our enhanced panel pro  ⭐⭐⭐ ================= Active Support ✅  === 7 days for refund ✅  === Update and many function will be added ✅  === ================= 🚀🚀🚀 OUTPUT: MagicNumber : Change Magic Number Size : Size of panel (3 sizes available depend of your screen preference) X Pos : Change X Position Y Pos : Change Y Position Animation : Just a cool effect for cool trader Function: Order Size : Fixed Lot Size - Risk % - Money  StopLoss
300 USD
Smart Heuristic for Gold Trading Robot
The Robot Named "TamuzZ" (my nickname) and also i named "POLARIS" with version 14. Change the name and revised versions shows long time that i spent to create and fix the defects of program.  this revised versions indicates endless efforts of a young trader that tried to uses his academic educations and final Master educational thesis in his trading systems (subjects like "Time Series Prediction", "Artificial Intelligence",...). 1) I Called " Heuristic" because Main strategy is based on experien
750 USD
MHS Recovery
Masoud Bagheri
The new version published. (Version 2.0) MHS Recovery is not a fully automated Expert Advisor, but it is a tool that can help you come out of the wrong trades without loss. The first trade volume is determined by the EA, and you have to use Buy and Sell buttons on your chart to enter the trade. The EA provides three lines (green, blue and red) for you on the chart. Before entering into a trade, you have to set three lines correctly on your chart. Then, enter a trade by clicking Buy or Sell
499 USD
Joel Protusada
NewsReady is a semi-automated Expert Advisor that uses a smart straddle methods It needs to be set in charts 2 to 10 minutes before Economic Data release with a red-flag impact on currencies related to the news. Then it run pending orders in specified number of minutes indicated in the time-period parameter. After the specified time, it will stop trading and will remove all pending orders. Important You can not backtest this tool because it is semi-automated and can only be set and run a few mi
999 USD
Adaptive Grid EA
David Binka Kumatse
This trading tool is designed to be used as a grid trading robot but in a rather unique way that I call 'Adaptive Three Layered Grid System'. If you are interested in making consistent gains at moderate risk on the FX market, then this is the best tool. One has to be patient as your account grows.   Operation: 1. Open three different chart windows of the currency pair you wish to trade (eg. GBPUSD) after installing the tool into your mt4 terminal. 2. Attach the tool to the first chart and in the
700 USD
PZ Triangular Arbitrage EA MT4
Arturo Lopez Perez
A triangular arbitrage strategy exploits inefficiencies between three related currency pairs, placing offsetting transactions which cancel each other for a net profit. A deal involves three trades, exchanging the initial currency for a second, the second currency for a third, and the third currency for the initial. During the second trade, the arbitrageur locks in a zero-risk profit from the discrepancy that exists when the market cross exchange rate is not aligned with the implicit cross exchan
349 USD
Hedge Tunnel
Beta Fx suarl
Real Live Signal  /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Minimun Balance 1000$ standard or cent account . Ea get stable and progressive profit in basket hedge strategy. Ea open auto more currency and close it auto on target Profit. Simple use and full auto. Default setting is for all account balance. ///////////////////////////////////////
2 000 USD
Alexandru 2020.10.25 04:33 

After testing for 2 weeks, it works and profitable! ESB is the #1 BEST Universal Indicator Automater product of the year 2020! Very powerful can support unlimited indicators, can define up to 33 indicator filter using powerful and flexible expression OR, AND, unlimited strategies we can build using ESB! (Easy Strategy Builder) Author is the BEST he is always responsive and continuously update whenever we feedback idea to him, he spent 2 years to develop and wrote coded 110,000 line of code, definitely worth every dollar to invest in his ESB automator for his hard work and Amazing product that he has developed! ESB is the only 1 most complete indicator automater product out there in the market, he is really passionate and care of his customers and he keeps improving his ESB with new update, is really an Awesome product! Really easy to use and powerful feature, can do fix SL,TP,trailing, Breakeven, or Martingale,Anti-Martingale,Grid, anything and everything! only 7 steps! with full documention -> http://easystrategybuilder.com/documents/online/getting-started/basic-settings/ Step1- Set your indicators Step2: Set Entry Conditions Step3: Set TP and SL Step 4: Money Management Step 5: Close Expressions Step 6: Break-Even and Half Break Even Step 7: Trailing Stoploss Last but not least -> ESB is a multi-purposed utility that can act as: A. Expert advisor or B. Indicator, C. Data logger or D. Signal notifier! Excellent 5 stars product! Thanks bro Gheis Mohammadi for the wonderful product and your support for pre-sale and after-sale is No.1! you're the Best Author and Product 2020!

AlveenX 2020.09.16 21:16 

Great program! Lots of possibilities available. The seller is always available to offer outstanding support.

