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Movering is a fully automated trading advisor. The settings of the adviser were configured and customized for trading using the safe scalping strategy, which involves opening short-term trades and closing them when a positive profitability ratio of several points is reached, which allows the user to minimize losses from the opening of negative-return trades.
The advisor’s tactics are to launch parallel processes for consolidating possible transactions into a special channel and encapsulating them into the information flow, then transactions placed into the flow pass implicit selection based on validity and filtering entry and exit points using specific integrated macro commands (or indicators), then the advisor is sent a signal to open a trade. Such a combination allows the user, through regulatory means, to ensure a surplus of profitable transactions, and, minimizing costs, to achieve a high rate of return.
Movering does not use the martingale strategy and other strategies to gradually multiply the lot, emphasizing trade security and the absence of high risks of regression of profit and loss of deposit due to the opening of losing trades with multiplied lots.
Special features
• The ability to accommodate, built-in advisor, allows him to be configured for any currency pair and any timeframe.
• Advisor can operate on any brokerage floor.
• Advisor can work with any leverage.

Recommendations from the manufacturer
• Recommended deposit of $ 3000
• Recommended leverage is 1: 500
• The manufacturer recommends using the basic settings.
German Novitskiy
German Novitskiy 2019.03.31 12:57 

Nice expert! Trades good, provides nice benefits. Respects!