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I develop trading robots according to your algorithm.

Viber/WhatsApp: +79524070188

If you have a trading strategy that you are working for a long time, but do not have time to sit constantly at the monitor and monitor the situation on the market, the trading robot can become your irreplaceable assistant in this case. He will monitor the trading signals in it for the pledged algorithm, open positions according to these signals, to accompany them and close when it is necessary. Trading advisor can do without the constant presence of the trader in the workplace. Only occasionally (1-2 times a month) you will need to adjust the settings advisor under the changed market.

Advisor for MT4 - it is an opportunity to test your trading strategy on historical data. This possibility of selection optimatnyh settings to maximize the value of your trading strategy. It's either not defatigable employee who can give you more than a percentage of the profits from the deposit.

To automate the trading strategy, you just need to contact me with a description of the algorithm and you get:

1 The program is fully compliant with your technical project
2 The ability of this solution to work on all types of accounts, all trade tools
and time periods
3 Resistance to the market situation trading robot capable of reducing its work
after rebooting the terminal connection failure or a power outage.
4 Easily extensible program code in the event future upgrades and additions
5 Lifetime warranty on the obtained solution
6 Free minor modifications
7 Help with installation and operation of the advisor.

skype: sanyooooook1
e-mail: sn-bot @

PS: use Google translator
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Как Вам такой вариант использования ИИ?

Очень часто мне задают разные вопросы касаемо настройки терминала МТ4. Для облегчения этого момента привлек ChatGPT к ответам на вопросы касаемо настройки терминала МТ4.

тестируем по ссылке
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Question: Does the Transaction Repeater Full have a function to delay opening deals?

Answer: There is no such function in the deal copier. Transactions are copied almost instantly without delay.
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Just a statistic
The data was taken from the signals service at the moment. The stats are only for those signals, which are visible in the window. ZS: added link to the statistics file
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Why won't I ever sign up for a signal?
Each his own option please. I, for example, cannot trust even the most profitable and seemingly low-risk one without knowing its algorithm
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Don't go to the market, girls ;)
I'm looking at it and thinking: Uncle Misha was right when he said that the spread eats up all the profits. For today the spread was 365,000. ZS: But if someone enters on the market, then someone is sure to limit, hence I conclude that entering on
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Negro!
Previous branch titles: 1. would you like a grail ? ;)(Friday). 2. Galey is gone, gave away free to all comers, only the rake is left 3. A flash mob of losers and whiners. 4. Not an interesting topic at all. 5.A bowl of paracha. 6. Again da laud. 7
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic To the world conspiracy plotters and complete paranoiacs, or simply those who like to control the price, you are welcome! ;)
1. First, create two variables "THIGH" value 110000, "TLOW" value 90000 in the global variables of the terminal. 2. Run the TICK script on any chart. At any other chart launch Isc_Bar. 4. Menu->File->Open Offline. Open a
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Friday nonsense
Do you people really believe in all these trading theories and all sorts of pseudo financial trading systems
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Where do non-market quotes come from? )
Actually a question on the subject )
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic When will a trader be allowed to make money?
As soon as another grail is found, there are sanctions from SC (change of spread, quoter change, etc.) that bring the whole grail to naught. Are there any methods to fight with CCs? ))
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Real market profile (at least from MT4)
Prologue: It is a shame that DC sees all our positions but we see only ours. I have an idea and a rough idea of how to implement it, but due to the lack of some skills everything stands still. Many people want to know where the crowd is watching
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic The absurdity of a stop loss
No, really, it's a desire to close a position at a loss ZS: by placing a stop we are not limiting our losses, we are specifying the price at which we are willing to close the position at a loss
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic America's default, in Russian.
The previous title of the thread was Default on America. How much of this is possible? This morning, a colleague "cheered up" with the news
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic What to do with the grail?
I found it, but now I don't know what to do with it. )
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic The future
Sorry didn't hold back, I became the lucky owner of history up to 20 October 2010 on GBPUSD
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic What if the cable gets cut?
I'm interested in the consequences. It's just that, if there is such a possibility, should we start worrying already? )
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic How can I tell if I have decompiled or not?
Is there some kind of algorithm? or can any code that contains variables of type fall under decompiled code? double ld_52;    double ld_60;    double ld_68;    double ld_76;    double ld_84;    double
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Where's the money, Zin?
I installed MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent not so long ago. Everything was fine agents work, the pennies drip. Everyone is happy, except for a few things (1 , 2 ), but that's the little things. And so I ended up in the bathhouse. I was in a
Alexandr Bryzgalov
Added topic Algorithms, profitable and not so profitable.
I refer to this simple algorithm as an MM algorithm. You need a steady deposit, preferably 1:1 leverage and a large stock of patience to work properly. From the price, a grid is placed at the top to sell, and at the bottom to buy. When one of the