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If you like candle patterns you should be aware of their mutability. Shift the time axis by a fraction of a single bar, and you'll see completely different figures. But this fraction can be just a valid GMT offset from another time zone, and these new candle patterns should work in the same way as the ones from your timezone do.

This indicator builds candle bars with open times shifted in future. It takes your major period into consideration, but creates bars starting with a specified offset, so that prices look shifted by specified number of minor periods: D1 and larger timeframes are shifted by hours, hourly and minutely timeframes are shifted by minutes.

In addition to the new candle patterns discovery, you will actually see 1 bar ahead, and the bar contains all the latest minor periods except for starting shift of them.


  • shift - number of minor periods to shift major period; default - 0 (no shift at all);
  • width - width of candle bodies; default - 5;

On the screenshots below you may see EURUSD D1 and EURUSD H1 shifted by 12 - for D1 it's 12 hours shift, and for H1 it's 12 minutes shift; EURUSD M15 is shifted by 6 (minutes). In all cases a "future" bar is shown to the right to the 0-th bar. This is because in all these cases shift was less than number of minor periods already passed after the major period started.

In other words, minor periods with the shift and larger offset do provide data for the "future" bar. But if the shift is larger than actual time passed since current major bar start, there will be no the "future" bar, because it has not yet started. For example, on EURUSD M15 with shift = 5, there will be no the "future" bar for 5 starting minutes, it will show from every 5-th, 20-th, 35-th, 50-th minute.

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