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OctinBotUp Vaccine MT5

(OctinBot Vaccine para MT5 no utiliza estrategias peligrosas como martingala, cuadrícula, entre otras)

Un excelente Asesor Experto de Bajo Riesgo, con un Precio Asequible pensando en la comunidad en estos tiempos de crisis. OctinBot (Vaccine MT5) que ayuda a obtener ingresos moderados y estables. La vacuna OctinBot funciona solo con lotes fijos.

Asesor Experto Automatizado de Forex - OctinBot (Vaccine MT5), con una estrategia optimizada para el mercado actual, que ayuda a obtener resultados con bajo riesgo independientemente de las condiciones del mercado. OctinBot (Vaccine MT5) utiliza dos promedios móviles, indicadores ATR, MACD y MOMENTUM, para operar. Se genera una señal de compra si la media móvil más rápida cruza la media móvil más lenta desde abajo. Viceversa para un comercio de venta. OctinBot (Vaccine MT5) tampoco utiliza estrategias peligrosas como martingala, cuadrícula. (Versiones para MT4 y MT5).

Estos EA son promedios móviles simples, exponenciales y ponderados linealmente para el MA rápido y lento.

De la misma forma se integran los indicadores ATR, MACD y MOMENTUM, la configuración por defecto de este Asesor Experto es óptima por su excelente desempeño. OctinBot Vaccine, es funcional en Multimoneda, Cripto, índices, metales.
"Saldo $ 200 = 0.01 lotes o más Pares recomendados: (AUDCAD / NZDCAD / AUDNZD)"

"Ejemplo de saldo: $ 1000 = 0.01 lotes / $ 2000 = 0.02 lotes / $ 3000 = 0.03 lotes / etc."
Recomendacion_Times_of_Crisis = "Utilice los pares recomendados"

BaseCurrencyPairs = "AUDCAD / NZDCAD / AUDNZD / (solo período de tiempo M15)


Balance_mínimo = "$ 1000";
Recommended_Leverage = "1: 200 o más"

Recommended_TimeFrame = "(período de tiempo M15)"


Saldo $ 200 = 0.01 lotes Pares recomendados: (AUDCAD / NZDCAD / AUDNZD)
Saldo $ 1000 = 0.01 lotes

Saldo $ 2000 = 0.02 lotes
Saldo $ 3000 = 0.03 lotes

Saldo $ 4000 = 0.04 lotes
Saldo $ 5000 = 0.05 lotes

y sucesivos ........................

