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True Direction Oscillator

Or (TDO) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   which is an index that measures the price rate of change using the principle of " Pure Momentum".

When a security price advances from 10 to 15 then the price rate of change is 150% but when it declines back from 15 to 10 then price rate of change is 33.3% only. That is why technical analysis indicators like "Price Rate of Change" (ROC) or "Momentum" gives higher readings for ascending price movements than that given to descending ones. TDO fixes this problem to help traders at reading momentum correctly depending on a simple calculation method that explained in the next two steps:

  1. Center = (A + B) / 2
  2. TDO = 100 x (A – B) / Center

      TDO Features

      • TDO calculate pure momentum as percent, so it is used to compare different securities from different markets. (Ex: compare EURUSD with Gold & Dow Jones Industrial).
      • TDO panel calculation depends on five different periods, to cover a wide range of market cycles and can be more effective at catching trends.
      • TDO arrow appears when all TDO panel dots are in line for the first time. This feature reduces the number of false zero-line cross signals to their lowest number.
      • Sound, email alerts when trend strengthens and when arrow signals appear at the beginning of a new trend.
      • You can easily switch between FX pairs by pressing in the Symbols Button. You can choose to open the chart in a new window.
      • You can add a Standard Deviation Channel or a Linear Regression Channel easily by pressing the Channel Button.
      • You can add Grid from different levels of round numbers.
      • You can add support & resistance levels.
      • Well-designed parameters to help the user easily navigate between them.
      • TDO code is revised to make sure that it will not consume the user's PC memory.
      • TDO arrows do not repaint or recalculate its results.

      Trading Tips

      • Buy / Sell when trading arrows appear.
      • Add to position when TDO Panel is in-line.
      • Use TDO Utilities like Channels, Grid to find the target and stop loss for your position.

      Important TDO Parameters

      1.TDO Settings.

      • First TDO Period [ Min =1 ]: This is the first cycle in the TDO Panel. Default is 10.

      2. TDO Colors List & Buttons.

      • Chart Colors List: You can choose between four different color lists, or you can choose to (Do Nothing).

        3. TDO Arrows & Alert
        4. TDO Panel Alert
        5. TDO Symbols Buttons

        • Window to Show Symbols Panel: Show Symbol Buttons in Main chart window  or in TDO Window.
        • Button Click Action: Open chart on the same window or in a new window.
        • Symbols Source From: Get symbols from custom symbol list  or from Market Watch.
        • List of symbols (separated by ";"): If you choose symbols from a custom list then separate between symbols by ";".
        • Buttons in a Horizontal Row [Min=(1)]: Number of buttons to show in a row.
        • Time-Frames to Show [Min=(1) & Max=(9)]: Default is seven.

        6. TDO Channel

        • Channel Kind: Choose between Standard Deviation Channels or Linear Regression Channel.
        • Channel Ray: To show the channel as a ray.
        • Channel Length: Number of candles used in channel calculation. Default is 160.

        7. TDO Grid Lines

        • Sub Grid Levels Count: You can add from zero to ten sub levels between main grid levels.

        8. Zig Zone Levels

        I hope that TDO helps you with your trading. Please, contact me if you have any questions. I wish you good trading.

        Enjoy the game
        Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

        Reviews 489
        szuguan 2021.07.18 07:57 

        Thanks to this tool by Muhammad, it helps me to make decision on trading and the panel and extra utilities are very useful! Hope he keep on working and come out with fantastic trading tools in the future. Thumbs up!

        Oliver Graf
        Oliver Graf 2021.06.21 19:36 

        I implement the TDO in my personal day trading strategy and has proven to be a great tool for my trading. Using it mainly on DJ but works on all assets as far as I can judge. Looking forward to many more happy trades with this indicator! Well done Mr. Al Bermaui!

        CHANGYUN CHOI 2021.06.02 06:51 

        This indicator is very useful for trading. I have BDP, BBand, CKC channel. Really recommend!! Thanks to Bermaui...

