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This is an arrow indicator for binary options. It does not redraw, arrows do not disappear. The indicator implements an optional tester for visual monitoring of the number of signal and win rate. Does not require adjustment or fitting. Works on all pairs and gold. The signal appears at the close of a candle. Entry is made on the next bar. Optional alert. For trading with robots, there is a setting for the number of bars in history. If 0, the entire history is used.

  • The EA operation time: 24/5
  • Working TF: M5
  • Currency pairs: All + gold.
  • Expiration: 1 bar (5 minutes)


  • Statistics = True/False - enable/disable the signal statistics.
  • Start - statistics start date.
  • Expiration - option execution time, in current timeframe bars.
  • Display Angle - chart corner to display the statistics window.
  • Horizontal offset - horizontal offset of the statistics window.
  • Vertical offset - vertical offset of the statistics window.
  • Indenting - line spacing.
  • Text Size - font size.
  • Substrate Width - background size of the statistics window.
  • Substrate color - background color of the statistics window.
  • Color text - text color.
  • Color ++ - color of positive trades.
  • Color - - color of negative trades.
  • Bars - number of bars in history (0 - all history).
  • Alert = True/False - alert when a signal is received.

The indicator does not generate signals often. It generates about 50-55 signals on the major currency pairs and gold.

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Versión 2.0 2017.10.25
Improved the indicator operation algorithm. Greater emphasis is made on signals quality.