Bienvenido a OctinBot y Happy Trading
Productos recomendados
Flux Diffuser
Flavio Jarabeck
4.2 (5)
Based on Brazilian trader André Moraes' Difusor de Fluxo theory, the indicator is a more reliable version of the original MACD. It is a great confirmation indicator for Swing Trading and also can be used as a Day Trading tool. If you are not familiar with the concept or André's trading strategies, I strongly recommend his excelent book named "Se Afastando da Manada" in which he explains in detail how this indicator is used. Even if you don't know the Portuguese language it is not difficult to un
Turbo EA
Noorullah Aimaq
3.33 (3)
SPECIAL LAUNCH PROMO next price : $250 (only 10 copy left at current price) Turbo Expert Advisor  is a fully automated forex trading robot designed to work on the AUDUSD currency pair. Turbo EA use a certain amount of risk(about $42 per 0.01 lot money management). so user can easily control the risk. Turbo EA is a multi strategy EA which contains trend follower strategies and reversal point strategies. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includ
150 USD
Features An amazing scalper created for EURUSD 5 min time frame, with very low risk and high reward at the same time. After more than 500h of optimization I am glad to present you this EA . It was made in mind for IC markets MQL5 platform, an adapted for their data, but I suppose it must works on other brookers as well. I will also publish soon the MT4 version for IC markets as well. Link to 1 min scalper  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54413 Description Strategy is made from ADX tog
499 USD
Este indicador muestra una combinación de velas basada en Dodge, Dodge y PIN Bar. La lógica del patrón es ponerse del lado de la fuerza, después de la incertidumbre. El indicador es universal y útil para el comercio de opciones binarias, Forex, ETF, criptomoneda, acciones. El indicador Admite plazos de M5 a MN, incluidos los TF no estándar presentados en MT5.(М5,М6,М10,M12, M15, M20, M30, H1, H2, h3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, MN). Se ha implementado la posibilidad de activar y desactivar el TF. A
700 USD
Yury Smagin
1 (1)
El EA funciona según el principio de desviación máxima del precio del valor medio. La idea es que el precio siempre busque el equilibrio, y cualquier gran desviación del promedio conduce a una fuerza-reacción recíproca. La entrada se realiza sobre estos desvíos. Vigilancia: https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/1147713 Opciones: sigal_deviation - desviación máxima después de la cual se abre una operación; Filtros: closeBarOnly: funciona solo cuando la barra está cerrada, abriendo y cerrando trato
Only for the first ten people the price of the robot is like this, then the prices will double and the annual rent will be eliminated. In this robot, you can easily arbitrate between all available currencies. This robot automatically performs 60 types of arbitrage for you. This robot has many wonderful capabilities, some of which I will mention: 1- Arbitrage capability for 60 types of arbitrage simultaneously with each execution 2- Ability to adjust any type of arbitrage so that it can be incre
2 991 USD
History On Chart is an indicator that shows the "trail" of all trades made in a specific period of time. It shows the entry and exit point with their respective dates and prices. It also shows the type of trades and the cash result. Open trades are also displayed, but only the entry point. The indicator is free and fully customizable. If you have any questions please contact us. Enjoy!
With the MACD Multi Time Frame indicator, you can spot divergences of higher timeframes while you are searching for pinpointed entries on lower timeframes. This FREE version of the indicator works only on EURUSD and GBPUSD. The full version of the indicator can be found here: MACD Multi Time Frame MT5 This blog post gives you real-time MACD Divergence Analysis for free and tips how to trade the divergences: Real-Time MACD Divergence Analysis The MACD Multi Time Frame gives you a very good overvi
This is MT5 version of ChristMyHedge . It should be referred to as ChristMyHedge-for-MT5.  The live signal is running here while the free signal is here , for preview or copying. Like its MT4 counterpart, the  EA/signal runs on H4 time-frame on 12 pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPEUR, EURJPY, CADJPY, AUDJPY and EURCHF concurrently, with a recommended minimum of 500USD equity for 0.01 lot size. Default parameters may be OK, and it's best to run on VPS, if you d
30 USD
Konstantin Chernov
A script for quick reversing positions and/or orders. If you need to reverse a position with the same volume, open an opposite position of a different volume or change the type of existing orders (for example, Buy Limit -> Sell Limit, Buy Stop -> Sell Limit, etc.) with the same or different take profit/stop loss, this script will make all the routine for you! Allow AutoTrading before running the script. Usage: Run the script on a chart. Input Parameters: Language of messages displayed (EN, RU, D
30 USD
