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[EA] EMAGIC is a MetaTrader (MT4) Expert Advisor designed for use with two basic currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD. With individual settings, it can work very well on other currency pairs as well. The EA implements complete, fully functional and exact mechanical trading strategy, with no place for emotions.

  • It is based on standard MT4 indicators "EMA" and "Stochastic Oscillator".
  • The strategy is working on Timeframe M5 only.
  • It is very easy to set up and supervise.

[EA] EMAGIC has a set of unique features:

  • It can be individually adjusted to work on other currency pairs of your choice.
  • It has implemented money management and risk management settings.
  • Additional functions to test the response during different market situations.

This EA is fully automatic, we recommend to monitor it though. In other words, you can simply switch it ON and let it run, but you should always supervise it. The market is unpredictable and no fully automated system can handle unexpected market behavior, especially situations when macro-economic data are released.

The EA should be set to work from 9:00 to 16:00 CET (FRANKFURT), which means since LONDON session start till the second hour of NEW YORK session, where 14:30 CET is the usual time when the U.S. macro-economic data are being released.


The Expert Advisor is delivered in default "factory" settings, which are set to work on the two basic currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Please be aware, that testing any system on historic data will never give you solid information about how it will work in real live market conditions. We do not comment any backtest results.

Input parameters

  • EnableMM - enable MMRisk function
  • MMRisk - risking set percentage of the account's equity
  • FixedLot - fixed position size
  • StopLoss - fixed Stop Loss value
  • TPOnSLRatio - SL (x) this multiplicator = TP value
  • TrailStop - SL (x) this multiplicator = Trailing Stop
  • SoundAlert - to enable sound alert for "position-open"
  • SoundName - the sound file to use as sound alert
  • PushAlert - to enable the Push Alerts
  • EmailAlert - to enable the Emai Alerts
  • AllowMultipleSignal - to enable multiple signals
  • MinTimeGap - minimum time in between 2 signals
  • PositionLimit - maximum number of opened positions
  • OpenReverse - the EA will open reversed position
  • OpenHedge - the EA will open 2 hedged positions
  • SetSLTPOnEntry - SL and TP will be set automatically
  • ProfitReached - if position reaches certain profit, then:
  • ProfitLocked - move the SL to minimum profit
  • MaPeriod - internal MA indicator settings
  • MaMethod - internal MA indicator settings
  • MaShift - internal MA indicator settings
  • MaAppleid - internal MA indicator settings
  • MinMADistance - minimum distance from the MA to open
  • MaxMADistance - maximum distance from the MA to open
  • StochKPeriod - internal Stochastic indicator settings
  • StochDPeriod - internal Stochastic indicator settings
  • StochSlowing - internal Stochastic indicator settings
  • StochMethod - internal Stochastic indicator settings
  • StochPrice - internal Stochastic indicator settings
  • TimeFilter - limit the time period when EA works
  • StartHour - internal PC clock - start hour
  • StopHour - internal PC clock - end hour
  • MagicNumber - change this number to any.
  • TradeComment - change the text to anything.

If you already purchased the product

Please write a private message to us, we will send the USER's MANUAL with description of the functions, also will give you recommendations on how to trade live, etc.


Antonin Skaryd, private investor and market analyst, software developer and founder of the FUTURE ENTERPRISE company.

[EA] EMAGIC is fully functional and exact mechanical trading strategy with no place for emotions or non-systematic trading approaches or random trader's behavior. It has an exact entry point and an exact exit point.

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