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CCFpExtra is an extended version of the classic cluster indicator - CCFp. This is the MT4 version of indicator CCFpExt available for MT5. Despite the fact that MT5 version was published first, it is MT4 version which was initially developed and tested, long before MT4 market was launched.

Main Features

  • Arbitrary groups of tickers or currencies are supported: can be Forex, CFDs, futures, spot, indices;
  • Time alignment of bars for different symbols with proper handling of possibly missing bars, including cases when tickers have different trading schedule;
  • Using up to 30 instruments for market calculation (only first 8 are displayed).


  • Instruments - comma separated list of instruments with a common currency; for Forex symbols the common currency is either a quote currency or a base currency, which is detected in all given symbols; if the autodetection failed (as for non-Forex tickers), DefaultBase parameter is used (here, 'base' means a common currency between all tickers, not a base currency of a Forex symbol); the default set of instruments includes all Forex majors EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY,AUDUSD,USDCAD,NZDUSD; please note, that NZDUSD can be missing at some demo servers, so don't forget to edit as appropriate;
  • MA_Method - moving average method, the default is linear weighted;
  • Price - moving average applied price type, the default is typical price;
  • Fast - fast moving average period, the default is 1;
  • Slow - slow moving average period, the default is 2;
  • All_Bars - number of bars to calculate on, the default 0 means all available bars;
  • BarByBar - false means re-calculating 0-th bar on every tick, true (default) means calculating bar only once (on 1-st tick and when closed);
  • DefaultBase - default common currency to use; it's used only if the base can not be detected automatically.


While filling in Instruments, please, make sure you enter existing symbols - if the symbol is misspelled or unavailable on your server, an error occurs. If Instruments parameter contains a symbol missing in Market Watch or with insufficient data, indicator writes a message in the Experts log.

When number of Instruments is greater than 8, all of them participate in calculations and affect chart lines, but only first 8 are displayed. Though it's feasible to have more than 8 lines, it would produce difficulties with perception. Moreover, each next instrument added to the cluster affects the whole picture less.

Please, be patient. The indicator calculates a bunch of moving averages for every symbol, for different time frames. When it's placed on a chart first time, the process may take a while, usually this means some data has being still downloading and calculating. All necessary refreshes take place automatically. Nevertheless, when you run indicator first time for a specific set of instruments, you may see a distorted or empty graph. In such cases please reopen indicator settings dialog and press OK once more.

CCFpExtra allows you analyzing many interesting clusters, for example, Russian ruble ring (USDRUR, GBPRUR, EURRUR), oil industry (#LKOH, #ROSN, #SGNS, #SIBN), foods (wheat, corn, soy), indices, etc. Some of them are shown below on screenshots. Another examples can be found at MT5 CCFpExt indicator page.


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Versión 1.2 2014.07.08
Improved check of bars requiring re-calculation on the terminal start.
Versión 1.1 2014.06.16
- Fixed "array out of range" error
- Fixed default values (to comply with documentation).