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I need to backtest some indicators in my Forex tester 5, i need them to plot exactly like i see them in my plataform ATAS - Volume Profile - VWAP -Cumulative Delta - Orderflow speed of tape - bid ask volume ratio -resistance price levels - big trades minimum volume depends on asset here is info on how to migrate data from api to forex tester 5
Develop an Expert Advisor trading trend reversals. Reversal signals will be generated based on Price Action patterns. Trend will be determined based on Stochastic Oscillator, Alligator and MACD, while the indicator selection should be available in the EA's input parameters. The graph will also be measured using resistance points
Futuristic 30+ USD
Computer science department with a full knowledge about the creation of a robot from scratch...the creation of the robot must be able to perform all the designated task given to it
Forex Ultra 500 - 1000 USD
Hi I would like an I.T person to make an indicator that's shows a red and green level on chart then an indicator that turns the trend lines into a wave that travels between those two levels and must trade both levels
I have a trading system made up of 4 indicators that I want to turn into EA. The arrow indicator for buy and sell repaints a little so needs to be fixed before EA is built. I don't have the source code. Developer can make the EA with similar logic if possible
I have an MT4 indicator that i want a developer to create an EA to automatically trade off the arrow up and arrow down signals. If the arrow points up EA must automatically enter buy signal and if the arrow points down, EA must create sell signal. Stop loss should be right above the arrow if the arrow is pointing down (which is for a sell signal).Stop loss should be directly under the arrow if the arrow is facing up
hy im looking for someone who can convert my mt4 indicator to mt5 it is a tick data indicator, and add sound alert on the indicator with on and off that's it please any programmer help me
Hello there, I would like to create VWAP indicator on multiple time frames the Specification is exactly the same as this: Multiple Timeframe VWAP indicator - an order to develop the technical indicator at MQL5.community Freelance service - Budget: 50 - 100 USD - MQL4 - Indicators . If anything unclear let me know! Best regards
Spécifiez ici votre Cahier des Charges point par point. Essayez de décrire brièvement et clairement vos besoins, afin que votre développeur potentiel puisse évaluer correctement sa complexité et son coût, ainsi que le temps d'exécution requis. Une description mauvaise ou trop générique entraînera l'ignorance de votre commande, ou vous passerez beaucoup de temps à négocier les détails avec chaque demandeur. N'oubliez
I would like to convert the following forex trading indicator into an automated trading robot . For example instead of indicating that it's a bullish engulfing candlestick it will automatically open the buy trades and instead of indicating that's its a bearish engulfing if will instead open sell trades . It should open a minimum of 5 to 20 trades per signal and it should only work on Indices ( Ger30 , Nasdaq100 &

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300+ USD
VAT (21%): 63 USD
Total: 363 USD
For the developer
270 USD