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        Channel FTF
        Channel FTF
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        Advanced Supply Demand
        Bernhard Schweigert
        CURRENTLY 33% OFF !!   Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula. With this update, you will be able to show double timeframe zones . You will not only be able to show a higher TF but to show both, the chart TF, PLUS the higher TF: SHOWING NESTED ZONES . All Supply Demand traders will love it. :) Important Information Revealed Maximize th
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        Market View BreakOut Dashboard
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        The Market View BreakOut Dashboard is a very easy to use panel. Symbol buttons change color when a breakout of previous candle is performed. You can choose to see the breakout only on a TF selectable with TF buttons. Apply this indicator to the chart to navigate very quickly through all the symbols listed in the inputs. The list of symbols is customizable. You can create five custom sessions to view the market clearly. Also, you can create your favorite session. You can customize both the graph
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        Probability Tool Suite Elite
        Probability Tool Suite Elite
        Premier Global Holdings
        The elite (V3) multi-indicator suite from JoaquinTrading specifically geared towards Forex & binary options, including regulated exchanges such Nadex, Cantor Exchange, and other binary option brokers. The Probability Tool Suite Elite will provide the given win/loss outcome probabilities of up to 10 strike levels, a specific expiration duration, based on a combination of up to 16 indicators, rules, or conditions and derivative behavior (i.e. expiry, touch, touch & retrace).  Using this indicat
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        Pinbar Scanner With Trend Filter
        Pinbar Scanner With Trend Filter
        (FOR MT4)   Pinbar Scanner For Multi Pair and Multi Time Frame : This indicator has been designed to automatically identify high probability pinbar formations. It includes an RSI trend-filter for finding the best oppportunities and it will send you an alert when these setups are found. IMPORTANT FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND: A strong pinbar is clear evidence that the institutions are rejecting a particular price level.  These price levels are excellent areas to determine potential entries and exits
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        Ultimate Reversal Scanner With Trend Filter
        Ultimate Reversal Scanner With Trend Filter
        (FOR MT4)  Ultimate Reversal Scanner Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame :   This indicator has been designed to identify the powerful ' Three Line Strike ' reversal pattern. According to Thomas Bulkowski (internationally known author and a leading expert on candlestick patterns), the ' Three Line Strike ' has the   highest overall performance rank of  any  candlestick pattern. Bulkowski's best selling book "Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns" is recognized around the world, as the premier reference on
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        Sam TrendBlaster
        Sam TrendBlaster
        *****ARROWS NON REPAINT ***** Trade With Sam Simple Strategy Guide :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740855 Try Out and see the Difference The Sam's Trend Blaster indicator tracks the market trend with an unmatched reliability, by ignoring sudden fluctuations and market noise. It has been designed to trend-trade intraday charts and small timeframes. Its winning ratio is around 85%. This is an arrow indicator that shows precise price reversals. A great arsenal to add to any chart. Amazin
        98 USD
        Roman Lipatov
        This panel is designed for quick visual search for the price action patterns on several instruments simultaneously. It is possible to add and remove instruments. Clicking the signal button allows you to quickly move to the chart with the identified pattern and timeframe. The panel searches for 8 candlestick patterns: PIN-BAR, EXTERNAL BAR, INSIDE BAR, DOJI, LEVEL, HIGH/LOW OF N BAR, FAKEY, ONE-WAY N BAR. Any of the patterns can be disabled by clicking its title. It can also search in history (by
        75 USD
        Currency Strength 28 Pro
        Currency Strength 28 Pro
        Tsvetan Tsvetanov
        This indicator allows you to analyze the hidden trends and correlations between the 8 most traded currencies via unique strength meter which creates multiple charts in a single window based on the price action of each currency in relation to all other currencies. The indicator also includes interactive panel where you can see the trends for all 28 pairs as well as the distance to the highest and the lowest price for the selected period. With this panel you can switch between currency pairs with
        68 USD
        POWR Trend Trader
        POWR Trend Trader
        Trade Indicators LLC
        Our most popular indicator in our fleet of indicators. The POWR Trend Trader is the highest grossing manual strategy for trading on the market today. This indicator is upgraded with more Profit Points and also introduces Re-Entry alerts. The POWR Trend Trader (PTT) is our premier indicator! What this indicator can do for your profits is staggering! HOW TO USE The POWR Trend Trader has a Master Trend Meter at the bottom of the chart. We actually re-coded the main indicator that turns your candle
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        Strong VS Weak
        Strong VS Weak
        (FOR MT4)   Ultimate Strength Meter Strong Vs Weak :   This indicator has been specifically designed for measuring the strength of the 8 major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, NZD and CAD). Allowing you to quickly select the best pairs to trade (Strong VS Weak). This indicator provides an EXCELLENT way to trade particular trading sessions. And a great way to trade the news events. As it represents current (real time) conditions. And you can select at which time you would like for it t
        79 USD
        Pivot Point Scanner For Multi Pair
        Pivot Point Scanner For Multi Pair
        (FOR MT4)   Pivot Point Scanner Multi Pair :   This indicator has been desinged to automatically identify when price reaches a specified pivot point level. And it can monitor the entire market in the background, all from one chart. Allowing you to save an enormous  amount of time and effort. IMPORTANT FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND: For many years, floor traders (and market makers) have used pivot points to determine critical levels of support and resistance.  And these levels often act as price barr
        79 USD
        PipTick Currency Index MT4
        PipTick Currency Index MT4
        Michal Jurnik
        PipTick Currency Index is a really helpful tool that enables traders to display any index of eight major currencies. The indicator uses the unique calculation formula that reflects actual volume of forex market. Basically, it is a weighted average of currency pairs values which form the crosses of index currency. The default weights are based on the results of the BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey. Because of this advantage, the trader can see the true strength and weakness of each currency. Not
        67 USD
        Real Time Currency Valuation
        Real Time Currency Valuation
        Igor Korepin
        The indicator displays strength of eight major currencies and also can calculate strength of any other currency, metal or CFD. You will not need to study dozens of charts to determine strong and weak currencies, as well as their current dynamics. The picture of the whole currency market for any period can be viewed in a single indicator window. Built-in tools for monitoring and controlling the situation will help you not to miss out on profits. Main features of the indicator It forms indexes o
        95 USD
        PipTick Pairs Spread MT4
        PipTick Pairs Spread MT4
        Michal Jurnik
        PipTick Pairs Spread indicator has been developed for the very popular strategy known as pairs trading, spread trading or statistical arbitrage. This indicator measures the distance (spread) between prices of two directly (positively) correlated instruments and shows the result as a curve with standard deviations. So, any trader can easily identify when the instruments are too far apart and use this information for trade opportunity. How to Use? The best results are obtained when the trade is
        67 USD
        PipTick VSA MT4
        PipTick VSA MT4
        Michal Jurnik
        PipTick VSA is based on the original Volume Spread Analysis method. It was designed for quick and easy recognition of VSA patterns. Even though this indicator looks very simple, it is the most sophisticated tool that we have ever made. PipTick VSA indicator is a really powerful analytical tool that generates very reliable trading signals. Because it is very user friendly and understandable, it is suitable for every type of trader, regardless of their experience. What Is VSA? VSA (Volume Spread
        97 USD
        PipTick Supply Demand
        PipTick Supply Demand
        Michal Jurnik
        PipTick Supply Demand is the best indicator we have ever made. This great tool automatically draws a supply and demand zones which are the best places for opening and closing the positions. It has many advanced features such as multi timeframe zones support, displaying width of zones, alert notifications for retouched zones and much more. Because of principle of market fractality, this indicator can be used for any kind of trading. It does not matter whether you are positional, swing or intraday
        97 USD
        PipTick Effort Index MT4
        PipTick Effort Index MT4
        Michal Jurnik
        PipTick Effort Index indicator is based on the work of Karthik Marar, volume spread analysis trader. It compares the change in price (Result) to the size of volume (Effort) for a certain period of time. By comparing the effort and result we can get more information about the future price movement. Both values are normalized and converted to scale of 0-100% based on a selectable look back period. The law of effort and result The law of effort vs. result states that the change in price of a tradin
        67 USD
        XCalper TFO MT4
        XCalper TFO MT4
        Aecio de Feo Flora Neto
        This oscillator was created exclusively by xCalper in 2015 based on moving averages calculations to indicate and try predicting oversold and overbought levels. The fast line (white by default) oscillates basically between values -0.5 (oversold) and +0.5 (overbought). Whenever the fast line crosses the value of -0.5 upwards, it means an oversold price level. When it crosses the value of +0.5 downwards, it means an overbought price level. When fast line crosses the value of 0.0 and returns, it is
        99 USD
        EMA Dashboard
        EMA Dashboard
        Chantal Sala
        Ema Dashboard is an innovative dashboard that allows you to monitor Moving Average on multiples symbols and different timeframes. This dashboard allows you to analyze information on 28 pairs on an unique chart. Its functionality includes analysis of All Time Frames. This configuration allows you to identify the Long Term Trend with extreme ease. This panel allows you to take very important directional movements. A click on button opens a new chart (symbol and timeframe). Graphic Object Symbol
        100 USD
        MaxiFinishTrend 2
        MaxiFinishTrend 2
        Stsiapan Kreidzich
        (Today price/2).   All signals. Smart trading system.  Popular indicators give two signals - BUY and SELL, and you have to choose and put Take Profit. Usually it works quickly and the trend goes in your favor, but the indicator is “silent” until the trend change. You miss most of the profit. The first idea of MaxiFinish : give a third signal - GET PROFIT (CLOSE) when the trend line changes the slope or the M15 and M30 stochastics have reached an extremum and the profit began to decline. If, o
        63 USD
        Blahtech Market Profile
        Blahtech Market Profile
        Blahtech Limited
        Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behaviour. A key feature is the Value Area, representing the range of price action where 70% of trading took place. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade. It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using. Blahtech Limited presents their Market Profile indicator for the MetaTrader community. Inspired by Jim Dalton’s
        124 USD
        More from author
        Bermaui Pin Bars
        Bermaui Pin Bars
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Bermaui Pin Bars   Or (BPB) is an indicator that find Pin Bars price action pattern on the chart. Pin Bars is a shortcut for "Pinocchio Bars" which is a classic bar pattern alternative to Japanese candlesticks with tall upper or lower shadows and very small bodies like Hammer, Inverted-Hammer, Hanging Man, Shooting Star, Dragon Fly Doji or Grave Stone Doji. Bermaui Pin Bars indicator find this pattern depending on a formula that can be explained in the next steps: At first BPB calculate the
        50 USD
        Bermaui Channel
        Bermaui Channel
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a price channel that shows five important price levels on the chart. Those levels are: The Highest High (HH) of the previous x bars. The Highest Low (HL) of the previous x bars. The Center Line . The Lowest High (LH) of the previous x bars. The Lowest Low (LL) of the previous x bars. Try Bermaui Channel Demo version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47663 How to use the buffers to build your own expert advisor: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734560 How does Bermaui Chan
        50 USD
        Bermaui Deviation Percent
        Bermaui Deviation Percent
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or ( BD% ) which is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on the Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. You can use BD% to compare volatility for the same security in different time periods or different time-frames. In addition, you can use BD% to compare volatility between different securities in different markets in terms of percent rather than points. The idea behind th
        50 USD
        Bermaui Bands
        Bermaui Bands
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Bermaui Bands (BB) is a technical analysis tool that helps filter between ranging and trending price movements. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Calculate Standard Deviation as an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100. I will name it Bermaui Deviation percent (BD %). If "BD %" is near zero then volatility is at its extreme. In addition, if "BD %" is near 100 then volatility is very low. High volatility means a great probability for a trending market, whi
        50 USD
        MASR Bands
        MASR Bands
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or M oving A verage S upport R esistance Bands . MASR Bands indicator is a moving average surrounded with two bands that work together as a support and resistance levels. Statistically, MASR Bands contain price candles 93% of the time. Here is how it is calculated in steps: 1. The first step is to calculate the highest high (HHV) and the lowest low (LLV) for an X period of time. 2. The second step is to divide HHV by LLV to get how much wide is the distance between them as a percentage. I c
        50 USD
        Bermaui RSI Candles
        Bermaui RSI Candles
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        The idea of this indicator is to draw RSI in the form of candles that can be compared with price charts to generate buy and sell signals. The indicator is not my invention. I founded it on the internet several years ago. I updated the code, added alert functions, added the Bermaui Utilities group of tools. The indicator calculates the RSI of all the prices that are used to draw candlesticks (RSI of the open, high, low & close). It uses the highest of them to draw the RSI candles high wick & the
        40 USD
        Classic Keltner Channel
        Classic Keltner Channel
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or CKC . This indicator works depending on the classic ten-day moving average rule described by Chester W. Keltner (1909–1998). All parameters are set to the classic version of the Keltner system by default, while the user can change them if he wants. Try Demo before you buy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47130 Read CKC Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736577 CKC Expert Advisor Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734150 About Keltner Channel Formula Calculate
        60 USD
        Dual Bermaui Deviation Percent
        Dual Bermaui Deviation Percent
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or DBD% . The indicator consists of colored tape that shows trading signals depending on two Bermaui Deviation Oscillator (BD%) and two moving averages. Bermaui Deviation Percent is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. Dual Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/43089 DBD% expert advisor example: https:
        40 USD
        Horus EA
        Horus EA
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Horus EA for MT4   Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians invented a counting system that they used to measure their lands and weighing their commodities. This system was known as the " Eye of Horus ". The Eye of Horus was associated with the myth of the god Osiris and became one of the sacred symbols of the pharaohs. I used the mathematical equations in the Eye of Horus with the Fibonacci sequence to build a negative progression money management system that is 89% safer than the
        200 USD
        Bermaui Manual EA
        Bermaui Manual EA
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a semi-automatic expert advisor that trades the grid system. The idea is to gradually take different positions in the market, then to calculate the break-even level for them. When the prices pass this break-even by a predetermined distance all opened orders are closed. The EA is supposed to be convenient and easy to use in trading the grid system. When I built the EA, I made the code simple and direct. I built it to trade with my own money before I share it with others, to make sure tha
        50 USD
        True Direction Oscillator Demo
        True Direction Oscillator Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour chart with full functionality. TDO Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12914 TDO User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/717970 TDO F.A.Q: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722015 TDO video library:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722018 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and eMail service. Try all indicator functions like d
        Bermaui Cloud Demo
        Bermaui Cloud Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , a one-hour   chart with full functionality. BACD Cloud FULL: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/43772 BACD Cloud User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731332 BACD Cloud Expert Advisor Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731336 About BACD Cloud The name is a shortcut for Bermaui Average Convergence Divergence Cloud, which is an oscillator that shows trend direction and measures its strength in percent. BACD Cloud calcu
        Classic Keltner Channel Demo
        Classic Keltner Channel Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD ,  one-hour   chart with full functionality. Read CKC Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736577 CKC Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24390 CKC Expert Advisor Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734150 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and email service. Try all indicator color lists. About CKC This indicator works depending on
        Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo
        Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or BD% . This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , a one-hour   chart with full functionality. Please read User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718182 Bermaui Deviation Percent FULL: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24174 About BD% BD% is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on the Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. You can use BD% to compare vola
        Bermaui Bands Demo
        Bermaui Bands Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour chart with full functionality. Bermaui Bands Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16251 Bermaui Bands User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718688 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and e-Mail service. How does it work Think of Bermaui Bands as an alternative to Bollinger Bands, or as an indicator that filter sideways motion
        Bermaui Pin Bars Demo
        Bermaui Pin Bars Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour chart with full functionality. Bermaui Pin Bars Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/40945 Bermaui Pin Bars Formula: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/729139 Bermaui Bands User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718688 This indicator identifies Pin Bars on the chart depending on a unique formula that measures the location of the candle body center inside the candle range in percentage. I enhanced Bermaui P
        Bermaui Channel Demo
        Bermaui Channel Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour   chart with full functionality. Bermaui Channel Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47656 How to use the buffers to build your own expert advisor: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734560 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and email service. About Bermaui Channel This is a price channel that shows five important price levels on the chart.
        Moving Average Cloud Demo
        Moving Average Cloud Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that work only on EURUSD , one-hour   chart with full functionality. MAC Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15576 MAC Expert Advisor Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734293 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and email service. Try all indicator color lists. About MAC This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind thi
        MASR Bands Demo
        MASR Bands Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or M oving A verage S upport R esistance Bands . This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour   chart with full functionality. Important Links: MASR Tools Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/721889 Masr Bands EA Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731139 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and email service. Try all indicator color lists. About MASR Bands MASR Bands indicator consis
        Bermaui RSI Candles Demo
        Bermaui RSI Candles Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo   version that work only on EURUSD , one-hour   chart with full functionality. RSI Candles Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/48095 RSI Expert Advisor Example: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734868 About RSI Candles This indicator uses the RSI of the open, high, low and close to draw RSI as candles. This might help you to figure out divergence easier and to paint classic chart patterns like triangles and channels directly on the RSI Candles indicator.
        Dual Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo
        Dual Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour   chart with full functionality. DBD% Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/37495 If you want to know more about BD% then please read the next bog:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718182 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and eMail service. Try all indicator functions like drawing channels & grids. What is DBD% DBD% is a unique indicator
        Moving Average Cloud
        Moving Average Cloud
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or " MAC ". This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Draw a fast-moving average Envelope. Draw a slow-moving average Envelope. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction. Blue Cloud indicates th
        60 USD
        BACD Cloud
        BACD Cloud
        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Or B ermaui A verage C onvergence D ivergence Cloud , which is an oscillator that shows trend direction and measures its strength in percent. BACD Cloud calculation is as follow: 1- Calculate two exponential moving average. One of them is faster than the other. I will call the first (Fast) and the second (Slow) 2- Find the center between them, where: Center MA = (Fast + Slow) / 2 3- Calculate BACD Line as follow: BACD = 100 * (Fast / Center MA) 4- Calculate the BACD Signal Line, which is an
        40 USD
        szuguan 2021.07.18 07:57 

