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Reiona is an Expert Advisor (EA) that build based on martingale and hedging method.

The main idea is place buy and sell in parallel, save the unprofitable positions with martingale, and keep the profit during trade with hedging.

The RSI, iClose, iHighest and iLowest indicators are used for entries. The highest and lowest prices are to indicate the range of new orders, where the next order, with same type must be higher than 75% of difference between this lowest and highest prices.

When the buy and sell width of hedging is too wide, you can close it by your self. And you can also use this EA in another pairs or window at same time, with different magic number value.

Pairs and timeframes

This EA is recommended for use on GPBUSD at M1 timeframes, with 10000 of initial balance, lot=0.02 and broker must allow hedging.


  • MagicNumber - the mark number used to identify orders, which are sent and managed by this EA. If this EA runs on multiple pairs, every pair must be run with different magic number, for example: GBPUSD - 100001, EURUSD - 200002, XAUUSD - 300003, etc.
  • NumCandle - the number of candles that used for calculate highest and lowest prices. For example NumCandle = 60 at M1 timeframes, its mean the range of order to new order depend on the highest and lowest price of candle one hour before. If its set to 0, then the default value of this parameter will be taken to 15 candle.
  • CloseAtStop - the option to close or not all orders at Remove EA action. Only remove orders that have magic number that specified by MagicNumber parameter above. 
  • ShowHighLowLines - display or not the highest and the lowest lines based on NumCandle above. 
  • OrderLots - initial lots value used for the initial orders. For example: OrderLots = 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, etc.
  • Slip - slippage value that used for every new order request.
  • RsiMinimum - minimum value of RSI Indicator that allow new sell order.
  • RsiMaximum - maximum value of RSI Indicator that allow new buy order.
  • TakeProfit - the limit profit of hedging value that will be taken during trade. If its set to 0 that mean the EA will try to keep the profit until you close it by your self.


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