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AIS Correct Averages

AIS Correct Averages indicator allows you to determine the beginning of the trend movement in the market. Another important quality of the indicator is a clear signal of the end of the trend. The indicator is not redrawn or recalculated.

Displayed values

h_AE - the upper limit of the AE channel

l_AE - the lower boundary of the AE channel

h_EC - High value projected for the current bar

l_EC - Low predicted value for the current bar

Signals for the indicator

The main channel signal is the intersection of AE and EC.

The uptrend may begin when l_EC line appears above h_AE line.

Start the downtrend may be expected after h_EC line falls below the line l_AE.

Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the width of the channel between the lines and h_AE l_AE. The greater the difference between them, the trend will be more pronounced. You should also pay attention to the achievement of local maxima / minima AE channel. At this time, the trend of price change are the strongest.

Configurable indicator

Setting the indicator is in the selection of LRH parameter depending on the timeframe. The region of valid values ​​of this parameter - from 1 to 350.

The smaller the value, the more sensitive indicator may increase and spurious signals. On the other hand should not set this parameter too large, as the indicator will be less sensitive and will skip signals.

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