        Thanks to this tool by Muhammad, it helps me to make decision on trading and the panel and extra utilities are very useful! Hope he keep on working and come out with fantastic trading tools in the future. Thumbs up!

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.07.18 11:34
        Thanks for the great review and stars 🙏💚
        You can join my telegram group from here:
        Oliver Graf
        Oliver Graf 2021.06.21 19:36 

        I implement the TDO in my personal day trading strategy and has proven to be a great tool for my trading. Using it mainly on DJ but works on all assets as far as I can judge. Looking forward to many more happy trades with this indicator! Well done Mr. Al Bermaui!

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.06.21 23:25
        🙏 Thanks a lot, for the fair review and stars. If every buyer wrote his opinion we will have a better community.
        Best regards
        akku7860 2021.06.16 11:30 


        CHANGYUN CHOI 2021.06.02 06:51 

        This indicator is very useful for trading. I have BDP, BBand, CKC channel. Really recommend!! Thanks to Bermaui...

        Kahraman Senol
        Kahraman Senol 2021.03.02 14:18 

        Special Thanks to Muhammad Elbermawi, i bought BACD Cloud, Bermaui Bands, Bermaui Deviation Percent and True direction oscillator. I am using them on my real trading account with MA50 and ichimoku indicators. Successful trade rate is over %70. This is enough for me. i decided to write a EA which uses all 6 indicators. I confirm the entry point buy or sell with all 6 indicators at the same time. Thanks to Muhammad for selling these product at low prices. It is five star product at the price.

        Here is the signal Autotrading with TDO EA and BBands EA (Muhammad will send you) https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/953245

        Opeyemi Alao
        Opeyemi Alao 2021.05.28 21:33 

        Hello, I just bought your TDO and it is the first indicator I'm buying, please I need guidelines for setup. Thank you

        alvz12e21 2021.05.22 18:05 

        The TDO indicator gives a reliable information of the current trend, and it even allows me to improve my scalping strategy. The indicators I have bought from Muhammad are really top notch. It has improved the way I trade so far.

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.05.22 19:25
        🙏 Thanks a lot, for the fair review and stars. If every buyer wrote his opinion we will have a better community.
        Best regards
        skillz0071 2021.05.14 15:37 

        This tool works very well and almost gives you a point in time to enter trades... Drawback is that the Bermanui Manual EA keeps moving about when you change time frame and end up disappearing if not properly monitored. Apart from this, great tool for guidance

        mafy 2021.04.26 11:59 

        So far works great

        Shinya Nishida
        Shinya Nishida 2021.04.24 15:41 

        It is a tool that makes it very easy to predict future price movements. I love his tools.

        micah83 2021.04.16 05:06 

        Hi there my name is Micah! I am only going to give a honest and fair review! I have so far been using TDO only for 2 days! Things I have noticed, its accuracy is very well at identifying trends, this is not 100% always going to be a full out trend. Some will be long some will be short. At the moment I am thinking of a Low risk High reward ratio maybe a 1:2 or 1:3. This means for every trade I open, I will only risk 1% of my capital, in exchange for a 2% or 3% reward!

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.04.16 09:03
        Thanks a lot for that great and fair review, Micah 🙏
        NewAgeDrip 2021.04.14 21:23 

        Thank you so much! I love this thing...

        Ismaeel Al Hammadi
        Ismaeel Al Hammadi 2021.04.13 22:42 


        Deepan Kalaiselvan
        Deepan Kalaiselvan 2021.04.13 04:30 

        Shows trend direction and saves from taking unwanted trades

        Shaizar01 2021.04.07 14:49 

        This is a must to have on your trading toolbox and the author is so kind to answer any question you might have very useful and value for money.

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.04.08 07:59
        Thank you for review 🙏💖
        apex 247
        apex 247 2021.03.22 00:46 

        Very useful indicator! Helps me filter good trades!

        joinbehar 2021.03.11 00:32 

        i have purchased TDO indicator and backtested with other filters on demo ,the result are amazing today 3 wining trades on live account .i have never seen other indicator like TDO . Thank you Muhammad Elbermawi.

        alago_tv 2021.03.08 09:25 

        TRASH. No support from the developer and it REPAINTS! I have screenshots

        teejay77 2021.03.07 17:35 

        I must say this tool is a work of art ! once again the developer never fails to produce quality

        Mr James Lennon
        Mr James Lennon 2021.02.28 12:09 

        I have just started using TDO and I am impressed, very clear tend identification

        traderkims 2021.02.27 11:48 

        TDO is the best indicator I"ve ever used. TDO is an index that measures the price rate of change using the principle of "pure momentum". I use 30-minute timeframe and 15-minute timeframe . I am satisfied with the very high win rate.

        danstriker 2021.02.26 02:39 

        Been trying this for weeks now and is really working nice, was able to gain 50% profit on my initial capital. Very satisfied..

        peerapatkaow 2021.02.25 18:46 

        Great indicator.

