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Ochna Integerrima

If you like a grid system, the expert may be useful for you. It is designed to optimal grid with many function inside. The expert can fully auto or custom setting with your idea. The market will change so the expert should be flexible and adjusting follow the market.. Some more detail as below:

  • Pairs: All
  • Timeframe: M15, H1
  • Deposit for 01 pair: 100$ with the initial lot of 0.01 lot
  • Default setting is suitable for EUR/USD


  • Take profit for closing orders ($): when the profit archive to this value, all orders will closed.
  • The value of first step, pips: the pip distance to put a next order.
  • Number steps to put buy/sell orders: how much steps to put buy and sell orders.
  • Maximum orders for buy: maximum orders in the buy grid.
  • Maximum orders for sell: maximum orders in the sell grid.
  • Lots for first order in grid: the first lots for the first order, recommend using 0.01 lots.
  • Currency for minimum lots: for example: this value is 1000$ for 0.01 (the first lots), if your risk deposit for one currency is 2000$ that means you will get 0.02 lots for the first order (previous parameter).
  • Lots multiplier: the next orders will be calculated from previous order in the lots multiplied.
  • Which Orders starts apply Lots multiplier: after that orders, each next order volume will be multiplied.
  • Permission for buy orders: «true», buy orders are enabled.
  • Permission for sell orders: «true», sell orders are enabled.
  • Stop trading after crossing of manual level: «true», permission to use of setting levels for buy and for sell.
  • Stop buy orders if lower than level: do not put new first order if Ask lower than this level.
  • Stop sell buy orders if higher than level: do not put new first order if Bid higher than this level.
  • Pips slippage: the value of slippage for market execution orders.
  • Risk deposit for one currency pair: stop to put new orders if this value achieved.
Real account monitoring for my products is available here.
Before using on a live account, it is recommended to test the EA in the strategy tester in the terminal. The EA can work with any broker and leverage. The recommended setting for any pairs will be send and update in "Comments tab"

Thanks for care.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2017.05.23 16:13 

Mis felicitaciones al autor para que lo siga desarrollando y mejorando, porque el sistema es muy bueno.

Miki L
Miki L 2017.05.16 16:29 

YES, its good EA, and make profit! M15 Best TF for me!;)

Ted NO FX 2017.05.16 01:30 

Very good EA grid system. You can use low deposit as 100 usd. Making me good profits for last 1 week now :) Recomended to anyone! Best regards Ted.

Atep Novic
Atep Novic 2017.05.16 00:25 

the ea work very good on ecn account , i recomended this ea

Versión 1.1 2018.08.18
Fixed some calculate distance errors.