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Fast Easy Copy

Most simplified copy robot that it can copy trades from a terminal to several terminals:

This is an utility robot. It doesn't work on strategy tester! It can copy trades, it can follow accounts.

Maybe you want to open several accounts(several terminals) on one(single) computer, and, all of that accounts maybe on a single server or each of them may be on different servers. Maybe you want to copy trades from one account on one terminal to the other accounts on the other terminals. On that time, you need "Fast Easy Copy" expert advisor.

It is copying all of the activities through server to clients. On the other words, clients will have been mirror of server. If terminal as server opens a trade order, then, immediately terminals as clients open that trade order. Same as pending orders. Because of not required on this kind of copy, stop loss levels and take profit levels are not been copying.

What are the enhancements

  • Quickly and simply.
  • Copy transactions from MT4 terminal to MT4 terminals on one computer.
  • No restrictions, no heavy settings.
  • No unnecessary settings that only makes crowd.
  • High speed copy capability.
  • Very simple: attach it to any chart and set it as server or client, then, it will immediately work at that time, forget it.
  • There is no need for additional files or special resources or.dll files. It creates a .csv file in the shared directory and uses it for communication.
  • There are only two settings.
  • It checks the MINLOT and MAXLOT levels.
  • It works on both demo and real accounts.

You can find demo version for free "here".


1-) Will act as server or client?

  • SERVER: The mode running on the terminal sends out transactions.
  • CLIENT: The mode running on the terminal receives transactions.

2-) Lot Multiplier (only clients):

  • On the client side. Lot copied from server trade is multiplied with this value and appear with new size. Default multiplier value is: 1.0


With this simple copy robot, client terminals accounts will have been mirror of server terminal account. Please don't forget that client terminals accounts must have same specifications as server terminal account.

  • They must have same leverage levels.
  • They must have equal balance levels or client terminals accounts should have greater balance than the server terminal account.
  • If the server's terminal account has a hedging specification, then the client terminals accounts must also have this hedging specification.
  • Not only hedging, please be careful that the client terminals accounts specifications must be same as the server terminal account specifications

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Versión 3.0 2018.09.24
New setting "Lot Multiplier" is included to settings.
On the client side, Lot copied from server trade is multiplied with this value and appear with new size.
Versión 2.0 2018.07.20
On the code's "about" window, program description is changed, renewed.
"You could download DEMO VERSION here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29912" is inserted to description.
Big optimization of the code, timing is corrected. Slightly faster and stable than version 1.0.
Bug, "when order is closed again same order opening immediately" is corrected.