        Saber Aldin
        Saber Aldin 2021.02.17 20:18 

        The second product from Muhammad. It's really good Thank you Muhammad

        Jason Alban Quentin De Angelis
        Jason Alban Quentin De Angelis 2021.02.14 21:27 

        I have to try it first and see

        ajava 2021.02.12 04:46 

        It's a good indicator and can help in identifying the trend.

        surebethere123 2021.02.10 17:45 

        Base on backtest, this indicator works well on higher time frame where it catches a big moves. Highly recommended. Author also responds to all my messages on telegram. Great service and indicator!

        Paulina Andrea Madariaga Figueroa

        Finally indicators with great accuracy, any product from the same author I will buy with complete confidence.

        mctien 2021.01.14 09:40 

        nice to use, take more practice

        PlayB3ck 2021.01.05 19:47 

        nice indicator and thanks muhammad for it, really thanks

        1. from different sellers i would say these person is good that he giving all possiblity as lowest price his work we have rent, buy with great price

        2. as person as friend as trader he would reply your questions and trying to help even you dont have filter and cant afford to buy second indicator

        3. i dont doing any advertisment becose of " i got another indicator" becose i am realistic person i will try thing, if it good so i will saying its good if its not so its not, well all products and even the best ones will have bad feedback

        4.i am using tdo with 5 period didnot using it nzdxxx and audnzd all other pairs works good becose its giving good results and much more signals, the thing i like is also that there is many codes inside indicator, like trendline, like row numbers and so on, so its very helpfull that you didnot need to do it and put in mt4 manually these things i am used for these results 2 weeks, till need practice but as 2 week results its giving good results, as arrow if you go blindly even you can be profitable but still will be many false signals, so need filter, pa or other indicator or something, but it works good and its nice to see like these " arrow indicator" that didnot saw it before

        Aleksandor84 2021.01.04 17:39 

        I think that this indicator is a "must have" for all traders... A lot of features, very precise. You can use it with a lot of strategies... I suggest it! And the post-sale support is perfect, as the telegram group

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.01.04 20:21
        Thanks 🤗
        8601567 2020.12.28 00:16 

        I own 2 of his indicators and all I can conclude is he has taken several free indicators and joined them together to make things more convenient. Do either make me money? No. But changing pairs is convenient if you dont want to click above. Positives? He is very generous in the activations. Many other vendors lie to our faces and say they can only give 5, but Mr. Elbermaui proves they can give more. For this reason I give him 4 stars.

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2020.12.28 05:04
        I think that you wrote this review before reading the user's manual.
        TDO is a unique indicator.
        Its formula is unique.
        The Martingale Panel is unique.
        Please, read the manual first. Here is the link:
        boontore 2020.12.20 12:00 

        Sounds promising. Demo was ok :) Indicator purchased

        Vasileios Riganas
        Vasileios Riganas 2020.12.08 07:04 

        Great indicator!!! Good for confirmation and catching the trend. I recommend it!!!

        choiyuenying 2020.12.08 06:21 

        Excellent indicator,it works very well!!

        rupertone 2020.12.02 19:20 

        I bought this indicator to be sure of the trend. By adding one or two EMAs I can have the complete view of supports and resistances. In summary, I have improved my profit by 32% in the past two weeks :)

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2020.12.02 20:53
        Thanks 🤗
        xpforex 2020.11.20 14:54 

        Very useful indicator , easy to use and highly recommend.

        Jasbir Singh Kapoor
        Jasbir Singh Kapoor 2020.11.14 18:06 

        Fantastic indicator I have been using this from last three months .Highly recommended.

        safariforex 2020.11.08 16:26 

        looks great in the backtest.

        Vlad 2020.11.06 14:55 

        Very good indicator !!! I love it :)

        tomkungx 2020.11.05 06:12 

        Great Idea Bull and Bear Signal will confirm the TDO signal that make sure when TDO signal cross zero

        anasbaladewa 2020.10.28 02:51 

        I just bought and installed the TDO indicator on the MT4 platform. The results are quite satisfying, especially at high time frames

        Wnoman 2020.10.26 21:00 

        Useful tool. Addition of MTF would give it a boost.

        BAIXAR  HR-K
        BAIXAR HR-K 2020.10.25 06:30 

        Sehr gut vielen Dank

        Semiu Kilaso
        Semiu Kilaso 2020.10.24 19:13 

        Brilliant tool for trading.

        jaugusto111 2020.10.23 11:23 

        Indicador muito bom e completo, basta saber filtrar os sinais de entrada, para ter bons resultados. Muito obrigado Srº Muhammad por desenvolver indicadores tão bons a preços acessíveis.

        arrefamm 2020.10.19 22:36 

        amazzinng and perfect you will never find like this one if there is more then 5 star I will give it more .

        RayGold 2020.10.19 11:44 

        One of the most promising software I've seen to help us retail traders. Testing it. God bless Muhammed for his vision and kindness.

        Deepman 2020.10.19 06:55 

        Accurate and reliable indicator! Good for manual trading.

        adnanjulian 2020.10.19 01:43 

        the indicator is very usefull, i like it so much, make my analysis more high on market probability

        Y_Y 2020.10.13 11:52 

        Wonderful indicator. Highly recommended!!!!

        Mohamed Elmaraghy
        Mohamed Elmaraghy 2020.10.16 18:05 

        Very useful indicator , easy to use and highly recommend.

        Yaska 2020.10.15 15:38 

        Very good indicator recommended

        Philippe COSTE
        Philippe COSTE 2020.10.15 02:33 

        Great. I'm sure it will improve my way of trading a lot. Thank you Muhammad

        nadeer 2020.10.10 06:12 

        I rented TDO, tested it, now I bought it. A very interesting and helpful indicator. Important - it needs to be optimized in the EA tester.

        fasene 2020.10.07 07:09 

        Apparently,I though this was one of those tools that promise one thing and deliver the other...TDO is an awesome tool for forex but I prefer to use it for binary options...so far,I’ve not received any false signal since I started using it..Thanks Muhammad

        linkandpia 2019.08.03 16:32 

        One of the developers who asks people for

        5 stars , to get a free product. And he defends that position , by saying this is how the system works. :). The indicator is ok , nothing special. And the reviews are not reliable

        yeunggordon168 2020.10.03 04:58 

        TDO is a nice indicator. It's an all in one indicator that is the most convenience that I ever got. I suggest to add a row of "user defined Symbols" such that users can add their favourite symbols there. The "Zig Zone" can provide me an indication of when the price will change direction. The TDO Panel can let me know the strength of the symbol. Great Job, Mohammad.

        etmac1331 2020.09.30 20:44 

        Trading with it all morning, seems to give a good sense of direction... author seems to be helpful in his telegram too

        Jodche 2020.09.30 12:49 

        všetko naopak, peniaze preč...

        alexeyussur 2020.09.29 18:07 

        TDO excellent indicator, quality product. Нigh level product support.

        Mario Soattini
        Mario Soattini 2020.09.28 21:38 

        one of the best indicators I've ever tried highly recommended great support from Muhammad

        hakan halil akgul
        hakan halil akgul 2018.12.24 08:13 

        very good indikator . im using big tf for signals.. if indicator giving signal im using pending order nearest support/resistance line.. author very honest and helpfull

        66681859 2019.09.17 15:23 

        Nice tools of entry trade.....

        muman0508 2020.09.20 12:51 

        Very Good indicator. Very good support from the author.

        spetrosyan1979 2020.03.17 18:20 

        That's great! Based on it, I made a good EA

        turky7713 2020.09.19 13:46 

        مؤاشر ممتاز

        Firestarter 2020.09.15 13:35 

        Its an awesome indicator , I surely and confident to trade from now on.

        Boriwan 2020.09.08 08:41 

        Очень полезный индикатор. Очень жаль что нет его варианта для MT5. Надеюсь что автор сделает недостающий вариант.

        Baboloki Mathabe
        Baboloki Mathabe 2020.08.31 22:31 

        Good indicator 👌

        Emmanuel Chukwudi Offor
        Emmanuel Chukwudi Offor 2020.08.21 19:49 

        nothing special about this. just the developer motivational speech. its a lagging indicator

        Lianggono Tejo Bunarto
        Lianggono Tejo Bunarto 2020.08.17 03:05 

        finally found the indicator I was looking for, in the hands of an expert it continued to develop for the better

        koba_hiro_26 2020.08.16 07:27 

        TDO is a great indicator. Thank you

        kelvin_live 2020.08.06 08:41 

        Perfect entry for scalping on M15

        SamAnand1 2020.08.05 09:16 

        nice indicators

        vinoth rau
        vinoth rau 2020.08.01 11:07 

        i've just been using this indicator for 5 days and paired it with macd on D1 chart. did some back test and found that it's suitable to catch big trends.

