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Quick Style

The Quick Style utility is designed for facilitation and acceleration of working with the properties of graphical objects. Left-click a graphical object while holding the Shift key to open the quick access window for configuring the object properties. In the window, you can change the color, style and line width with one click, including those of other graphical objects. All changes are displayed immediately. To close the Quick Style, simply click the free space on the chart.

The utility is easy to use and has no settings.

Michael Tamilio
Michael Tamilio 2019.08.04 11:53 

Fantastic Tool! If you work with graphical objects in your markups, this is a must have!

Edit: After using this tool for several weeks I have come to rely upon it constantly as a time saver.

This should be used in every MT4 terminal and is highly recommended!

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:24 

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teodosy87 2017.12.07 03:47 


Aleksandr Tamonin
Aleksandr Tamonin 2017.08.31 22:15 

Удобный индикатор, особенно для сетки и мартингейла