Escape the black Hole, is a system that detects the range that is the black hole that keeps your money. Once the limit of that range, which would be the event horizon, has been detected, an attack system at the price that operates in favor of the escape of that black hole begins. Therefore, it is a system that operates in favor of the trend at the moment in which it is confirmed that the trend has exceeded the point of gravity that drags it into the fearsome price range that devours the tre
30 USD
The Night Scalper EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades at night and relies on price reversion. The EA trades using market orders and uses time averaging to improve performance. This EA works best on EURUSD using the M5 timeframe, but will also work on AUDUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and likely many more. A VPS is advisable when trading this system and a low spread and commission based broker is best. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Forward t
30 USD
简介 本产品是迈达量化全系列产品中的一款均线趋势类EA。 使用这个EA可以节省您所花的时间,不用再编码一个定制的MA交易策略。 入场信号利用K线与单根均线的交叉入场。 设计原理 利用K线与均线的交叉判断行情的涨跌,并设定止损和止盈,也可以不用设置。 如果价格朝向不利方向移动,可以选择加仓或者不加仓,加仓的间距和比例也可以自由设定。 软件优点 易于设置和使用,既适合初学者也适合专业人士。 可交易任何金融产品(Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)。 可再策略测试器中优化参数,任何时段进行交易。 既可以利用交叉进行顺势交易,也可以加仓做部分震荡行情规避一部分风险。 如何设置 Lots,启始交易手数。 Stop Loss (in pips),止损点数。 Take Profit (in pips),止盈点数。 Use Add Position,订单止盈点数。 Add Pos Ratio, 加仓手数比例。 Add Pos Step,订单加仓间距。 AVG TP Pips, 加仓均价止盈点数。 MA Period,均线周期。 使用建议 建议测试一个月左右的时间,在
30 USD
Breakdown Flat is an indicator of flat and its breakout. It is based on comparison of two different periods of the "Average True Range" (ATR) indicator and the maximum swing for 'n' periods. It draws a channel of the flat and signals about its breakouts. Quite often, a significant breakout takes place after a price consolidation, which makes it possible to use the indicator in a custom trading strategy both separately and together with other indicators (methods) for entering the market. The indi
30 USD
MT5 netting the “ Offers ” robot uses the ZigZag indicator to generate Fibonacci levels on M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1  periods of the charts , calculates the strength of trends for buying and selling. It opens a position when the specified trend level is exceeded plus Bollinger indicators and Stochastic indicators inform about oversold / overbought market.  Stochastic and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decrease the position. If market moves into favorable direction  Babel Stochas
Super Oscillator   is an ea based on the super oscillator indicator.  https://www.mql5.com/es/market/product/59071 This ea uses the indicator's trend exhaustion signal to initiate a countertrend strategy. The system has a costly lotage, although it can have more than one operation open at a time It does not require large capital or margin requirements to be operated. You can download the demo and test it yourself.  Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety firs
30 USD
Fibonacci Arcs in the full circles are based on the previous day's candle (High - Low). These arcs intersect the base line at the 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 78.6%. Fibonacci arcs represent areas of potential support and resistance.  Reference point - the closing price of the previous day. These circles will stay still all day long until the beginning of the new trading day when the indicator will automatically build a new set of the Fibonacci Arcs.
30 USD
Introduction This indicator detects volume spread patterns for buy and sell opportunity. The patterns include demand and supply patterns. You might use each pattern for trading. However, these patterns are best used to detect the demand zone (=accumulation area) and supply zone (=distribution area). Demand pattern indicates generally potential buying opportunity. Supply pattern indicates generally potential selling opportunity. These are the underlying patterns rather than direct price action. T
80 USD
Robonacci Universal is designed to trade any markets (Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Futures, Cryptos). The strategies are developed based on various Price Actions that will be observed on different Fibonacci Retracement levels. Product Home Page:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36095 ADVANTAGES: Works on any market and time frames Multiple Strategies in 4 categories:  Retracement, Breakout, Trend Follow, Reversal Trades simultaneously on any number of markets under the same account  Di
999 USD
The basic idea and my concept regarding this robot are to trade crypto pairs such as BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, ETH / EUR, and others, but if you want the robot can be used to trade with classic currency pairs such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, and others. I also want to emphasize that there is no recommended time frame, you can optimize the robot for any of the available in the MT5 platform. It all depends on what you want the robot to do for you. You can see the complete list of robots at the following
60 USD