        Zahidibrahim 2020.07.29 16:15 

        good Job Mohammad, I really like this all in one indicator this is the best indicator I ever got.(insha Allah) Thank you

        vladimirsavitsky 2020.07.29 09:04 

        Я орендовал на месяц индикатор а его нет в мт4

        Mql5 Vv
        Mql5 Vv 2020.07.28 17:50 

        JUST rent it for 1 month i will test and then i will write the results here

        Felix Scholten
        Felix Scholten 2020.07.26 15:54 

        Not recommended.

        maxonyforex 2020.07.25 11:53 

        This is a good indicator, it has 4 tools in it to check the market trend. Very solid and reliable coding. You should have your own strategy and this indicator helps you see more and help your strategy. But if you don't have a strategy, and follow the arrows blindly, I don't think you can profit in the long run..

        Stanley Gabriel
        Stanley Gabriel 2020.07.22 06:43 

        Indicator has a lot of potential to make money... I will follow it more and update my review as the indicator help me increase in profit.

        ammarkh14 2020.07.19 22:45 

        good Job Mohammad, I really like this all in one indicator,

        defwsy6100 2020.07.18 06:43 


        nanee 2020.07.17 08:20 

        Very good indicator.

        Enrique Nájera
        Enrique Nájera 2020.07.16 08:21 

        Hola se los recomiendo ampliamente, he seguido la recomendación de utilizar periodos largos y me ha funcionado muy bien. Felicidades!!

        osinachi123 2020.07.14 21:20 

        I rented the indicator yesterday, but the alert is not indicating to alert, please how do I fixed it, I need the notification to be ringing pls. Am yet to confirm it yet

        mahdi rashidzadeh
        mahdi rashidzadeh 2020.07.03 18:25 

        this is very nice indicator and i like you!!

        Ferrari888 2020.07.03 11:45 

        отличный индикатор удобно и прост в использовании!

        aodthth 2020.07.03 10:06 

        Very good indicator. Simple to use yet powerful. Thank you.

        Goldkiller 2020.07.01 09:12 


        Nihat Orhan
        Nihat Orhan 2020.06.22 18:48 

        nice indicators

        jxdxpolo22 2020.06.20 23:47 

        recommended indicator

        Selcan Atmaca
        Selcan Atmaca 2020.06.20 22:35 


        Natasha Diedericks
        Natasha Diedericks 2018.11.23 17:19 


        balongskiiii 2020.06.07 16:32 

        Very clean format and will help you to decide ur trade.

        iufly 2020.06.05 04:20 


        361873979 2020.06.01 21:34 

        Good stuff bro, have been testing for a while , good result so far

        alanwee 2020.05.31 16:37 

        Easy to read, based on logical reasoning. Like!

        MAHMOUD SHWAISH 2020.03.19 14:25 

        I want to thank you for your excellent service, professional job and the QUALITY of the indicator , qualities make the different.Again, thanks!


        Mohamad Zulfikri
        Mohamad Zulfikri 2020.05.29 08:26 

        One of the best indicators I ever used, you can make a better decision with it.

        metayun 2020.05.27 20:09 

        Very good indicator.

        Thank you for your hard efforts.

        Sameer Nizamuddin Nizam Uddin
        Sameer Nizamuddin Nizam Uddin 2020.05.15 21:01 

        Excellent Indicator whatever I paid i recovered back and made 3x already


        James Wioos
        James Wioos 2020.05.04 20:46 

        This TDO indicator is a five star indicator, it does what the author said it does and i am so excited to use during my trades.

        M Iqbal Akbar
        M Iqbal Akbar 2020.04.30 21:47 

        worth 10 stars and has 1000 activations, wow! thank you Muhammad Elbermawi!

        Abou Azouz
        Abou Azouz 2020.04.30 00:26 

        I like this indicator is worth five stars

        ali_alatawi 2020.04.16 11:43 

        good i like it

        mark epsley
        mark epsley 2020.03.07 10:26 


        2acompaore 2020.02.29 18:18 

        TDO is my favorite. I tested 6 indicators of Bermaui but TDO, Bermaui Pin Bars and Bermaui Bands are my favorite. I am using them in my trading and i just want to say thank to you Mr Bermaui.

        stanley0313 2020.02.17 13:16 

        Good results

        bubienok 2020.02.02 08:35 

        True Direction Oscillator and Bermaui Deviation Percent are perfect for intraday and also trend trading. Excellent work Muhammad.

        RIZA DOEK
        RIZA DOEK 2019.12.30 18:45 

        Good very helpful Thanks! Better for higher TF s.

        Wichai Chomvijit
        Wichai Chomvijit 2019.11.05 09:53 

        Good indicator. 5 Stars

        sowenkee 2019.11.05 02:12 

        I've been using this indicator for 4 weeks now.

        I used it to check with my ongoing trades. So if I noticed the indicator is starting to turn against my direction I pay more attention to the trade or exit. I try to scalp if the move is starting in the lower & higher timeframes. I also used the Zig Zone to decide whether the trade has room to move. Overall, use it in combination with your existing indicators to help in the trade goes in your direction.

        awasthisp 2019.10.27 18:54 

        i was using this tdo from last 3 months on rent basis found very usefull many in one ,suggest to buy

        Nuno Silva Da Cruz
        Nuno Silva Da Cruz 2019.10.23 16:47 


        AstonLily 2019.10.23 05:21 

        Great indicator can you please send me the tool kit....Thanks

        captain100 2019.10.20 10:49 

        Definitely great support from Author, how good of these indi i dont know yet but i am confident this indi can assist me to trade successfully. I will rate 5 stars at the moment.

        Irfan 2019.10.20 05:25 

        Hi, I recently bought TDO. I will be able to give a review in detail later on.

        alamag 2019.10.18 00:31 

        one of the best indicator i used so far. 5 STAR for me.

        rubenalves1994 2019.10.09 23:41 

        very good, I recommend!!!

        ahmedali282924 2019.10.08 18:29 

        This indicator was perfect for my strategy. I use it as a confirmation indicator and keeps me out of a lot of trades losing or side way trades. I highly recommend you try this for yourself. You will not regret it!

        ali alali
        ali alali 2019.10.05 19:11 

        good indicator

        bakhri 2019.10.04 13:51 

        Hi Muhammad. TDO is a Good indicator. Are you still offering the free MASR Bands?

        kirua0206 2019.10.02 15:23 


        hk81 2019.10.02 01:01 

        It's a reliable indicator, always use higher TF to produce more accurate result also the author consistently improving the indicator and that's a good thing.

        Doctornoob 2019.09.28 10:18 

        very good

        Joseph Bassey
        Joseph Bassey 2019.09.25 12:14 

        Great Indicator. I'm just liking it

        Sio Fong Fok
        Sio Fong Fok 2019.09.25 03:17 

        good indicator for big moves

        Lim Sanjaya
        Lim Sanjaya 2019.09.24 18:17 

        just bought it and need time to review the indi

        Martin Schakowski
        Martin Schakowski 2019.09.23 15:58 

        Helped me much - saves money for me - great indicator !

        chris0212 2019.09.17 16:57 

        Tdo is indeed a best indicator I see in 10 years trading life for me

        Bear_Bull 2019.09.13 16:36 

        Very Good indicator, I just bought it. It works perfect and tools are great

        Ivan Mlinaric
        Ivan Mlinaric 2019.09.12 16:42 

        Very good indicator

        I need the indicator for gold and crude oil. How can I get you a trading manual and that program

        Hai wen yuan
        Hai wen yuan 2019.09.12 14:12 

        I bought the index. Today I try to make gold more profitable. It's a very powerful indicator. It's great!

        Hordack 2019.09.11 05:57 

        The indicator is a big promise! I bought now and I believe that work fine! Good Job!

        muna111 2019.09.10 20:14 

        Very good indicator as promised. Thanks

        keitan629 2019.09.09 09:20 

        Thank you for the indicator. It has been working so good. Highly recommended.

        Nasruddin Naser
        Nasruddin Naser 2019.09.08 20:50 

        Hey!! I got 90 pips last week in Crude Oil using TDO signal and Bermaui Bands breakout. The tools are accurate, I like it.

        Chao Wang
        Chao Wang 2019.09.08 07:18 

        good indicator

        Sergey Aprintsev
        Sergey Aprintsev 2019.09.07 07:35 

        Very nice indicator, easy to understand and manage. Accurate in all timeframe, it worth to buy it.

        neongreen 2019.09.05 16:07 

        A highly recommended indicator, its has improved my success tremendously. Thanks and keep up the good work !!!!

