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Smart Averager

The Smart Averager Expert Advisor is the cost averaging system. The EA algorithm is based on the following principle: the Expert Advisor finds the trend section based on the specified parameters. Then it finds the moment when the price starts to gradually turn against the trend. The EA makes the first entry. Further, if the price continues to move in the trend direction, the EA opens additional positions based on the same algorithm. Profit of all positions is fixed after reaching the specified ratio of balance.

Smart Averager Features

  • An effective algorithm for tracking trend areas
  • A convenient system for monitoring profit and risks. You specify the desired profit as percentage of deposit. The EA will try to take this profit using the volume specified in parameters. Target is calculated automatically in points
  • The initial lot of a is gradually increased as the deposit grows
  • The EAR can work simultaneously on several currency pairs. Only one series of trades per one instrument at a time. Thus, you do not need to additionally take care of the increased risks in case of simultaneous opening of trades on different currency pairs

Smart Averager Parameters

Signal detection parameters

  • Bars for detect trend - trend detection algorithm will be applied on this number of bars. The more bars you select, the longer will be the found trend
  • Bars for detect signal - the area to determine an entry signal. The moment of possible trend reversal is determined
  • Trend profile, % - this parameter sets the intensity of the trend area. Can be 0 to 100%. The higher the parameter, the more vivid the trend will be
  • Min grid step, points - the minimum step to open the next trade in the series

Risk Control Parameters

  • Start trade volume - initial volume of the trade series
  • Volume multiplier - the volume is increased on each stage without rounding. It allows to increase the volume smoothly, if the initial lot is close to the minimum one. E.g. Start trade volume=0.01 and Volume multiplier=1.2. Then the sequence of lots will be the following: 1. 0.01; 2. 0.01 (0.01*1.2=0.012); 3. 0.01 (0.012*1.2=0.0144); 4. 0.02 (0.0144*1.2=0.01728); 5. 0.02 (0.01728*1.2=0.020736) etc.
  • Profit target, % - target profit for a series of trades. TakeProfit is calculated automatically based on the above parameters
  • Max money loss (0 off) - loss limit in money. If you want to limit the maximum loss of a series of trades, you should set this parameter above 0. The EA will automatically calculate the StopLoss level. If the value is 0, the maximum loss will be equal to the account's StopOut level
  • Min points to fix loss, points - the distance in points form the last trade in the series to fixing the final loss (the one set above or StopOut). The parameter allows you to have a space for price movement in the loss direction, so that to avoid opening a new deal with an increased volume which is then almost immediately followed by StopOut

Interface Settings

  • Panel header color - choose the color
  • Panel background color - choose the color
  • Panel text color - choose the color
  • Orders comment - set custom comments
  • Magic

There is an increased risk of significant losses when using Smart Averager!

Usage Tips

  • The EA parameters are set for the М5 timeframe. But you can configure it for use on any timeframe
  • Try to choose currency pairs during periods of range trading. Avoid trading pairs during periods of updates of quarterly highs and lows
  • It is recommended to use a deposit of $500 or use a cent account. You can also use deposits below 500, with a minimum starting lot 0.01, a profit target less than 1% and a multiplier less than 1.3
  • Choose accounts with a maximum leverage of 500 and above. Choose accounts with a small Stopout level (10-30%)
  • If your broker reduces leverage on Friday before closing trades, then try not to have an open series of deals with 5 or more already open positions

Suggestions on EA improvement are welcome. Feel free to contact me. Good luck in trading!

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Versão 1.1 2017.07.31
- Fixed errors during EA restart if there is an open series of trades.