Fully automatic multicurrency trading machine MT5/4 The advisor's strategy is based on trading volumes and statistics of the movement of trading instruments, the author's trading method, which shows excellent results over the past 7 years Multicurrency testing since 2016 with 99.9% real ticks, testing was carried out on the MT5 platform, with all traded currency pairs at the same time. The Expert Advisor has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the d
1 250 USD
Auto Fib Retracements
Ross Adam Langlands Nelson
5 (1)
Automatic Fibonacci Retracement Line Indicator. This indicator takes the current trend and if possible draws Fibonacci retracement lines from the swing until the current price. The Fibonacci levels used are: 0%, 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 76.4%, 100%. This indicator works for all charts over all timeframes. The Fibonacci levels are also recorded in buffers for use by other trading bots. Any comments, concerns or additional feature requirements are welcome and will be addressed promptly. 
Asia trend EA mt5
Ramil Minniakhmetov
5 (8)
Tendencia de Asia EA utiliza un indicador de tendencia para ingresar una posición. El Asesor Experto abre un trato por el color del indicador, luego es posible construir la red de pedidos o trabajar con un stop loss. Además, el asesor tiene la función de gestionar la dirección de las órdenes desde el panel en el gráfico. El EA requiere un tipo de cuenta de cobertura. IMPORTANTE! Comuníquese conmigo inmediatamente después de la compra para obtener instrucciones y una bonificación! El seguimiento
30 USD
Solución FX -       El EA abre operaciones cerca de máximos anteriores cuando el precio sube   (tendencia alcista)       y alrededor de mínimos anteriores cuando los precios están cayendo (tendencia bajista). Úselo con cualquier indicador de tendencia para un mejor rendimiento. ¡Las nuevas versiones del Asesor Experto tienen un modo para restaurar posiciones no rentables! Ventajas: El Asesor Experto es fácil de configurar y usar. Cálculo de lotes automático incorporado. Se puede utilizar con cu
98 USD
EA Gold River was created specifically for trading on gold (XAUUSD) time frame M5-H1. EA Gold River uses signals from a unique Gold River indicator (you do not need to buy separately, the indicator is built into the Expert Advisor). I will not show beautiful drawn screenshots and super edited videos. If you are using my EA TradeBooster , then you will like EA Gold River . The standard set is good for trading, but you can always come up with your own set for higher profits. Happy Trades
399 USD
TrailingStop MA
Andrej Nikitin
3.8 (5)
El indicador dibuja dos media móviles simples usando los precios High y Low. La línea MA_High se muestra cuando la media móvil se dirige hacia abajo. Se puede utilizarla para colocar la orden Stop para la posición de venta. La línea MA_Low se muestra cuando la media móvil se dirige hacia arriba. Se puede utilizarla para colocar la orden Stop para la posición de compra. Este indicador se utiliza en el Asesor Experto  TrailingStop . Parámetros Period - período de cálculo de la media móvil. Deviati
The best time to trade Using this Indicator is when the time reach exactly hour,half,45 minutes,15 minutes and sometimes 5 minutes This indicator is developed by Godbless Nygu in 2020 February. This indicator gives you a better entry to the market i use to test it for several months and i revealed the indicator is perfect but not 100% because it was created by human being. I suggest to use a proper risk management and to respect the market because the market is not constant it can be eith
35 USD
A professional expert analyzes the market using the relative strength index. The basic principle is that the bot takes the indicated prices for a certain period of time and calculates the strength and amplitude of the price. This can show when the trend will lose strength and reverse. The signal from the exit from the overbought/oversold zones is analyzed, the levels of these zones will be the levels with LEVEL_MAX and LEVEL_MIN values. We buy when the signal first falls below a certain level (
599 USD
The Official "GRID EA" Using  PipFinite Trend PRO A Smart Trend Following EA Using Trend PRO Indicator Signals In a Unique Grid Strategy. Trend Grid EA takes the signal of Trend PRO Indicator on the first trade then builds succeeding trades if the move goes against it. The innovative grid algorithm manages each position to ensure every basket is closed in a net positive profit. Settings Used & Input Descriptions Information Here https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/743648 Features Built
198 USD
The Relative Equilibrium index (REi) is a technical analysis indicator that shows the direction and strength of a trend and indicates the probability of its change. It shows the ratio of the average price increase to the average fall over a certain period of time. The value of the index allows you to assess whether buyers or sellers had a stronger influence on the price over a set period of time and to assume further developments. The indicator is characterized by simplicity of interpretation an
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Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
5 (20)
