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SATL: (Slow Adaptive Trend Line) – the «slow» adaptive trend line is calculated using a digital low-pass filter LPF-2. LPF-2 serves to eliminate the noises and market cycles with longer fluctuation periods. Author: John Smith
MTF_PSAR: The Parabolic SAR was also developed by Welles Wilder for use in trending markets. The author of this indicator recommended to identify the trend first, and only after that to use the PSAR for trading with the trend. Author: John Smith
RSTL: Reference Slow Trend Line (RSTL) is a response of the SATL digital filter to the series of input prices with a delay equal to the Nyquist interval of 1/2F. Author: John Smith
Cronex DeMarker: Trigger based on two MA by DeMarker. Author: Sergey Kazachenko
RPoint: This is a high-quality ZigZag based on HiLo. Author: John Smith
RFTL: Reference Fast Trend Line (RFTL) is a response of the FATL digital filter to the series of input prices with a delay equal to the Nyquist interval of 1/2F. Author: John Smith
RBCI2: The modified version of the RBCI indicator. Author: John Smith
PCCI: Perfect Commodity Channel Index. It has a certain similarity in the calculation method with the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) by D. Lambert. Author: John Smith
NeuroProba: This is an attempt to write a trend indicator based on the Kaufman's AMA. The Kaufman indicator available in the Code Base can be used as the "Kaufman2" custom indicator. Author: John Smith
NDuet: The indicator contains another entry signalizer. Author: John Smith
MaksiGen_Range_Move: As I recall, this indicator had been written by OlegVS for МТ3, for determining the flat. If the price is inside the dotted channel - flat. And MaksiGen redesigned it for МТ4. Author: John Smith
MaksiGen_KaHaJI_CkaJIneP: This indicator shows when to open and when to close by drawing 2 lines. Author: John Smith
Camarilla Pivots: The "Camarilla Pivots" indicator. The ideal indicator for those who like to work "by levels". It clearly shows the reversal level, support/resistance levels for the current day. Author: John Smith
MIndex: The indicator calculates the indices of the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD currencies and displays the index specified in the parameters in a separate window. Author: John Smith
Lines_buy и Lines_sell: The indicators that perform the chart ruling. Author: John Smith
Linear Regression Line: Linear regression is a mathematical method for determining the linear dependence between the variables. This technique is often used by analysts to identify the trend based on the time and price data. Author: John Smith
DynamicRS+Channel: The indicator of dynamic resistance/support level with a fixed channel. Author: rebus
LGP_Ivanoff_Maloma-Demark_levels: The indicator shows the price points of reference. Author: John Smith
JMA: The Jurik Moving Average indicator. JMA's improved timing and smoothness will astound you. Author: John Smith
Pivots_Hi_Low: The Hi/Low indicator shows how close the current value of the parameter is to the minimum and maximum values over a certain time interval. Author: John Smith
HMA: Based on the use of a slightly modified Hull Moving Average (HMA). Author: John Smith
ZZ_Standard_Functions_TF_YR1_Lib: Set of standard functions for the YR1 timeframe. Author: Vadim Zhunko
ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070: The script is designed for downloading history on all known currency pairs, metals, indices, CFD and for controlling "holes" in history. Author: Vadim Zhunko
GentorCCIM: The indicator draws the slow and fast ССI and colors bars for determining patterns and trends. Author: John Smith
Guppy Mulitple Moving Average (Long): The indicator allows the trader to understand market relations. Author: John Smith
FTLM_STLM: Plotting principle - digital filtering. Author: John Smith
FATL: (Fast Adaptive Trend Line)– the «fast» adaptive trend line is calculated using a digital low-pass filter with a small cutoff period. Author: John Smith
Three scripts for working with horizontal levels: The Lines_Create script creates 2 horizontal lines on the chart with the names UP_LEVEL and DOWN_LEVEL. The Lines_Delete deletes the lines created by the Lines_Create script from the chart. The Lines_RASST script is an addition to the Lines_Create...
History_Draw: 2 scripts for the analysis of trading results. Useful both for investors and traders. Author: Владимир Тезис
Forex calculator: The calculator estimates the value of one point of a currency pair and the maximum stop loss for the user-defined lot. Author: Владимир Тезис