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GND Magic Parabolic

This Expert Advisor uses the Parabolic indicator to determine the trend direction and to find better market entry and exit points. The Expert Advisor tries to enter the market at the beginning of a strong trend. The EA uses hedging strategy and grid of orders and which increases lot size. It uses parameter Max Order as an option in risk management.

Requirements and recommendations

  • The minimum deposit is $10.000 or an equivalent cent account
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Stop level less than 20 or 30 points
  • Use small spread

Input Parameters

  • Magic Number - The unique (magic) number of the EA.
  • Invest - Percentage of Account Balance.
  • Lots Size - Selection of two options: +/x (plus lot size/multiplied lot size).
  • Lots Start - Fixed first lot size.
  • Lots Size Next - Lots size increase for next orders.
  • Max Order - Maximum number of orders in one grid.
  • Distance - Distance for the next order.
  • Close Money Scalping - Close profit (when there are two orders).
  • Close Money Hedging - Close profit (when more than 2 two orders).
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