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Indicator of Stowell's Three-Bar Net Line. In this indicator, the number of bars used for determining the lines can be defined in the settings. With the default settings, the indicator draws arrows in the areas of the line breakout. The lines are not displayed on the chart by default. but can be enabled.


  • Alerts - enable alerts when arrows appear. Arrows appear on a forming bar and can disappear during bar formation. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the bar with the arrow to close to make sure the breakout had actually taken place. Accordingly, the alert may be generated based on the current bar (Alerts_Bar0) and the first complete bar (Alerts_Bar1).
  • N - the number of bars to determine the levels.
  • ShowLevels - display the levels.
Andrey Sorokin
Andrey Sorokin 2018.10.11 16:05 

отличный индикатор