        FXPM 2019.09.05 13:09 

        Thank you Muhammad - really serious good work done. Great

        Markus 2019.09.03 20:06 

        This is one of the best indicator that i have ever know. Thank you, Bermaui!

        Muhammad Elbermawi
        Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2020.11.23 17:41
        Thanks a lot for the review and the stars, Markus 🤗
        VITALI ZVIAHAU 2019.09.02 16:06 

        Хороший инструмент для умелых рук трейдера.

        CmeonT 2019.09.03 09:36 

        Muhammad's TDO is top class. One day of using the product and I was already over 100 pips on 4 different currency pairs. There are a lots of scam indicators sold in the market but this is a very legit product. You won't regret buying this.

        michelle2612 2019.09.01 10:02 

        I am so happy i found this indicator. Now I will have a guide in my trading. Very easy to use and developer is so patient answering all my questions. Thanks to Muhammad Elbermawi

        Vitali Kadel
        Vitali Kadel 2019.08.30 10:17 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Lasse Holm
        Lasse Holm 2019.08.29 14:51 

        Great Indicator works well in most of all market conditions. I love it!! .. Now I have succes in my trading. Thank you so much Muhammad Elbermawi :-)

        nassim313 2019.08.27 12:06 

        Excellent indicator, thank you Muhammad

        izakd10 2019.08.26 07:44 

        great helps me alot on trading

        Mohamed Osman
        Mohamed Osman 2019.08.23 17:09 

        i love it

        salle5 2019.08.21 13:07 

        Good indicator, very helpful.

        vinkalanzi 2019.06.13 11:42 

        Doesn't work at all keeps you an alert when the opportunity is long gone

        Pavel Gein
        Pavel Gein 2019.08.19 11:35 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Esqandar Haris
        Esqandar Haris 2019.08.18 19:16 

        Im just buy TDO. Looks like muhamad it self is really helpful for trading information & teach alot of thing. I will update my trading result in a month

        Moises Orlando Urbina Sojo
        Moises Orlando Urbina Sojo 2019.08.16 18:47 

        Very Good Indicator and System. Recommended!

        zg807 2019.08.16 04:17 

        good indicator. Recommended, look forward to trading with it.

        Martins Skudra
        Martins Skudra 2019.08.15 18:56 


        remcous 2019.08.13 17:03 

        Nice indicator

        mhayday 2019.08.11 08:45 

        Extremely happy with the results

        vincent pedron
        vincent pedron 2019.08.11 01:09 

        it's a very well thought out indicator, it should work wonders !!

        mt4_jupo 2019.08.08 22:47 

        very useful indi, esp. when it comes to higher tf (H4, D1 ...)

        Markus Weber
        Markus Weber 2019.08.07 11:44 

        Great indicator!

        Khadijah Ismail
        Khadijah Ismail 2019.08.02 17:23 

        Good indicator

        IAGO PONTES 2019.08.02 01:30 

        One of the best indicators, I am very pleased with it. Only profit.

        ernestotj 2019.07.27 18:15 

        Very good indicator - nice to analyze the market a have good high probability trades - I fully recommend it worth it big time

        johnlyj 2019.07.26 08:18 

        Good quality indicator. Will try on different strategies.

        Josh Wigginton
        Josh Wigginton 2019.07.25 03:31 

        Great indicator and informational videos also. Highly recommended.

        Essam_1969 2019.07.24 05:35 

        It is great indicator

        Tiago Gomes
        Tiago Gomes 2019.07.23 15:07 

        Very GOOD!! Recommended!

        pbk4 2019.07.23 13:21 

        Great Indicator works well in most of all market conditions.

        riyan.aulia 2019.07.21 13:34 

        this is good indicator for trending market, using with ma for best trading.

        dempsn 2019.07.21 04:17 

        Great indicator and highly accurate. This is a must have to incorporate into your trading strategy.

        Santhiti Nawisit
        Santhiti Nawisit 2019.07.16 16:13 

        I really appreciate how the author explain the in-depth methematic method behide this indicator. Most indicators out here in the market use such a basic moving average to determine trend which is good but just not good enough.

        True direction, this title has already explained itself and it is more than worth.

        King S
        King S 2019.07.10 19:08 

        Im just buy TDO. Looks like muhamad it self is really helpful for trading information & teach alot of thing. I will update my trading result in a month.

        ALI ALHASSAN 2019.05.15 03:15 

        From the point of view


        I'm lucky I found him

        This seller is honest

        Thank you Mr: Mohamed

        rafik_sg 2019.06.17 01:56 

        Just following the arrow and whenever the TDO is inline, the trades gives a good profit.

        MaBu75 2019.06.14 01:21 

        Very good Indicator !!!

        Jack Dragon
        Jack Dragon 2019.04.01 13:55 


        Name could be wrong direction !

        alharbi_d 2019.05.31 02:53 

        very good indicator perfect

        5 star

        tommyf1001 2019.05.30 01:29 

        Great indicator for spotting trends and knowing when to get in and out of trades!!

        Chikelu Chidubem
        Chikelu Chidubem 2019.05.28 18:51 

        Just got mine, so far the indicator seen pretty amazing & accurate.

        Agnaldo Prata
        Agnaldo Prata 2019.05.25 11:27 

        Excellent tool, I have been testing on real account for 2 months now and the results are much better than I was expecting, I do recomend!!!

        elkadi12 2019.05.25 04:13 

        no coment

        10 stars

        FerRum_Jutipak 2019.05.17 14:14 

        Thank you Muhammad. I hope it is the one that help me improve my trading.

        Iwayan Sumerta
        Iwayan Sumerta 2019.05.17 07:22 

        Just added this indi to mt4 and i can find good setup in a minute.

        senbonzuka 2019.04.18 03:16 

        I have been testing this indicator for a few weeks now in strategy tester and I always love how well it works for scalping on 1 minute time frame for GBPAUD and 5 minute scalps for charts like EURJPY. I purchased another indicator and I intended to purchase this one also. Other than the momentum part of it, I really like how the indicator even gives re entry notifications which is very good because we can catch every trend. Plus, I can combine this with MACD so that I can get a entry from a pullback.

        This is an updated review. I have used it for 3 days after studying and the biggest thing about this indicator is that the losses are not really big at all and can be made up in the next trade on the same chart and time frame. Even though I have a problem holding for long time, it does not take long for it to move at all. I had a bad trade only once with it on GBPJPY on the M15, but, I exited and entered on a new signal and in minutes it, the momentum put and I recovered my loss. But, if I used my resources that is provided I would have known it was a high probability that the trade was not good. It hit a support level then was diverging.

        I will rarely trade strong movements that is formed from 1 or 2 candles because of the risk involved but even with strong movement, it will still go into profit and the draw down is often not high at all. I am going to start using on Harmonic patterns by using it for entries on the 1 minute chart for the H1 and 5 minute chart for H4 patterns. I will update further.

        I not use much for harmonics because most patterns fails and usually fails fast. But, then I started concentrating on divergence and reversals then entering on lower time frames.

        This indicator helps and eliminates so much guess work.

        Bilalkhan19 2019.01.12 19:34 

        The indicator is 50-50 because there is no good exit for entry. I hated it when author told me to leave a good review and rate 5 star and that he will provide me with a good exit indicator. i did so and that exit indicator which i got works only 1 or 2 out 10 times. really hate it when such professional developers play around with such schemes. its my true review. i dont know about the other people reviews.

        4xplosion 2019.05.14 20:58 

        gReat Indicator!!

        Felipe MT4
        Felipe MT4 2019.05.13 21:23 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        gianniskara 2019.05.09 16:21 

        Very good indicator. Recommended.

        99027054 2019.05.08 20:55 

        very goog

        ALC Capital
        ALC Capital 2019.05.08 16:02 

        First i need to thanks for the author Muhammad Elbermawi,who explain to me what is about this stuff.

        Once i've been studied about what is about the pure momentum,i decided to grab it,because most of the time you see from the chart,then current trend is uptrend the you just find the SR and place the trade,but you don't know that it's just a fake momentum,so once you placed a trade then the trend will suddenly going down.This oscillator will give you a confirmation the direction.this will increase your success rate!And i'm happy with the 1000 activation!awesome!

        xiesw 2019.05.07 15:05 

        Engineers are so cool, 1,000 activations, that's it, that's it!

        maitrecamine 2019.05.01 17:09 

        I have tried the product it working well. Thanks very much

        Tony Klaps
        Tony Klaps 2019.04.29 22:03 

        Very good indicator , been testing it for several days ! I use it combination with the grid and other S/R Levels .