Angel Marinov
Angel Marinov 2019.09.11 03:17 

The best program you can buy on the market! Endless possibilities. I don’t know how to code, I know excel very well and you can create expressions to execute orders. Bravo to the creator!!! Excellent customer service and a very handy book describing what and how to do.

alexwatcher 2019.06.18 17:19 

Outstanding EA that allows you to configure and test a very broad range of strategies. You need to decide yourself what is the strategy that you want to follow, then the manual teaches you how to implement it in this EA.

There are still a few things to be improved, but Gheis is very responsive and takes into account the suggestions, making regular updates.

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Versão 7.20 2020.10.24
Added Screenshot taker
Added Arrow Custom Indicator Signal
Added New Indicator for reading array from file
Global variable's name could be set by indicator name or in parameters
Improved custom indicator search paths
Fixed custom indicator for offline chart
Versão 7.13 2020.09.26
added offset to breakeven
fixed expression issue about adding constants
Versão 7.12 2020.08.20
Unified versions in MT4 and MT5
Versão 7.11 2020.08.20
Fixed versions matching in MT4
Versão 7.1 2020.08.20
Fixed issue of expression's shift
Versão 7.0 2020.08.08
Added Partial Close feature
Added Error Window
Added "EXPRESSION SERIES" to indicators
Added "STATE MACHINE" to indicators
Added "InitialLots" function to Selected Order to indicators
Added "Martingale Or Anti Martingale" to Martingale Types
Added More checking before Manual Close
Added New LED indicators in the Main Panel
Added two new indicators for angle of the trend line
Added 3 more type of shifts (First, Last, Nth)
Added EMPTY_VALUE for indicators with no values on some candles
Added sanity check for Adding "[shift]" automatically in case of using "shft1:shft2:operand" for shift of expressions.
Removed Buy/Sell Expressions 2,3 (now is doable easier by series of expressions)
Removed Options for Series of the Buy/Sell Entry Expressions
Removed "Start only If Martingale didn't Start" from Martingale Options (now is doable by Martingale Type)
Rearranging of the inputs (Moved 28 indicators to the bottom of settings)
Changed Handling of Expression Shifts (This version considers expression shifts as well)
Changed T/F to boolean as type in front of the expression names for better understanding of the expression type
Changed "expr1,expr2,expr3" LEDs to "entry,break,trail" LEDs on the panel
Changed Default Shift Operand to "AND"
Changed Default Shift of Indicators to "0"
Some improvement on the name of the inputs and text arts :) and also indicator names
Some Improvement on the Reading Properties of Orders rather than Getting them from Order Comment
Fixed issue of the dependent Expressions
Fixed issue of using keywords in indicator names
Fixed issue with CandleNumber in Meta5
Fixed issue if indicator name includes cross
Fixed Pending order volume issue in Martingale
Fixed Trendline Parameters issue
Fixed Issue On Recovery of Corrupted Martingale Rally
Fixed Anti Martingale Pending order Close issue in Martingale
Fixed issue of Hidden text in Panel Reloading
Fixed some spelling errors
Versão 6.58 2020.07.01
Added auto detect path for custom indicators
Fixed custom indicators load Meta 5
Fixed some spelling issues
Fixed some GUI issues based on Meta Trader GUI limitations
Versão 6.57 2020.06.27
Fixed issue for brokers that don't support FOK as order filling type
Versão 6.55 2020.05.11
Added "CROSS" without type for support both crossup and crossdown in one expression
Added shift's expressions for Expression indicators
Added supporting of indicator name as input for CandleNumber function
Support special characters for tooltip in indicators panel
Improved CandleNumber for shift operands
Fixed dynamic shift for fixed number expressions
Versão 6.52 2020.02.02
Added All time frames in custom parameters for Meta5 version
Improved panel caption to show version as well
Fixed issue about parameters assignment for MACD and Swing Indicators
Versão 6.5 2020.01.22
Added 6 new Indicators for Working with Group of Orders
Added 22 new Indicators for Working with each Order
Added 9 new Indicators for Working with Accounts
Added Memory Variable Indicators for Sharing Variables and Values
Improved Value of Functions for number of orders on Currency 1&2
Improved Type in Tool-tips for Indicators Panel
Fixed Issue in Spread Indicator
Fixed Issue in Martingale for Limited Number of Rallies
Versão 6.3 2019.11.03
Added PREVORDERCANDLE for get candle number of previous order
Added OPENCANDLE for get candle number of current order
Added Multi Title Search for All News Indicators
Added Central Bank News Options
Improved Concept of Shift in News Indicators
Improved Lottage Calculations
Improved Calculation of Martingale Lottage Increasing Steps
Fixed Issue in Candles Group Average Body Indicator
Fixed Issue about indicator index in LASTVALUE function
Fixed Issue in Reading News File in Back test
Fixed Issue in Week Number Calculations
