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This indicator can display 1-3 CCI indicator on different time frames and settings. The active indicators can give visual and sound alert on oversold/overbought level if the user choose that option. Alert can be set on one or all active indicator, even if the time frame, the period and the oversold/overbought level different on each. There is a display panel with buttons on the main chart, what is show the active indicators and their settings. There is an option to hide this panel. With the buttons temporary you can hide some of the active CCI.


  • Panellocation - The display panel on main chart, which corner you want to see it.
  • Panel size - You can choose normal or large size.
  • Panel shift - How far you want the panel from the side.
  • Colorof active CCI button - Active CCI.
  • Color of inactive CCI button - Active CCI but temporary hidden.
  • Use CCI - Choose only one or all three.
  • CCI time-frame - Each CCI can be on a different time-frame.
  • CCI color - The CCI line color and on the display panel button the color of the letters.
  • CCI overbought level - CCI above this level is overbought, and display a down arrow and alert.
  • CCI oversold level - CCI below this level is oversold, and display an up arrow and alert.
  • CCIshow levels - since all three CCI can be set for different overbought/oversold levels, that can make the indicator window crowded, so is the user decision which levels will be visible.
  • Alert on arrow - pop up alert on the arrow.
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