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EwoMov indicator is useful for determining a trend with higher period of price Moving Averages (it should be higher than 200).

I will give the template of screenshots for everyone interested in this indicator.

I am using this indicator for swing trade on M5-M30 charts.

This indicator uses several bars for calculation. They are all saved in external parameters. The proper values are 5 - 13 - 34, but you can change them.

It is ready for all timeframes, but does its best for M5-H1. It is designed to be optimized for other timeframes.

You can find some explanations on screenshots. To use it, find crossings of EWO line, SIGNAL line and ZERO line, and together with your best trend indicator you can determine entry points.

For more information about my product, you can contact me via Skype: assassinforex.

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Versión 1.5 2014.11.07
Upgraded default parameters