        şadi işeri
        şadi işeri 2019.04.29 03:08 

        TDO programını satın aldım.

        sadiiseri adına MASR programını alabilirmiyim

        blutrader66 2019.04.27 19:02 

        good indicator

        Bayu Sugeng
        Bayu Sugeng 2019.04.26 19:36 

        i like indicator

        Johannes Petrus Berbee
        Johannes Petrus Berbee 2019.04.24 07:54 

        Very helpful. I use it as my main indicator

        Plamen Ivanov
        Plamen Ivanov 2019.04.23 20:26 

        It seems like a really good indicator. Clear and comprehensive manual. It can be used in conjunction with other trend indicators (signal confirmation). 5+*

        bcamthomson 2019.04.23 11:28 


        CharlesEzeh 2019.04.19 21:24 

        Excellent indicator...... Thanks very much

        Thor12 2019.04.19 15:14 

        Excellent indicator, very accurate. 100% recommended

        Marizi 2019.04.19 08:33 

        Excellent! Thank you Sir...

        aaronthiagarajan 2019.04.16 11:25 

        Nice indicator with good functionality.

        ZERO9898 2019.04.07 08:38 

        Nice one! A new weapon to my arsenal!

        [Deleted] 2019.04.07 08:09 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Anton Nawawi
        Anton Nawawi 2019.04.06 05:14 

        Nice and very good indi... thanks

        TrueDirectionOscillator 2019.04.04 19:56 

        very good product

        raiinzen 2019.04.03 03:13 

        So I've been using this indicator for 4 months now. I wanted to actually be able to say something of value.

        First, this won't stand alone, you obviously need more than just this indicator, but what I like about this is that when my other strategies & indicators are saying buy, this indicator actually helps me see the overall strength of that buying power vs. selling power. So I don't buy if overall the selling power is still strong. I always want to try to catch the move as it's starting, but more often than not, it's a false push, so this indicator is helping me slow down and watch the moves form on the smaller timeframes. Once it's proven a bit of momentum on 4 hours +, then I'll get into the trade. You don't want an indicator with too many false positives, and you don't want one with too few, and this is a good balance.

        Also, thank you to the seller for the 1,000 activations. That is a major selling point for me!

        15102147 2019.04.02 22:46 


        tradeforce501 2019.04.02 19:19 

        I did some raw demo, arrows no repaint . Fantastic. looking forward to the MASR bands.

        evalovesam 2019.03.31 08:01 

        great indicator!!!

        ivan 2019.03.28 17:39 

        Really a very good indicator, help a lot improving winning trades in manual strategies.

        ufo300 2019.03.28 09:37 

        Very good indicator, I am in further testing! 5 stars

        gabreu 2019.03.27 21:46 

        great indicator!!!

        Evgeniy Vizhevitov
        Evgeniy Vizhevitov 2019.03.27 21:25 

        A great indicator to track the trend

        sabah2001 2019.03.27 16:11 

        today I purchased it, it seems good

        vukani Zungu
        vukani Zungu 2019.03.21 23:11 

        good indicator, it work perfect...how do I get hold of the manual...just wanna master this one...5*****

        Takashi Nakama
        Takashi Nakama 2019.03.21 11:25 

        very nice indicator.

        I bought many indicator on this site.

        This may be the best.

        Because Give me a sign at a very good place.

        thank you.

        Priit Poltsama
        Priit Poltsama 2019.03.20 18:01 

        good indicator

        Md Moshiur Rahman
        Md Moshiur Rahman 2019.03.20 17:24 

        Great indicator

        Paul Bell
        Paul Bell 2019.03.19 18:54 

        good indicator

        trader1961 2019.03.15 02:18 

        great support , every question answered , great product , thank you once again

        Mars Montero
        Mars Montero 2019.03.16 21:07 

        Very good indicator!

        Valerij64 2019.03.13 19:46 

        Thank you Muhammad!

        Very informative indicator!

        Understandable and accessible to use.

        Wonderful job! Recommended!!!

        Support is Excellent!

        5 stars!

        Firmin 2019.03.13 06:28 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        I MADE ERI NOPANDI 2019.03.13 02:00 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        juanandres1 2019.03.12 04:52 

        great indicator...

        Francois Danis
        Francois Danis 2019.03.10 21:54 

        Great Indicator Muhammad, I am very happy with the signals and have already made good pips after 1 week of using it. Good job. Satisfied customer.

        shawn7 2019.03.10 21:03 

        Purchased TDO recently looking good so far on higher time frames. Will test some more over next few weeks and provide more in detail review

        rainwalker123 2019.03.10 03:08 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        optionrider 2019.03.09 18:39 

        I've purchased two of his indicators and they are both excellent. Very good value and very reliable when used together

        Lamorris Gray
        Lamorris Gray 2019.03.08 22:39 

        This is an awesome indicator for following the trend and determining the strength of the trend. Great work.

        SilentForex 2019.03.08 21:22 

        Amazing support from Mr. Mohammed, 5 star indicator I made 200 pips today on GBPJPY big down trend move, can't wait for V6 update which will have extra features and improvements

        mumuvip123 2019.03.08 01:33 

        very very good indicator.

        Christof Schoneweg
        Christof Schoneweg 2019.03.04 11:37 

        Sehr gut, der Beste den ich bisher hatte!

        Frank Paetsch
        Frank Paetsch 2019.03.03 17:56 

        Sehr zuverlässig . Danke!!!

        goldenyee 2019.03.01 04:59 

        TDO is really a good indicator to see the trend, very user friendly.

        hwschmidt 2019.03.01 00:28 

        Habe den TDO gestern gekauft und als Anfänger ist es für mich eine Klasse Entscheidungshilfe. Das erste kleine Geld ist auch schon verdient und der TDO macht sich nach kurzer Zeit bezahlt

        ry_n17 2019.02.28 19:49 


        kitunebi 2019.02.28 16:48 

        very good indicator.

        HarryJoshi 2019.02.27 09:52 

        Good Indicator, works well and helps to take right decision. Thank you.

        Ivan Lovric
        Ivan Lovric 2019.02.27 06:22 

        With this indicator you will book profit for sure, 1 week using on smaller time frames and already have nice profit, I recommend to everyone who finds trouble where to start trade.- Excellent indicator !

        Mkb1272 2019.02.26 16:02 

        Very good indicator, it works perfectly

        Peter Idowu
        Peter Idowu 2019.02.26 10:51 

        Very good indicator, i like the zig zone... very helpful

        Please send MASR band

        viktor-s 2019.02.23 16:10 


        zainulabdeen7 2019.02.23 08:10 

        Amazing indicator

        Poh Leng Lim
        Poh Leng Lim 2019.02.22 11:21 

        Excellent indicator!

        jvp999 2019.02.21 13:51 

        My first use today after purchase 21 Feb 2019.... already 70 pips on one trade.

        Excellent product. thoroughly thought out and well presented. Thanks a million Muhammad.

        Lisa Kristinardottir
        Lisa Kristinardottir 2019.02.21 04:35 

        Excellent product! I use it daily in my trades. Thank you Muhammad for this gem. Bless.

        maxmax89 2019.02.20 16:36 

        Good indicator. I use it as a basis for the trend direction. At 5 blue points it is a strong uptrend. Then I look for a suitable entry.

        wael sharawi
        wael sharawi 2019.02.17 20:41 

        Bought it 2 months ago.V.good indicator.I use it with Bermaui Deviation + Bands. Recommend it

        hsmanalo 2019.02.17 05:59 

        Great indicator; worth the buy.

        Shoudong Li
        Shoudong Li 2019.02.17 04:22 

        Expect better results

        FX-Philosopher 2019.02.16 03:37 

        Excellent momentum indicator

        Joe Mackey
        Joe Mackey 2019.02.14 07:19 

        Very good indicator so far! I recommend!

        Alexander198181 2019.02.14 06:47 

        Очень хорошие показатели.

        ramyibrahim 2019.02.13 08:57 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        lostinheaven 2019.02.13 05:10 

        Just bought this amazing indicator and from my testing looks great.:)

        judithbo 2019.02.12 16:26 

        Very good indicator, I really like the zig zone, useful, I recommend it.


        Andre Fortuinse
        Andre Fortuinse 2019.02.10 22:12 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Sarmifairuz Shaikh A Rahim
        Sarmifairuz Shaikh A Rahim 2019.02.07 01:31 

        Based on past signals, this indicator looks promising

        Ahmad Hafizi Mohamed
        Ahmad Hafizi Mohamed 2019.02.06 10:18 

        very good indi

        Adolfo Vidales Basurto
        Adolfo Vidales Basurto 2019.02.06 06:46 

        Nice oscillator I have profit right now good programer. Thank you.

        bmurat 2019.02.04 20:04 

        top seller, Indicator i testing now day ... resultat is great

        First Name: Murat

        Bigboibetss 2019.02.04 17:44 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        ShAlex 2019.02.04 14:07 

        looks like best indicator for me. thanks!

        Tommy DunnNZ
        Tommy DunnNZ 2019.02.01 07:59 

        Signals reflect price action. Very impressive. Well worth the small outlay.

        Rakesh Sharma
        Rakesh Sharma 2019.02.01 07:07 

        i bought the indicator yesterday only to trade NSE BANKNIFTY options; and it is looking very promising.

