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Assistant Open Sl Tp AutoClose Mt4


  • fast opening / closing deals
  • automatic closing of trades by profit / loss
  • the number of deals and the total profit for the Symbol

Fast open deals:

  • set the Lot volume
  • set StopLoss / TakeProfit in points (if you set "0", then it is not used)
  • set slippage
  • set Magic (if necessary)
  • set comment (if necessary)

Fast open features:

  • fast open Buy
  • fast open Sell
  • fast close ALL open orders for the current Symbol

Auto close deals by profit / loss (analogue of virtual StopLoss / TakeProfit):

  • mode:
    1. Off;
    2. by profit / loss in points
    3. by profit / loss in the deposit currency
  • Types of deals:
    1. Buy and sell
    2. only Buy
    3. only Sell
  • set conditions for closing by profit per trade
  • set conditions for closing at a loss per trade


  • this utility works only on the current instrument
  • this utility works on a VPS
  • must enable Algo trading in the terminal and in the Utility settings
  • all error messages are written to the terminal logs

Other utilites:

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