Evolución de darwin -30% Promotion !! 1490 USD a 990 USD Tiempo limitado (Oferta válida hasta la llegada de la siguiente actualización, no pierda tiempo) !! ¡No puedes hacer el respaldo de este EA !! Descripciones: - Comprender la operación, venga y lea el blog (este EA refleja mi filosofía del comercio de divisas ... Si te gusta mi camino para ver las cosas, entonces te gustará mi EA. Tómese el tiempo para hacerlo !! (Forex no es una carrera): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/74
999 USD
Night Hunter Pro MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.83 (23)
EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with  low drawdown: Live performance   -   Best pairs   (set file in the description) High-risk   performance Only 4 copies left  at $999! Next price --> $1199 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth. It is a professi
999 USD
Daniel Stein
5 (5)
Obtenga más información, como preguntas frecuentes, informes de backtest y consejos para la configuración correcta de DST/GMT  en nuestro FAQ público de SIEA Envía una captura de pantalla de tu compra, y obtendrás los archivos del set para SIEA ZEN y SIEA MAX. Así que tendrás 3 SIEAs en 1. Las claves del éxito en el comercio de Forex son la disciplina, la paciencia y una clara ventaja, como la que tenemos nosotros con nuestro exclusivo análisis de volumen de operaciones reales. Esa es nues
1 999 USD
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of multi
1 695 USD
NorthEastWay MT5
5 (5)
North East Way EA es un sistema de comercio "pullback" totalmente automatizado, que es especialmente eficaz en el comercio de pares de divisas "pullback" populares: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. El sistema utiliza los patrones principales del mercado Forex en el comercio: el retorno del precio después de un movimiento brusco en cualquier dirección. Plazo: M15 Pares de divisas base: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Pares de divisas adicionales:  EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURCAD.   Señales EN V
9 987 USD
Invictus Gold MT5
Evgenii Golovanets
5 (1)
Invictus Gold is an advanced trading algorithm based on the standard and simple Bollinger Bands indicator and trades on Gold as one of the most liquid and popular trading instruments in the world. The algorithm includes a filter of behavioral factors, it analyzes the depth of market, and makes a decision about entering the trade based on the analyzer's filter data. Thus, the Expert Advisor finds optimal points to enter the market, filtering out false entries not supported by stable market behav
900 USD
New Generation EA MT5
Ismail Hakki Delibas
2.5 (6)
EA Description : This is a High-Frequency Trading EA. EA is supported by a strong signal finding algorithm. Most of the algorithms are smart and automatic. You need to adjust only 3 parameters to optimize the signal engine of the EA. Thus optimizing and using EA is very simple and easy. Supported Symbols and Timeframes : All timeframes and pairs are supported by EA. The best operation of EA is on all 28 Major and Cross Pairs of Forex. The best timeframes are M15,M30,H1 EA Inputs General O
1 000 USD
Golden Million MT5
Aleksei Bordak
2.67 (12)
Hello my name is Alexey, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences in the field of algorit
999 USD
PriceTracker MT5
Stanislau Siatsko
5 (1)
These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $1700   - limited sales (by popular demand, price is frozen until January 31 inclusive - this is the   FINAL day   for this price. $2600 - new price, since February 1, (starting from 12:00 GMT) Friends! Someone is trying to draw attention to their products with all sorts of promotions, discounts, Black Fridays, etc., someone with super-profitable tests.
1 700 USD
Bober Crypto MT5
Arnold Bobrinskii
5 (1)
Crypto trading with   Binance   exchange is available! Hurry up to get it! Limited number of copies will be sold out. Hey guys! I hope u are doing well.     I'm gonna show you new trading robot which is essentially differ from all others MQL5.com market products. The main feature of   Bober Crypto MT5  is an ability to trade with   Binance Futures . This product is using "Static arbitrage" strategy which is have a lot of advantages we gonna be taking profit from.  All coins can be traded th
2 000 USD
Hello, Dear Traders I am pleased to present you a new unique algorithm for trading in gold. A real exclusive to the collection of the successful forex trader. The Expert Advisor was created on the basis of the Road to a Million concept. I spent three years for development of this Expert Advisor. Optimization and tuning of parameters took about 3000 hours. Of course, such an Expert Advisor cannot be cheap. I am planning to sell only 50 copies, after which the price will go up significantly. This
1 000 USD
Quedan 5 copia a un precio de 799$. El precio se incrementará a $ 999. Monitoreo de cuenta real: haga clic AQUÍ Batman Midnight Hunter es un sistema de scalping nocturno inteligente automático de cavidad que se ha establecido en cuentas reales. En lugar de adaptar el sistema para reflejar los datos históricos (como lo hace la mayoría de los autores), el asesor experto está diseñado para aprovechar las ineficiencias existentes en el mercado. Por lo tanto, no es un simple sistema de "golpe y er