Upgrade: News file "allnews.ndf"
Versão 6.2 2019.09.09
Improved Checking conditions process for attempts of martingale
Improved Swings for Shift<Level
Improved news downloading process
Improved performance by disabling checking of martingale or grid expressions in buy and sell mode
Supports Encrypted news file for back testing
Supports all symbols for news indicators
Changed news file address to "tester\files" directory
Fixed issue about pure buy/sell expressions
Versão 6.1 2019.07.27
Added "Max Number of Signals for each Candle" logic also for Martingale and Grid
Seperated Manual Attempts for Buy and Sell Rallies in Martingale
Seperated Attempt Conditions for Buy and Sell Rallies in Martingale
Versão 6.0 2019.07.23
Martingale supports dynamic distances
Martingale attempts can be price level using (L:)
Martingale supports dynamic profits
Added Conditions for attempts in martingale
Added "Logger Mode" for ease of use as data logger
Added lottage expression
Added log signals to file
Added main panel position options (Left and Top)
Added LastSignalCandle for access candle number of last signal
Added China currency CNY/CNH to news module
Added new option for maximum number of orders per Candle
Added warning Message for duplicate log file
Main panel is movable Now
Improved news module
Improved log files name (Added Magic Number to Names)
Fixed LastSignalPrice problem
Fixed errors for seconds from prev news indicator
Fixed white panel issue
Fixed some recovery issues
Versão 5.0 2019.06.06
Refactoring expression engine and replace it with powerful and faster engine with higher performance and lower memory usage
Added "Fast Back Test" option for faster back testing by predicting ticks using advanced algorithms
Change default function time frames to current chart time frame
Improved performance by removing tick recorders for unusable indicators
Updated News Engine Link Address
Improved Trailing and Break even engine
Added "LastSignalPrice" function
Added "Arrow Type" option for mark entry points
Fixed "Tick Speed" Indicator
Versão 4.2 2019.05.22
Added useful functions for access previous orders properties
Improved Performance by removing calculations for static expressions
Fixed duplicate name in functions and expressions
Removed timers in plans without news
Versão 4.1 2019.05.09
Fixed one reported bug about using equal in expression
Removed some extra text from logs
Improved expression engine
Improved cross functions
Improved memory management
Versão 3.5 2019.02.13
Added "Indicator Mode" for marking signals with no limitations
Added tool-tip for Panel BUY/SELL LED's
Improved Cross Detection
Improved Error Reports
Improved Codes for Meta 5 Compatibility
Versão 3.0 2019.02.09
Refactored Codes for Supporting Meta Trader 5
Added Chart Objects
Added MQL5 VPS Support
Versão 2.73 2019.01.20
Changed structure of tool-tips in indicators window
Now, Demo version can also be applied on demo accounts
Versão 2.70 2019.01.20
Added Heiken-Ashi candles
Added expressions support in shift
Fixed some issues about "CandleNumber" command
Added title in notifications
Added range as shift in tool tips
Versão 2.22 2019.01.04
Improved performance by 20%
Removed some limitations for stochastic indicator
Added "New Year No Trading Times" options
Changed arrangement of some settings ( Magic Number and Max Positions )
Increase Index of Indicators to start from 1 (for "LastValue" or "Indicator" or other functions)
Added useful function "CandleNumber" for acquiring number of candle in indicators.
Versão 2.12 2018.12.25
Added Shifted Cross feature  
Added Shift for expressions
Fixed an issue about space after name of functions
Versão 2.0 2018.12.13
Now, Robot can recovery its positions and status after any force close and crashes or restarting VPS. This feature is very challenging and now is active.
Now, robot can access latest signal by LastSignal commands ("LASTSIGNALISBUY","LASTSIGNALISSELL","LASTSIGNALSECONDS")
Added some useful data about trading action mode on window header
Added Negative shifts for Ichimoku
Added double numbers for crosses
Added double numbers in Martingale manual TP
Removed messaging about enabling terminal trade
Added some graphics in settings page for fast finding of them by user
Versão 1.71 2018.11.15
Solved one reported issues about open orders count
Versão 1.70 2018.11.06
Added Manual Attempts and Manual Profits in Martingale
Added Helpful Graphical Lines for Martingale That Show Target Profit,Zero Profit and Stop Levels
Changed Open Orders Count Function to Get Info About All Open Orders Not Only Owned Ones
Edited Some Martingale Criteria
Increased Checking Times
Updated Order Sending Mechanism
Versão 1.62 2018.09.22
Improve Swing Points Performance
Versão 1.61 2018.09.18
Add More Options for News Warn Hours
Resolve Issue About Orders Numbers for Some Brokers
Versão 1.60 2018.09.14
Added New Options for Determining Base of Calculations for Money Management Modules
Added Some New Function for Using in Expressions
Versão 1.54 2018.09.02
Fixed an issue about max open positions