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Ever wondered what is XAU/XAG rate or how Chinese Yuan is traded against Russian Ruble? This indicator gives the answers. It shows a cross rate between current chart symbol and other symbol specified in parameters.

Both symbols must have a common currency. For example, in cases of XAUUSD and XAGUSD, or USDRUB and USDCHN, USD is the common currency. The indicator tries to determine the common part from symbols automatically. If it fails, the DefaultBase parameter is used. It is required for non-Forex symbols, such as #MSFT, #GOOG, etc. Please make sure such tickers share the same quote currency.


  • ReferenceSymbol - a name of symbol, which is used to build a cross with current work symbol. Can't be empty.
  • DefaultBase - a common currency used to combine current chart symbol and ReferenceSymbol rates while calculating the cross rate. Default - USD.

Depending on the structure of used symbols - which currency goes first (base currency), and which goes last (quote currency) - the resulting rate can represent direct or inverted ratio. For example, if you use USDJPY chart and enter EURJPY as ReferenceSymbol, you'll get USD/EUR rate. Or, if you use EURJPY chart and enter USDJPY as ReferenceSymbol, you'll get EUR/USD rate. This is, of course, a trivial, useless example, just to illustrate the logic. The indicator name includes resulting cross description.

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Versión 1.2 2015.08.28
Fixed a bug with wrong "direction" detection of some specific symbols.
Versión 1.1 2014.07.11
Number of digits in indicator values increased to 5, in order to eliminate problems with sub-window scaling.