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MASi Adaptive MA

Adaptive MA is a simple modification of the moving averages (MAs) that allows displaying an average value line based on multiple MAs on the chart. The parameters allow you to set any number of MA periods. The number of parameters is equal to the number of moving averages applied in calculation.
At first, it may seem that nothing new has been invented and there is no sense in this approach. However, this impression is deceptive.

As we know, the trends have different duration. Have you ever tried to combine the readings of МАs from different timeframes? Or MAs from completely different periods? Or frequently used MA periods?

The indicator also allows you to experiment both with quantity and quality of the selected MA values due to the ability to assign a certain weight to each period.

Download the indicator and develop your own ways of using it. Have a look at the screenshots illustrating the indicator applying the standard parameters.


  • Moving average periods - list of MA periods
  • Use weighting factors - enable/disable weight ratios in the calculation
  • Weights of moving averages - list of weight ratios for the appropriate MAs
  • Moving average type - МА calculation type
  • Price type - price type for calculation


  • The number of elements in the list of MA periods and their weights should be equal when enabling the calculation by weight ratios
  • Please post your suggestions concerning the indicator and its application methods in the Comments section
rainwalker123 2019.07.31 22:41 

Very Good Work