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i-Cross&Main: The indicator calculates the product of GBPUSD x USDCHF. Painted red, GBPCHF - black (repeats the price on the upper chart) Author: John Smith
i-BigBarsFromH1: The indicator is designed for displaying the candles of any higher timeframe on the H1 chart. It is also possible to display the candles of the non-standard timeframes: H5, H7 or H11. The upward and downward bars are filled with different colors. Author: John Smith
forecast osc: Quote: One of Jurik's smoothing versions. Author: John Smith
dayHL_Average: The indicator plots levels based on the previous days. Author: John Smith
SUPRES MultiFrame: The indicator draws levels interestingly, especially on the smaller timeframes. Author: John Smith
XO: The indicator without averaging of the data array, that is a Buy/Sell decision is made in one move. Author: John Smith
Correlation by njel: Improvement of the pair correlation indicator, for different timeframes. Green - positive correlation. Red - negative. Author: Andrey Opeyda
Weighted WCCI: The indicator draws the slow and fast ССI and colors bars for determining patterns and trends. Author: John Smith
VoltyChannel_Stop_v1: The indicator helps to follow the trend on the market. Author: John Smith
VSI: The indicator that calculates the volume corresponding to MA per second (or period). Author: John Smith
TrendRSI_v1: The indicator that works on the level breakout\rebound. Author: John Smith
DynamicRS_C: The indicator plots dynamic support and resistance levels. Author: rebus
MM % volatility: Simple strategy - MM % volatility Author: max12
ModiSimple: Simple tactics using RSI and MACD Author: max12
TrailCD: The indicator shows convergence/divergence of the fast and slow trailing. Author: John Smith
Ticker SATL: SATL (Slow Adaptive Trend Line) - the «slow» adaptive trend line is obtained using a digital low-pass filter of a different order (light-blue line on the chart). Author: John Smith
Ticker FATL: FATL (Fast Adaptive Trend Line) - the «fast» adaptive trend line is calculated using a digital low-pass filter (cream-colored line on the chart). Author: John Smith
The optimized variant of the Kaufman's Adaptative Moving Average by wellx: Example of optimization using the "running total" method. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
TTF: The classic TTF with the T3 smoothing method and signal lines. Author: John Smith
TSI: True Strength Index (TSI) is a double-smoothed Momentum. TSI follows the bars with little or hardly noticeable delay in the main and intermediate trend reversal points. Author: John Smith
TMA: Triangular Moving Average (TMA). The main weight goes for the average part of the price series. In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages. Author: John Smith
TD_Points&Lines_mgtd1: DeMark indicator - changed the rendering of the TD lines. Author: John Smith
T3_DPO-v1: It uses a detrender based on a Т3 filter, and the "moment" is the price at the closing of the bar. Author: John Smith
SuperWoodiesCCI: Indicator for a strategy that uses CCI. When trading Woodies CCI all you need is to find Woodies CCI patterns. Author: John Smith
Gap indicator: Clearly displays the gaps in points as a colored histogram. Author: ram
SmPriceBend-T01: The indicator of the first price change derivative or simply trend speed and sign. Author: John Smith
Signal Bars: This indicator shows the trend from the smaller timeframes up to H4. Author: John Smith
Library of functions for singular transformation: Have you perhaps heard about the caterpillar? Here it is.... I do not remember where I got the code, I simply translated it from С++ to MQL4. Author: Dmitrii
PeriodBarsHIGH PeriodBarsLOW: Library functions, get the HIGH LOW for the specified time interval Author: Yuriy Zaytsev
STARCBands: The indicator plots a moving average with a Bollinger type envelope. Author: John Smith