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Trend Channel 3D MTF

Non-repainting, signal channel indicator. It helps traders visually define the trading direction.

When the price forms the internal trend-following channel using signals (arrows and diamonds), the indicator recommends possible trend continuation of the price movement direction.

The signal of the price crossing the external channel warns that the regression line has been reached and correction or reversal is possible. The indicator prompts a trader to close orders fully or partially.

The indicator features alerts, email notifications and screen messages. All kinds of arrow and sound signals can be disabled. The indicator has a limitation of the number of processed bars.

The indicator has the MTF function. I recommend setting the higher period values for the current timeframe. For example, M15-H1; H4-D1, etc.

Main parameters

  • TimeFrame - larger timeframe the indicator values are taken from. It cannot be lower than the timeframe of the chart the indicator is running on
  • K1 – indicator regression ratio
  • Use_Histo - display the histogram
  • Histo_Width - histogram lines width
  • Use_Line - display moving average lines
  • Line_Width - moving average lines width
  • "/////////alerts settings ///////////" – audio signals block
  • "/////////arrows settings ///////////" – arrows block
  • delta - moving averages' delta
  • ExtPeriodFastMA - first moving average period
  • ExtPeriodSlowMA - second moving average period
  • BarsCount - number of bars for the indicator display
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