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Broken Level

The Broken Level automated Expert Advisor uses strong levels, that stand against the main trend, and opens orders along the trend when those levels are broken. Broken Level enters the market by its own unique algorithm using pending stop orders with predefined stop loss and take profit. This minimizes the slippages when opening trades, and stop loss prevents the unforeseen losses.

The order placement point, take profit and stop loss values are calculated by the price change analysis algorithm, without the use of lagging indicators. The average frequency of market entries is once a week.

Advantages of the Broken Level EA

  • Does not use lagging indicators and enters the market only based on the price action.
  • Uses dynamic stop loss, tied to price levels.
  • The tests show a small drawdown, therefore it is suitable for use as part of a portfolio of multiple robots with different operation algorithms.
  • Do not use martingale, grid and other high-risk trading strategies.
  • When optimized, it can also work on other volatile pairs, which indicates the efficiency of the algorithm.
  • The EA is not sensitive to spread and slippage. It can work in all market conditions, with any broker and on any accounts with a minimum size of the deposit, even with $50; at least $100 is recommended. The leverage recommended for small deposits is 1:500.
  • Optimized algorithm of the robot does not load the CPU.
  • Fully automated and has a minimal number of settings.
  • Automatically analyzes the price movement and determines the parameters for entering the market.
  • The optimal EA settings have been preset for trading EURUSD H1.

Trading conditions

  • As for any experts, it is recommended to use it on VPS to prevent unexpected terminal shutdowns and disconnections.
  • The EA must be attached to EURUSD H1 for maximum efficiency.
  • 5-digit quotes, minimum lot - 0.01.
  • Leverage - 1:50 or higher. For small deposits (below $200), choose a broker with the maximum leverage available - 1:300 or higher.
  • Spread less than 30 pips. The smaller the spread, the more effective the EA operation.

Settings of the EA

Strategy settings for opening buy orders

  • BuyON - enable the strategy of opening only buy orders.
  • Profit coefficient Buy - profit coefficient for buy trades.
  • Orders shift Buy - offset from a trade level for buying.

Strategy settings for opening sell orders

  • SellON - enable the strategy of opening only sell orders.
  • Profit coefficient Sell - profit coefficient for sell trades.
  • Orders shift Sell - offset from a trade level for selling.

Money Management

  • Risk - risk per trade, percentage of the free margin to automatically increase the lot size. If set to 0, entries are made with the minimum lot. The recommended minimum for EURUSD is 5.0%.
  • Magic - individual number for orders of the EA.
  • Orders comment - custom comments to the EA's orders.
  • Show Info - display the information on the leverage and spread of your broker.

For Customers

Before purchasing the EA, download the demo version and test the robot on the history data provided by your broker.

Do not change the initial parameters of the robot, if you are not certain in your actions.

By increasing the Risk value, you can significantly increase the profitability of the robot, if you know what you are doing. Change the settings at your own risk.

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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Versión 1.3 2018.05.04
1. Doubling of lot on Monday has been restored.
2. Opening of all orders has been moved to 6:00 GMT.
Versión 1.2 2018.04.27
1. Added settings for GMT time shift for a proper operation of the Expert Advisor and a correct testing in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester.
2. Now the EA can work with 4-digit brokers.
3. The algorithm has been optimized.
Versión 1.1 2017.11.02
The EA is now able to work on charts of EURUSD with any suffixes in the name, for example: EURUSDf, EUR/USD, etc.