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High and Low Points

The High and Low Points indicator is designed to calculate potential order points. The main feature of this indicator is to specify the points that the price can not exceed for a long time.

The market always wants to pass points that can not pass. It is necessary to place an order waiting for this point indicated by this indicator. Is an indicator that constitutes many EA strategies. Designed for manual trading.

Transaction Strategies

  • High point buy stop order
  • Low point sell stop order
  • For example, we put a buy order. If the order is not activated and a new point has arrived, the order is canceled. Place an order for the new spot.
  • StopLoss and TakeProfit must be placed when placing orders.
  • Trailing stop EA may be more useful to use.
  • Use it on major currencies. For example EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD.
  • Time interval: M30, H1, H4


  • Bar_Back - show past high and low points
  • Level_style - is used to set the appearance of the level style.
  • Price_size - to set the font size.
  • Low_color - Low point color adjustment
  • High_color - High point color adjustment
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