799 USD
Champion MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (9)
El asesor tiene un historial de pruebas de varios meses en una cuenta real CHAMPION EA está actualmente disponible con un descuento al precio final $9999 Monitoreo de cuentas reales: aqui   Manual guide:  aquí CHAMPION EA es un sistema de comercio inteligente basado en la búsqueda de los puntos óptimos de entrada/salida. Este sistema se ha probado en cotizaciones reales durante muchos meses y genera ingresos reales. Crear y probar el sistema requirió una experiencia significativa de nuestro e
999 USD
These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $1700   - limited sales $2600 - next price LIVE Signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1102471 Attention: this is a multicurrency EA, which trades by several pairs from one chart!  Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate trades, it is necessary to attach EA only to one chart, ---> all trading in all pairs is conducted only from one chart! Carousel_Tri
1 700 USD
Tioga MT5
Ozkan Kara
4.56 (9)
Price: 795 USD                 This price is for 3 first buyers ! Next Price: 995 USD TIOGA is a fully automated Night Scalper. It works good on all major currency pairs.  Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies.   It uses fixed stoploss for every position. I will always help you, please contact me ! Live Signal    >>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/sign
795 USD
Joker EA mt5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (1)
Se necesita un mínimo de un mes para una evaluación completa y objetiva. El robot no puede abrir transacciones durante varios días, esperando el momento adecuado ¡JOKER EA está actualmente disponible con un descuento al precio final! Precio final:$1250 Monitoreo de transacciones reales: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/neurofx?orderby=gain Las principales ventajas de la estrategia Joker EA: Comercio totalmente automático Comercio de un lote La orden siempre tiene Stop Loss y Take Prof
799 USD
Las claves del éxito en el comercio de Forex son la disciplina, la paciencia y una clara ventaja, como la que tenemos con nuestro exclusivo análisis de volumen de operaciones reales. Esa es nuestra experiencia de 10 años operando en Forex, y todos estos factores clave se resumen en la serie Stein Investments Expert Advisor (SIEA). SIEA MAX proporciona una relación equilibrada de riesgo-recompensa y sobrevive fácilmente a todas las circunstancias del mercado, incluso a las más críticas como Co
999 USD
Aura Gold EA MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
3.55 (20)
Aura Gold EA  is a fully automated EA designed to trade  GOLD   only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators (CCI,ATR). Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. In the near future, the price of the Expert Advisor wi
1 495 USD
Vladimir Khlystov
Triangular arbitrage with full automatic! In the parameters, it is enough to specify only the lot and profit! Trades on all triangles at once, which can be made up of instruments open in the market overview. The adviser himself determines all the triangles that can be made from the broker's available tools. It analyzes the price shift in each triangle relative to the calculated one and opens the whole three at the right moment. Thus, all three instruments constantly insure each other by 1
999 USD
GridScalperMT5-Mesh Scalper es un asesor automático completo para el comercio nocturno de baja tensión Versión del asesor GridScalperMT5 para el terminal MT4  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/35871 Particularidades - Asesor de comercio de 10 pares de divisas (USDCHF, EURCHF, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, NZDUSD, CADCHF, EURAUD) de un gráfico - Asesor utiliza más de cinco conjuntos de parámetros óptimos para cada par de divisas y no requiere optimización - El asesor no usa Martin
999 USD
Aura Turbo MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.27 (11)
Aura Turbo is a unique grid expert based on deep machine learning, hyperparameter search technology. In machine learning, hyperparameter optimization or tuning is the problem of choosing a set of optimal hyperparameters for a learning algorithm. A hyperparameter is a parameter whose value is used to control the learning process. By contrast, the values of other parameters (typically node weights) are learned. The same kind of machine learning model can require different constraints, weights or l
795 USD
Pumbling Night
Thi Kim Hanh Hoang
1 (1)
change input when you backtest: - you need to have good data because night scalp does not works good with all brokers - change MinTP=3 (current=10 now) - Tickmill is the recommend broker - Defauls time is time zone of ICmarkets/Tickmill...(Australia) Pumbling Night Scalp Open and close within 4 hours That is night hunter for ECN brokers and works good on low spread/swap/commission accounts. The best i think is Tickmill and Fusionmarkets. if you want to try with Exness that plz change to differen