        Raoul de Jong
        Raoul de Jong 2019.01.29 15:17 

        I bought a couple of indicators on MQL5 and another website and i must say this one is by far the greatest! Lots of attention went into this one! 8 stars!! Awesome Mr. Elbermawi

        Martin Volk
        Martin Volk 2019.01.28 19:46 


        quinterorey 2019.01.28 16:40 

        I gave it Five Star..to this indicator...I need to work settings my entrance


        welsoma1988 2019.01.28 11:18 

        Amazing Indicator. The most profitable one I have ever seen !

        paula86 2019.01.27 23:30 

        Very good indicator. EUR / USD and GBP / USD. I'll keep testing.

        Shameet 2019.01.27 19:24 

        The Indicator looks very good. I have just downloaded and will test it during the week and post another review

        Trader0690 2019.01.27 13:20 

        Well Done Muhammad, this is a fantastic indicator very reliable and no repainting. Good job

        Sun Minh Lay
        Sun Minh Lay 2019.01.26 10:27 

        very useful for me so far

        JIJO THOMAS 2019.01.25 14:35 


        SELVA222 2018.12.30 05:44 #

        Very Good Indicator. It gives you lot of confidence to enter the market..already got 8$ on first trade.. Thanks to the Developer..

        Jozef Vasko
        Jozef Vasko 2019.01.25 14:21 

        Good and usefull indicator.

        traderx4 Fred
        traderx4 Fred 2019.01.25 11:23 

        Based on the majority of good reviews you've had, I decided to recommend it for use along with my product


        GERARDOSANCHEZ 2019.01.25 09:55 

        Good indicator, like in hight time frames

        Eddy Odhiambo
        Eddy Odhiambo 2019.01.25 04:55 

        Looks good so far

        Peter 2019.01.24 11:43 

        Thanks for the superb indicator. So far the signals look great.

        Hefajatur Rahman
        Hefajatur Rahman 2019.01.24 01:06 

        very active and nice indicator

        tensei0103 2019.01.20 05:07 

        Good Job

        If it plus the indicator now in use it will be the strongest.

        Mohammad Hazlami Mohamad Esa
        Mohammad Hazlami Mohamad Esa 2019.01.17 08:49 

        Been following you for quite sometimes. Great products you have here that can help the traders.

        Achraf Chiadmi
        Achraf Chiadmi 2019.01.15 10:03 

        Very good Mr Mohammed i will try it and complit my review

        MAX RENE VELAZQUEZ GARCIA 2019.01.15 09:58 

        The perfect complement to any strategy, excellent tool. It eliminates suddenly the uncertainty of interpreting the momentum. In synthesis a great solution perfectly implemented at a very competitive price ;)

        Knochenkalle 2019.01.13 23:28 


        mbeauverd 2019.01.13 19:28 

        Really nice and helpfull ! Good job !

        Christopher Brewer
        Christopher Brewer 2019.01.13 15:53 

        Looks good so far - looking forward to testing

        Ivan Rodriguez
        Ivan Rodriguez 2019.01.13 11:00 

        Good for the moment

        Frank B
        Frank B 2019.01.09 11:22 

        Good, thanks

        signalline 2019.01.09 09:04 

        just purchased , hope to profit

        Jun Chen
        Jun Chen 2019.01.08 12:54 

        look 15min good

        reader47 2019.01.07 11:43 

        Very good indicator. I use it together with BD%. Some of the best tools in the market.

        len.belsher 2019.01.06 11:38 

        Testing indicator on Demo. Looking good. Well worth the money. Loving the customising capability of the indicator

        Taras Demchuk
        Taras Demchuk 2019.01.06 06:41 

        Found it very useful. Thanks a lot for adding extra features like a Zig zone and grid support/resistance!

        khaled75 2019.01.06 02:56 

        Looks like an indicator that could possibly aid in confirming trade setups.

        sushi007 2019.01.04 23:33 

        good indicator for daily use

        Tufan Ates
        Tufan Ates 2019.01.04 15:41 

        Testing right now, but already made the money back in a few hours. Recommended for such a small price!

        Hieu Tran Trung
        Hieu Tran Trung 2019.01.04 15:25 

        It's a very good tool!

        SeyeMan 2019.01.02 20:30 

        The reviews have been encouraging. Cant wait to get started with this on live account. Simplicity is the key word.

        piferdjOMZ 2019.01.01 23:26 

        Very SOLID Indicator. I normally do not buy indicators however, this one is definitely recommended.

        Robbert 2019.01.01 20:35 

        Very easy to use indicator, spot on !

        Tuan Phung
        Tuan Phung 2019.01.01 17:49 

        Good indicator!

        TOMOYA 2019.01.01 15:57 

        good.Thank you

        Frank Doyle
        Frank Doyle 2019.01.01 12:35 

        Looks good so far

        Mohamed Trader
        Mohamed Trader 2019.01.01 09:00 

        Better than many indicators out there, as far as I know, I like the flexibility in it which is why I bought it!

        Gdeandrea 2018.12.30 17:13 

        Great Indicator as well as support by Muhammad, useful to spot a change in currency trend. Thanks again!!

        SELVA222 2018.12.30 05:44 

        Very Good Indicator. In my limited experience even works very well in short time frames. It gives you lot of confidence to enter the market.

        jswnz2004 2018.12.30 02:39 

        TDO Indicator adds a level of conficence of other indicators on already my templates - will be useful

        Fallet Willy
        Fallet Willy 2018.12.29 00:01 


        Bendict Wellstood
        Bendict Wellstood 2018.12.28 19:00 

        Purchased TDO and very happy with the test results so far - very solid logic behind the indicator to give confidence in opening trades. Thanks Muhammad.

        Lee Bryant
        Lee Bryant 2018.12.27 22:39 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        tbendx 2018.12.27 10:34 

        Using for a while , good indy and worth your money for sure .

        yoon95 2018.12.27 07:56 

        This's great indicator for trader.

        Tom 2018.12.27 06:40 

        This indicator is a good technical indicator. Thanks to the author.

        tigerakai 2018.12.24 09:14 

        This indicator is just what I wanted. It provides us reliable and selected arrows. Highly recommended.

        Grace-FX 2018.12.23 01:34 

        Great trading tool! A must have. Thanks to the author.

        Ilumentia 2018.12.23 00:12 

        Good and usefull indicator.

        12142978 2018.12.19 23:07 

        Superb indicator, the True Direction Oscillator is value for money it makes trading much more easier and exciting!

        Marcel Pfeiffer
        Marcel Pfeiffer 2018.12.18 06:49 

        Good indicator, i still testing

        Michael Nielsen
        Michael Nielsen 2018.12.17 19:36 

        Great job, the indicator is very usefull

        plecsien 2018.12.17 08:19 

        Bloody Awesome. I just need to get used to with the setting

        mikepipe 2018.12.14 12:02 

        I have been watching this indicator for a couple days now. Its a good indicator to enhance trading results.

        All options work as advertised and it seems to operate very efficiently without using a lot of computing resources.

        sandy0077 2018.12.13 07:40 

        good indicator, good support!

        Ali Akbar Chowdhury
        Ali Akbar Chowdhury 2018.12.12 20:07 

        very good indicator, just meet my requirement!

        karagnara192 Karagnara
        karagnara192 Karagnara 2018.12.12 17:47 

        very good indicator

        Iyekeoretin Emmanuel
        Iyekeoretin Emmanuel 2018.12.12 16:15 

        Very Good indicator.

        trailingedge 2018.12.12 05:44 

        Purchased both True Direction and Bermaui indicators....Both excellent tool to confirm price movement !

        George Devlin
        George Devlin 2018.12.11 00:15 


        farazi 2018.12.10 14:45 

        Hi i just got the indicator. So far it looks good A+ plus but I want to test it out on 15 and 30 min charts for scalping.

        Archer 2018.12.09 13:04 

        Great indicator, thank you very much to the author.

        Georgi Todorov
        Georgi Todorov 2018.12.08 12:58 


        Ace241280 2018.12.08 12:05 

        Fantastic Indicator

        mocitytrader 2018.12.08 05:59 

        I have been watching this indicator in action for a week now. I am very pleased with performance to this point and seems to have very good potential to enhance trading results. All options work as advertised and it seems to operate very efficiently without using a lot of computing resources.

        Pcalhoun3 2018.12.08 01:48 

        OMG 😲 I just bought the TDO and the DPI today and I am already in profit. I have spent so much money on indicators. Paid and free ones. Nothing worked until now. This indicator has help me psychologically and financially already in the same day. Now I see why this is a five ⭐️ product. For whoever comes across this review, their is no more needing to read more reviews . Both of these products are the real deal. Mohammed thank you so much for your awesome indicators🙏 I am truly happy and grateful!!

        Thechaser 2018.12.07 22:41 

        Just bought the TDO indicator, will see how it goes.