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The Expert Advisor places a grid of limit orders above and below the current price according to the settings. After the orders are triggered, the adviser controls the current state of profit. In case of reaching the profit specified in the settings (in the deposit currency), the adviser closes market and pending orders and opens the grid again.


  • Initial trading lot - Trading lot for the first order;
  • LotKoef - The multiplication factor for each subsequent order;
  • The distance to the first order in the grid - Distance from the current price to the first order in the grid;
  • Step in the grid - Step between orders in the order grid;
  • Orders in each grid - The number of orders in each direction;
  • $ Profit to close - Profit level for closing (in deposit currency);
  • $ Loss to close - The level of loss to close (in deposit currency);
  • Magic - Magic number;
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