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Bitcoin Robot   is a trading robot for MT5. It takes into account the trend, support/resistance levels, determines the pivot points, the speed and acceleration of price changes. It works around the clock, completely in automatic mode and does not require special settings. For deposit insurance, 4 types of Stop Loss are provided: Virtual Stop Loss on points , when the lot is not increased. It is triggered when the price moves in the opposite direction. Then at a certain level the position will be
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Daniel Stein
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Las claves del éxito en el comercio de Forex son la disciplina, la paciencia y una clara ventaja, como la que tenemos con nuestro exclusivo análisis de volumen de operaciones reales. Esa es nuestra experiencia de 10 años operando en Forex, y todos estos factores clave se resumen en la serie S tein I nvestments E xpert A dvisor ( SIEA ). SIEA ZEN proporciona una relación riesgo-recompensa muy equilibrada y sobrevive fácilmente a todas las circunstancias del mercado, incluso a las más críticas
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As we know, the love for gold is inherent in humans genetically and probably inherited from our ancestors, so traders are attracted like a magnet to trade the yellow metal. And today I give you such an opportunity. The offered tool is practically a gold mine on your home computer. Gold trading Forex advisor Honest Gold EA works with the author's indicator, which filters out market noise and generates signals for entry and exit. In fact, it is a modified and adapted version of the standard adviso
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I would like to introduce you to the Octopus EA. It is a Forex trading robot that can and will make you money. All you have to do is put the robot on the quotes chart and count your profits. Working Pairs:  EURUSD, GBPUSD,AUDUSD Timeframe: H1 Account type: Hedge Leverage 1:100 and higher 1. What are the advantages of this trading advisor? Trend Control. a) This forex advisor always controls the trend. Therefore, you will always trade in the direction of the main price movement. It is the safest
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General description; This EA is made to be used in the Gold market. It's made for trading Gold in mind. This Trading Robot is based on more than 14 years of winning patterns and will open trades by the minute, 24 hours a day. It will handle everything, from opening positions, closing them, managing risk. Features; - Timeframe-Less Expert Advisor that works by the second and recalculate everything with whichever situation that might exist. - Dynamic market watcher that adjust itself to cope
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Traders Toolbox es una herramienta todo en uno (deje un comentario) Características: 19 Señales individuales : cada una de estas señales está sesgada en una configuración de estilo de red neuronal para constituir el resultado final / general. Cada señal tiene su propia configuración que se puede personalizar u optimizar si es necesario.   En integral Screen Display - Seis paneles broche de distancia Con la amplia información y consejos de herramientas. (haga clic en el borde del panel para de
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Reactor MT5 es un asesor experto totalmente automático para el comercio intradía. se basa en muchos indicadores. El asesor experto puede obtener una tasa muy alta de operaciones ganadoras. El experto fue probado en todo el período histórico disponible en pares de divisas EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD y USDJPY M15 con resultados excepcionales. Puede descargar la demostración y probarla usted mismo. Mis pruebas se realizaron con la fecha real del tic con una precisión del 99,90%, la extensión rea
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Gold Hedge EA MT5 is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading Gold and Forex (EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY). The EA have DD Reduction Algoritm - drawdown reduction algorithm it when last order with profit will be close with first order series with loss. SETTINGS Open new series - on / off beginning of a new series of orders. Start lots - start lot. Trade Buy - allow the adviser to buy. Trade Sell - allow the adviser to sell. Use hedge - allow the adviser to trade both direction buy and sell
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Jeissy Avila Ferreira
(OctinBot Vaccine para MT4 no utiliza estrategias peligrosas como martingala, cuadrícula, entre otras) Un excelente asesor experto de bajo riesgo, con un precio asequible pensando en la comunidad en estos tiempos de crisis. OctinBot (Vaccine MT4) lo ayudará a obtener un ingreso constante y moderado. OctinBot Vaccine opera únicamente con lotes fijos. Asesor Experto Automatizado de Forex - OctinBot (Vaccine MT4), con una estrategia optimizada para el mercado actual, lo ayudará a obtener resultado
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