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Koder Killer EA

With this EA you can say goodbye to your coder and save bucks from your pocket!

Did you find out an interesting holy grail indicator and you want to test it on your own? Eager to know if it will be profitable on long term?

Well, here it is the Koder Killer EA.

Simple steps to follow

  • open your indicator source code
  • search for the Set Index Buffer values
  • copy the values into the EA
  • set all the other features
  • backtest your strategy FOR FREE
  • run your EA on live servers paying a small rent fee.

Some integrated features

  • auto money management
  • check of slippage and spread
  • close at opposite signal
  • martingale
  • time filter
  • RSI filter
  • MA filter
  • MA cross
  • Stochastic cross

All of these features will help to find the best setup for your indicator... It is a value added, something that any coder will ask to pay for any single function added to your EA!

Some technical details

A well-coded indicator must return zero or empty value 2147483647 (0x7FFFFFFF) on normal running.

At this point, once the conditions are matching and the arrow appears, the buffer will return a different value (usually the price value). At the same time, the EA will recognize a mismatch between zero or empty value and buffer value and will open an order accordingly.

You can double check this procedure by running a visual backtesting: on the top-left corner of the chart, you will see the returned value of the indicator (check the screenshots attached).

Last but not least, in order to enable your custom indicator, make sure you use the following MagicNumber: 20151119, otherwise the custom indicator will be disabled.

Final consideration

Some custom indicators are very complex and will not run with this EA, but will be very useful when you have simple indicators with BUY and SELL buffers. At least you can try for free, and if it does not work, you just spent your time and not your money!

Some inputs

  • TradeComment - this is the only value that the broker will see;
  • MagicNumber - magic 0 is for managing manual trades, other values are to manage different EA's on the same pair;
  • MaxSpread - max spread allowed, checked before the order is placed;
  • Slippage - max slippage allowed, checked before the order is placed;
  • MM_mode
    • 0=Fixed Lot
    • 1= % Equity
    • 2= % Balance;
  • FixedLot - only for mode 0;
  • MaxRisk - risk percentage;
  • Minlot/Maxlot - lots allowed. These values will work even with automated MM;
  • Max_Trades_Total - max total trades allowed;
  • Max_Trades_Sell - max total short trades allowed;
  • Max_Trades_Buy - max total long trades allowed;
  • Close_At_Opposite_Custom_Indicator_Signal - close if an opposite signal from the indicator is given;
  • Close_At_Opposite_MA_Cross - close if an opposite signal from the MA cross is given;
  • Close_At_Opposite_Stochastic_Cross - close if an opposite signal from the Stochastic cross is given;
  • Max_Doubling_Times - if higher than zero, a martingale will be enabled. After a loss, the lots will be increased;
  • Martingale_Multiplicator - lot multiplicator factor for the martingale;
  • Safety_Pips_From_Last_Openprice_Closed_Trade - if higher than zero, the EA will check the last opened order value (and now closed) and the distance (pips) between that value and current Bid. This will prevent the EA to open a new trade;
  • Breakeven - if higher than zero will move the SL to zero after X pips;
  • PipsToLockIn - pips (from open price) to lock in with the breakeven function;
  • Use_Hour_Trade - filter trades by time range;
  • Close_Outside_Trading_Time - close all the trades if the time is over;
  • Custom_Indicator_Name - put the file name of the custom indicator;
  • Reverse_signal - try this function if the standard settings of the custom indicator does not work;
  • Buy_Buffer - buffer for buying, which could be Arrow Up or Trend Up etc.;
  • Sell_Buffer - buffer for selling, which could be Arrow Down or Trend Down etc.;
  • Custom_Candleshift - shift the signal X bars later;
  • Use_RSI_filter - filter the trades by Relative Strength Index indicator;
  • Use_MA_filter - filter the trades by Moving Average indicator;
  • Use_MA_cross - filter by Moving Average cross (buy if MA1 > MA2 and sell if MA1 < MA2);
  • Use_Stochastic_cross - filter by Stochastic cross (buy if Stochastic Main > Stochastic Signal and sell if Stochastic Main < Stochastic Signal).
Haythemislem 2020.03.03 17:05   

Bad robot and worst author

Simon 2018.12.15 23:47 

This is an excellent product. I forgot I had purchased it to be honest but have recently been testing it with various paid indicators and it works well, as long as the indicator buffers (usually 0 or 1, but could be 2 and 3, or 4 and 5) for your indicator signals have been programmed correctly. I have probably gotten it to work with 80% of my custom arrow based signal indicators.

