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Very Active Robot

eaVeryActive is an Expert Advisor (Robot) for any financial instrument on the MT4 platform.

All input parameters were optimized and used on EURUSD, M15. Of course you are able to optimized those parameters for any currency pairs and time frames. The main input parameters are a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h, which can be any numbers in the range from 1 to 9 - input parameters (weight coefficients) of the one layer neural network.

This robot will open as many position as you want by input parameter maxPosition, but not more than your broker allows.

All additional new positions will appear as a grid with the GridStep by your choice.

If you want all position will have (or not) the StopLoss (useSL = true). This StopLoss will move after the price (if the price is moving in the right direction) with each new candle.

If the robot is making more than one order then it will calculate an average TakeProfit and modify all Long and Short positions (separately of course).

You will be able to control a time window when this robot should be working by input parameters BegHour (beginning of trade) and BegMinutes (beginning minutes) and EndHour (ending of trade) and EndMinutes (ending minutes).

This EA has a Money-Management system (UseMM = true). In this case it will calculate a percentage (input parameter PercentMM) as AcoountFreeMargin function.

Input Parameters

  • maxPositions = 5; - Maximum number of Long or Short opened positions (separately) at any given time
  • GridStep = 15; - Difference between two consecutive orders (the same type) in points.
  • Buys = true; - Allows Long positions
  • Sells = true; - Allows Short potions
  • a ... h - input parameters (weight coefficients) of the neural network. A value from 1 to 9. Use them for training the EA on a History data.
  • TP_Buy = 500; - The digital value of the TakeProfit for all Long positions
  • TP_Sel = 500; - The digital value of the TakeProfit for all Short positions
  • BegHour = 10; - The hour when the robot will start to work
  • BegMinutes = 15; - The Minutes (to the beginning hour - BegHour) when the robot will start to work
  • EndHour = 17; - The hour when the robot will end to work
  • EndMinutes = 30; - The Minutes (to the ending hour - EndHour) when the robot will end to work
  • UseMM = false; - If True then Money Management will be in charge of a LotSize
  • PercentMM = 5; If UseMM = true then the EA will calculate a percentage from AccountFreeMargin as a Lot Size
  • Lots = 0.01; - a LotSize value if UseMM = false
  • MagicNum - unique magic number for all positions from this robot
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