It's also great to check if an indicator repaints, from my testing where I can see the buffers for arrow signals in the code, if the indi repaints the EA won't trade.

It's not perfect - you would have to change the default values of the custom indicator (if you have the source code) within MetaEditor, there is no way of assigning values to anything, but that's not a big deal and certainly not the fault of the EA developer.

Remember to add an extra zero to settings like stoploss for ECN brokers (do 4 digit brokers even exist anymore?). For example, a 30 pip stoploss should be 300 in the settings.

Finally, backtesting tends to be slow. This is not unique to this EA, it seems that this way of forcing a custom indi to trade as part of an EA without coding does not make MT4 happy. I blame MetaTrader 4's lack of multithreading for the CPU load, so the backtests can be much slower than what you are used to.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant product that enables you to prototype/test indicators as candidates for coding/paying a developer to make you a strategy.

I am aware of two other competitors and this is cheaper than both of them, so I strongly recommend this product, although it's probably going to be hard to use for new users of MT4 who do not understand any code at all.

Note: I cannot program MQL but I know what to look for in the code, this is quite important to be able to use this EA. Download the demo and try it, you'll learn a bunch of stuff in the process and get to test some of your favorite arrow signal indicators at the same time!

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 07:44 

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Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.25 08:24 

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Versão 2.81 2019.08.08
-fixed minor bugs on chart display
Versão 2.8 2019.08.04
-added the pivot lines and levels that can be used as indicator.
I've also added the same feature available with my EA Triple Pivot Scalper: you can now select the Pivot Levels as TakeProfit for your strategy.

-added a secondary icustom indicator to catch the signals to close the orders. Here you can add another indicator (or the same with differente buffers) to trigger the signal and close the orders.
Versão 2.6 2019.05.21
-added distance check from price and signal before opening:
Versão 2.5 2019.05.12
-fixed displayed info
Versão 2.4 2019.05.12
-trade on Sunday feature
-fixed issue with icustom candleshift
Versão 2.3 2019.05.11
-fixed minor bugs on trailingstop
-added security check on stoploss before starts
-fixed spread display
Versão 2.2 2019.05.11
-fixed minor typo error in the input tab

-DO NOT FORGET to enable the custom indicator section and disable the MA cross or Stochastic cross if you want to test an indicator. You will have to setup also the indicator name (with the right path) and the buffer values.

-added dual target function with dedicated magic number and functions

-added reverse martingale to double lot size on profit trades (rather than loss only)

-breakeven function has been improved by adding the "pocket" feature. This will allow to save some money rather than close at BE point.
Versão 2.0 2019.05.04
-main feature improved: removed the standard stops value (by pips) and added the stops by ATR.
The stops (tp,sl,tl) by ATR are automatically calculated by the Average True Range indicator which calculated the average movement between the last bars (that you can specify with this EA).
Then you can increase or decrease the multiplier of this value for each stop and will be adapted dynamically.

-now every function is well commented directly into the input tab of the EA.

-it has been fixed an issue for the signal received by the custom indicator. Now it will be compared the previous indicator value with the actual one and it will be opened just one order in the right direction rather than continuously open many trades at every bar.

-the magic-number can now be modified at your preferred value. If not needed then you can left the default one.
Versão 1.1 2015.12.03
- Fixed comment on chart with Custom indicator value (now show-up only if custom indicator is enabled).
- Fixed a bug on Custom indicator SELL function.